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Voicemeeter Is A Powerful Software Mixer For Windows

September 1st, 2014

Voicemeeter AppDeveloper VB-Audio Software has recently updated its audio production app Voicemeeter. Voicemeeter is a powerful software mixer for Windows that allows users to mix multiple hardware and virtual inputs. There are many possibilities for using Voicemeeter with podcasting. For example, Voicemeeter could be used to mix different sound sources such as USB headsets along with computer-based audio sources like software soundboards or media players. It could also be used for creating a mix-minus setup for recording Skype calls.

Voicemeeter has an extensive set of audio I/O for configuring signal paths. A list of possible uses from the Voicemeeter website (Note: VB-Audio Software is a French developer, so their English is a bit wonky.):

  • *To mix your voice with your music on Skype or Google Voice as well as for broadcasting and make your own radio.
  • *To use 2x USB Headset on a computer, for example for online educational program.
  • *To Play Video Game in 5.1 and keep the MIC for communication with your team.
  • *To make tutorial with your preferred audio software and pro quality.
  • *To Record Conference or Interview in multichannel for post production.
  • *To use different Audio Application together and record the performance in live with your preferred DAW.
  • *Finally to manage simply whatever sound sources on your computer in an easy way.


Mixlr Releases Beta App For Android, iOS Update

August 31st, 2014

Mixlr LogoAudio-streaming service Mixlr, used by many podcasters for live broadcasts, is making some news on the mobile front. The company has released a beta version of an Android app and Mixlr has also updated its iOS app.

These Mixlr apps allow for broadcasting directly from mobile devices and they also allow users to listen to streams created thru Mixlr. The new Android app is particularly exciting as there aren’t many of these types of apps yet on that platform. From the Mixlr blog:

“Broadcast high-quality live audio from all your mobile devices. Just like our other apps, you can also record your live broadcast and save it to your showreel to share and listen back to later.

Listen to all your favourite Mixlr live broadcasters on the go. We’ll also send you push notifications when a broadcaster you follow goes live, so you’ll never miss another Mixlr. You can also follow other Mixlr users from right inside the app.”

Mixlr is stressing that the Android app is in beta and that they’re looking for feedback and bug reports from users. The company has also stated that they’ll soon be adding chat functionality to the Android app and they’re also hoping to make the app compatible with older versions of the Android operating system.


Women in Podcasting – Interview with Serena Travis

August 28th, 2014

ipdb logoSerena Travis started out as a podcast listener, and went on to become involved in two different podcasts. She is the woman behind the Internet Podcast Database, a brilliant idea that can provide information about podcasters in a way that has not been done before.

* Can you give us a brief history of your experiences in podcasting? When did you get started? What are you doing in podcasting today?

My podcasting journey started in October 2010 by listening to podcasts. I became a follower of Podcast Answer Man with Cliff Ravenscraft. I was so inspired that I started a small town news podcast starting on January 3, 2011. The podcast is called Good Morning Scott Valley (GMSV) and kept Scott Valley informed of calendar, weather, sports and celebrations. I produced the podcast in Etna with my family and friends so it was definitely homegrown. People were encouraged with the sense of positive community that the podcast created. I’m not currently producing new episodes for GMSV, but I’ve kept the episodes available and the web site as well. Even though I stopped producing new episodes, the existing episodes are still being downloaded today!

I’ve just started a new podcast with my husband. It’s called The High Road with Drake and Serena Travis. We live in LA now and are having opportunities to interview celebrities and people who work in the entertainment industry.

* What was it that made you decide to become a podcaster?

There were a couple of things that made me decide to become a podcaster. First of all, I love audio. I didn’t realize just how much I loved audio until podcasting became a part of my everyday life. I remember recording myself on a cassette tape as a kid. It’s too bad that I didn’t save anything that I recorded! Second, I love to inform people – in a positive way, of course. I was usually a part of a school newspaper while growing up.

* What is the IPDb? What was your inspiration for creating it?

My biggest podcasting news is the web site that I’m building – ipdb.net – the Internet Podcast Database. It is meant to function as like IMDb does for movies. I’m very excited about having a platform where podcasters and their fans can connect in a dynamic, effective way. I was inspired to create IPDb when I was thinking about the IMDb profile that I was filling out for myself. While I was spinning that plate in my mind, I started thinking about podcasting. The mental plates clanked together and I thought, “Why not have a web site like IMDb but for podcasts?” I’m so passionate about podcasting and the people who produce them! The site is in beta right now – beta.ipdb.net We hope to launch our site fully before the end of the year.

* What words of wisdom would you share with women who are thinking about starting a podcast?

For any ladies out there thinking about starting a podcast, I would suggest start listening to a few podcasts that are similar to your podcast concept. The toughest time for me was the first time on turned on the microphone. I was tongue-tied and stumbled over my words, but I was not going to be deterred. I realized that I could record and delete as many times as I needed. Do not over-analyze – just start. This is an amazing time to begin a podcast!

Posted by Jen Thorpe.

Ads Are Coming To SoundCloud. And To Your Podcast?

August 21st, 2014

SoundCloud LogoSoundCloud, the popular audio hosting/sharing platform, will soon be introducing in-stream ads into its media players. The service, which initially catered to musicians has since branched out into podcasting. And while SoundCloud’s podcasting program is in its third year of an invite-only beta program, many podcasters use SoundCloud for media hosting.

This begs the inevitable question: What will this new ad system mean for podcasters who host their shows with SoundCloud? At this time, it’s not entirely clear. All of the information that’s been made public so far only refers to the music side of SoundCloud’s services. Specifically that, along with the ad system, SoundCloud will also roll out a new premium service so subscribers can pay to skip the ads, similar to other music streaming services like Spotify or Pandora.


Reviewcast Sends Your Last 25 iTunes Reviews For Free

August 20th, 2014

Reviewcast LogoiTunes reviews are important to many podcasters. They help not only to increase our exposure in the iTunes directory, they can also give us insight into how listeners are feeling about our shows. It’s a good idea to take a look at your iTunes reviews on a regular basis. However, Apple doesn’t make it easy because iTunes reviews are divided by country, based on an individual reviewer’s location. The only way to see all of your iTunes reviews would be to log into iTunes and then manually change your location to each country, going thru the entire list one by one. That’d be a long and tedious process.

Reveiwcast is a simple service (currently in beta) that you can use to have your show’s last 25 iTunes reviews e-mailed to you for free. It’s easy to use and works pretty well.

When you load the Reviewcast site, you’re greeted with the message, “Let us email you the last 25 reviews from all over the world for any iOS Application, OS X Application, Podcast or iBook listed on the the App Store or iTunes Store.”

Reviewcast Main Screen

Enter your show’s title into the field immediately under the greeting text. Select “Podcast” from the drop-down menu and click the Search button.


Livestream Adds “Vertical Broadcasting” To iOS Producer App

August 19th, 2014

Livestream producer appLive-streaming media service Livestream has added a new “vertical broadcasting” capability to the iOS version of its Livestream Producer app. Vertical broadcasting allows users to maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio for video, even if the phone is held vertically. Most camera-based iOS apps change their aspect ratios based on if a device is being held vertically (with the “top” of the device facing up) or horizontally (with the “top” of the device facing left or right). It’s often easier to hold a device in vertical mode rather than horizontal mode. But this can often lead to the undesired “vertical video” effect. From Livestream:

“In previous versions of the Livestream app you were required to turn your device to ‘landscape’ mode (horizontal) in order to broadcast. There are some benefits to using the camera horizontally but the primary reason we locked it was because ‘portrait mode’ would have resulted in a vertical video, which most users don’t like.

However, there are some fundamental problems with using the camera in landscape mode. First, if you’re broadcasting a live event for any length of time that exceeds a few minutes it can be tiring to hold the device horizontally. It is also inconvenient to chat with your audience when the keyboard and messages are overlaid on top of the video.

With the newest version of the Livestream app for iOS we’ve developed a way to let you hold the device vertically while continuing to stream perfect 16/9 video. This makes it both more comfortable to hold for long periods of time and easier to chat with your audience.”