Radio Atlas is Now a Podcast

Radio Atlas is an English-language home for subtitled audio from around the world. It is a place to hear inventive documentaries, dramas, and works of sound art that have been made in languages that you don’t necessarily speak. The project received a Special Commendation at the Prix Europa in 2016, and has been featured at film and audio festivals around the world. Radio Atlas has now become a podcast.

Eleanor McDowall runs the Radio Atlas website. She is a series producer for “Short Cuts” which is described as “short documentaries and adventures in sound”. It is on BBC Radio 4. Eleanor McDowall also is a senior producer at Falling Tree Productions (an independent radio production company.)

Podcasts are audio based. Some podcasters do live shows, put the audio out as a podcast episode, and post the video on YouTube. People often listen to podcasts while doing something else (like commuting, housework, or exercising). Radio Atlas requires listeners to read subtitles – unless they happen to speak the language that the story was written in.

How does that work? Radio Atlas episodes are presented in video format. The audio is the focus, and is in a language other than English. Listeners can read English subtitles as the story is being told.

This is a unique way to do a podcast. It is probably the only way the Radio Atlas podcast could work. It provides an experience that one cannot get from listening a typical podcast while doing the dishes. You must sit down and pay attention to the Radio Atlas podcast without multitasking. It requires you to be mentally present, and to immerse yourself into each episode.

Out Here in America Explores Lives of LGBTQ People in the Deep South

Out Here in America is a podcast from the Sun Herald in Mississipi and McClatchy (which is the parent company of The Sun Herald). The podcast explores the lives of LGBTQ people who live in small rural towns across the Deep South.

Out Here in America is hosted by Justin Mitchell, who wrote an article in 2016 that appeared in the Sun Herald. The article was titled “I’m young, I’m gay and in Mississippi I’ll Stay”.  In the introductory episode of the podcast, Justin Mitchell mentions the article. He says that’s where Out Here in America comes in. It gives voice to the LGBTQ community living in historically conservative, traditionally religious places.

The podcast is story driven. Guests open up about stereotypes, discrimination, and the journeys that make them who they are. The title of the first episode is “Remembering the Pulse nightclub shooting, with Chris Hansen”. Chris Hansen was a survivor of the shooting, and was in the news for his efforts to help a victim of the shooting.

Other episodes feature Tig Notaro. She was nominated for a Grammy for her TV show “Live”. Tig got married to her partner Stephane, and they had twin boys. Tig has an Amazon series called “One Mississippi”. The episode delves into some discrimination she faced in Mississippi, where she grew up and got married.

At the time I am writing this, Out Here in America has one welcome episode, six episodes, and two bonus episodes. You can subscribe to Out Here in America on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. It is also available on SoundCloud.

Pantsuit Nation Launched This Pod is Your Pod

Pantsuit Nation amplifies stories to drive social and political change. They believe that storytelling is at the heart of activism, and that our collective narratives are a key ingredient in any effort to create longterm, sustainable progressive change. Pantsuit Nation has launched a podcast called This Pod is Your Pod.

This Pod is Your Pod was created by the founders of Pantsuit Nation, a Facebook group that brought together millions of passionate and engaged people in the final weeks of the 2016 election.

This Pod is Your Pod is a weekly podcast that connects personal narrative to political action. It includes stories that will move and inspire you, focuses on the people at the heart of policy decisions, and discussions about resources to effectively resist the current administration and promote progressive change in American politics. The podcast was launched in July of 2017.

The podcast is co-hosted by Libby Chamberlain and Cortney Tunis. Libby Chamberlain created Pantsuit Nation as a “secret” Facebook group in late 2016, inviting about 30 friends to wear pantsuits to the polls on Election Day. The group’s emphasis on “going high” and a commitment to creating a troll-free space in which Clinton supporters could enthusiastically support their candidate struck a nerve. Within 24-hours, the group grew to 24,000 members.

Cortney Tunis is the Executive Director of Pantsuit Nation. Before joining Pantsuit Nation team, Cortney worked in nonprofit executive search, student affairs and library systems in higher ed, and in museum history and contemporary art museums. She has a BA from Williams College, an MA from the University of Chicago, and an MBA from Boston University.


USA TODAY NETWORK announced that journalist Robin Amer is joining the NETWORK as a driving voice in its innovative podcasting lineup. The NETWORK will debut Amer’s longform podcast, The City, in 2018, expanding its portfolio of more than 60 podcasts covering topics from music and politics to sports and comedy.

Furthering the company’s commitment to its local-to-national network, Amer’s inaugural podcast, The City, explores different American metropolises, using news stories as a vehicle to examine each city’s power structure, revealing how our communities really work behind the scenes. Amer will work with NETWORK journalists across America to explore how our cities live and thrive.

Amer is an award-winning reporter with more than 10 years of professional experience in broadcast, print, and digital media. Most recently, she held the position of deputy news editor at Chicago Reader.

She has received two national awards from the Sidney Hillman Foundations and her contributions helped the podcast Gravy win the 2015 James Beard Award for best podcast. As an investigative reporting fellow for Northewestern’s Medill Watchdog, Amer also contributed to a year-long collaboration with The Chicago Tribune that was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

Amer’s groundbreaking podcast, The City, is coming to USA TODAY NETWORK as the winner of WNYC’s 2015 Podcast Accelerator competition.

WNYC and MoMA Collaborate on “A Piece of Work”

WYNC Studios and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) have collaborated on a new podcasts with the delightful name: A Piece of Work. It is a 10-episode podcast hosted by Abbi Jacobson.

WYNC Studios, as you may know, is the premier producer of on-demand and broadcast audio. Some of their most acclaimed and beloved podcasts include Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio, and Death, Sex & Money.

The Museum of Modern Art is located in New York City, New York. They celebrate creativity, openness, tolerance, and generosity. They are committed to sharing the most thought-provoking modern and contemporary art, and hope people will join them in exploring the art, ideas, and issues of our time.

Abbi Jacobson is an actress and writer known for “Broad City” (with Ilana Glazer.) The show follows two women as they go about their daily lives in New York City. The comedy series is on Comedy Central. Abbi Jacobson has a background in art. TIME reported that she went to art school and wanted to be an illustrator.

A Piece of Work is everything you wanted to know about modern and contemporary art but were afraid to ask. A bicycle wheel attached to a stool; a giant canvas splattered with paint; dozens of soup cans…for many museum visitors, works like these prompt a ton of questions.

A Piece of Work is where Abbi Jacobson looks for answers to those kinds of questions. The show includes lively conversations with curators, artists, and some friends, such as: Hannibal Buress, Tavi Gevinson, RuPaul and Questlove.

Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference will be in Philadelphia

The Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference will take place on September 8 and 9 of 2017 at the Holiday Inn Philadelphia in South-Swedesboro. You can purchase a ticket to the conference now through the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference website.

The Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference (MAPCON) started in December of 2014 as a Facebook group for podcasters who live in the Mid-Atlantic States (North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut). After seeing the interest to have a podcast (exclusive) conference in the northeast, Joe Pardo jumped on the opportunity to make it happen. The first Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference was in 2015.

At the time I am writing this blog, MAPCON has not posted any specific information about the speakers, agenda, or other announcements. Those will be announced “soon”. Those who want to be the first to find out that information can sign up for conference updates with their email address.

There are two types of tickets for the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference. One is for the physical “in real life” event. The other is a virtual ticket.

Tickets for MAPCON 2017 currently cost $150. That price is going to increase on August 1, 2017. The ticket gives you access to:

  • Friday Afternoon/Evening Spotlight Speaker/Mixer and “The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary” Showing
  • Speakers/Workshops All Day Saturday
  • Saturday Lunch
  • Free Headshots
  • Event T-Shirt
  • Event Badge
  • Virtual Ticket – On Demand Video Recordings
  • After Party

The 2017 Virtual Ticket costs $40. It gives you on-demand video recordings from the conference. It appears that this ticket’s price might increase soon.

The virtual ticket gives you access to:

  • Watch Every Session
  • HD Recordings
  • MP3 Files of Every Session
  • Slides form the conference
  • Zip file with all professional photos taken
  • Releasing on October 15th

Aaron Mahnke’s Newest Book – Coming in October

Aaron Mahnke is the host of the Lore podcast.  He is now bringing Lore to the printed page in his newest book “The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures”. It is available for preorder now, and will be released in October of 2017.

The Lore podcast is an award-winning, critically acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories. It exposes the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people, and places of our wildest nightmares. Lore won the iTunes Best of 2015 and Best of 2016 awards. It also won the Podcast Academy Best History Podcast of 2016.

“The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures” is published by Del Rey Books (which is part of Penguin Random House). It is the first book in “The World of Lore” series.

In this beautifully illustrated volume, the host of the hit podcast Lore serves as a guide on a fascinating journey through the history of these terrifying creatures, exploring not only the legends but what they tell us about ourselves.

Fans of the Lore podcast will soon have several ways to enjoy the content that Aaron Mahnke creates. There’s the podcast episodes, of course. The first of a series of Lore books will be released in October. And, there is a television show that is in the works. In October of 2016, it was announced that the Lore TV series had been picked up by Amazon Studios.

Gimlet Seeks a Producer for The Pitch

Gimlet is looking for a Producer of a new podcast called The Pitch. It is described as “a reality show that brings listeners into the room as real entrepreneurs pitch to real investors – for real money.”

Gimlet media tells stories through audio. Their roster of podcasts includes newly-launched, critically-acclaimed shows like Homecoming, Heavyweight, and Science Vs. Gimlet is also home to perennial favorites Reply All and Start Up. Gimlet is looking for ambitious, curious, talented, and kind people to join their team.

The Pitch is a reality show that brings listeners into the room as real entrepreneurs pitch to real investors – for real money. While it offers a glimpse into the high stakes world of venture capital, its really a show about human relationships: how people sell their companies, what makes investors tick, and how these initial conversations can bloom into business deals – or die on the vine. To achieve this, pitches are edited down and narrated for clarity but it’s important to us to always stay true to what really happened in these conversations.

As such, Gimlet is looking for an experienced producer who has a passion for VC culture and an appreciation for narrative storytelling. They need someone who can work independently to edit long, sometimes wonky pitches into digestible 30-minute experiences for listeners. This involves cutting multiple tracks of tape; writing tight, clear, narration; and looking for fresh, creative ways to tell each story. The Pitch is still early in its life with Gimlet, so there is a real opportunity for someone to take ownership over the growth and direction of the show.

Those who are interested in this job should read the full Gimlet ad for more details. This is a full-time role based in Gimlet’s Brooklyn, New York, offices. The posting will be closed at 5PM on August 2, 2017.

Slate Seeks Director of Podcasts

Slate is looking for a Director of Branded Podcasts to oversee their branded podcast group. The person who is hired for this job must have a passion for storytelling, a deep understanding of digital media, and an informed interest in the relationship between brands, podcasts, and listeners.

The Slate Group, established in 2008 by the Graham Holdings Company, is a multimedia entity with the mission of developing and managing a family of digitally-native content providers. The company consists of Slate, an award-wining digital publishing company, and Panoply, a premium podcast network.

Some Requirements for the Director of Branded Podcasts job include:

  • BA or BS degree required
  • Must have 5+ years of experience in content development and production for podcast, terrestrial, or satellite radio, or other audio medium.
  • Must be well connected to the larger community of independent producers and great at identifying talent
  • Extremely strong writing, communication, and presentation skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work with little to no guidance and think outside the box
  • Experience in juggling and prioritizing competing deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Proven ability to thrive in a dynamic environment and work as a team player

Some Key Responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for developing for smart, stimulating podcast ideas that engage our discerning listeners and offer unique value to our brand partners
  • Manage a team of in-house and freelance producers to write, structure, and produce branded podcasts for a diverse set of advertisers
  • Provide guidance and critical feedback on production tasks including recording, editing, mixing, scoring and publishing audio

Those who are interested in applying for this position should go read the Slate ad on Linkedin for full details. The job is listed as “Full-Time” and under the function “Sales, Production”.