Pineapple Street Studios Invites Kids “Stuck At Home” to Make Podcasts

Pineapple Street Studios announced Stuck at Home, a creative podcast experiment for kids around the world who find themselves at home in light of recent coronavirus restrictions.

A part of this experiment, kids are encouraged to create their own Stuck at Home podcast featuring the content of their choice, including: news reports on what it’s like where they are, what they’re doing to fill the time, and what’s in the fridge; interviews with other kids or adults; reviews of the movie they’re watching and books their reading; tips and advice on fun things to do at home; share their favorite stories or invent new ones; play their instruments for a music show; and more.

With their parent or guardian’s permission, kids can record their podcast using a smartphone voice recording app or laptop and send to Stuck At Home podcast ideas, guidance and information can be found at

“So many of use are home with kids right now, isolated and trying to make sense of this deeply uncertain moment while watching our children process it too. Even after just a few days it seems clear that they have as much to teach us about how to get through this as we do them,” said Jenna Weiss-Berman and Max Linsky, co-founders, Pineapple Street Studios. “But it’s not just about adults. Kids are missing school, missing each other. And we hope this project will be one small way for kids all over the country to connect.”

Stuck at Home will be led by Pineapple Street Studios Senior Producer Eric Mennel, who just wrapped production on The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow.

Pineapple Street Studios will provide participants updates throughout the week on their podcast submissions.

Studio Ochenta Launches Global Call for Pitches Under Quarantine

Studio Ochenta, a multilingual podcast studio dedicated to raising voices across cultures has announced its first global call for story pitches for producers working from home under quarantine.

The Show, Ochenta Stories, will bring together eighty 3-5-minute crowdsourced creator stories in any one of their original languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin. Ochenta, which specializes in international productions in English, French, and Spanish, will translate the pieces for the world to hear.

“Our Paris-based studio is currently under a strict quarantine in France, and a lot of the producers we work with around the world are confined to their homes. We want to give them a chance to tell their stories to the world,” – Founder and CEO Lory Martinez.

The prompt is simple: In times of crisis, tell the story you’d want to hear when this is all over.

You can submit any format, though narrative and fiction are preferred to facilitate translation. If you want to participate, send a sample of previous/related work and a 200-word description of the piece to, with the subject line: Ochenta Stories. This is a paid opportunity. Producers will be paid to write short scripts and will work with Ochenta’s producers to produce them for other languages.

It is the latest in the studio’s multilingual announcements, after the success of it’s flagship fiction show, Mija Podcast in France and Spain this past fall, the studio will be releasing Season 2 in English, Spanish and Mandarin this coming May,

For more information, read how the studio is producing international podcasts during times of crisis.

BounceCast Free Recorder Lets you Edit and Trim Podcasts Easily

BounceCast is allowing everyone to download the free BounceCast recorder, with which you can record and trim podcasts easily, and convert any existing podcast into other audio formats.

BounceCast is an intelligent digital audio app designed to record, enhance and master podcasts and video automatically on desktop and mobile.

Based on unique and file specific real-time data analysis, the app’s smart audio processing is able to adapt to every single recording. This way the sound will be optimized for every situation and environment.

Use BounceCast to produce optimal listening for your audience in a fast and intuitive way.

How does it work? Record and master all types of speech based on content fast and easy. Import and process any pre-recorded files with professional level results every single time. BounceCast is currently available for desktop.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or newer. Windows 7 or newer.

With the Free recorder, you can:

  •  Import any pre-recorded audio
  • Audio recorder
  • Audio trimming
  • Audio export to: WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis

Audio Recording & Trimming: Record podcasts and video audio on your desktop computer or on-the-go via mobile devices. Preview and listen to recorded audio with or without smart enhancement, and trim audio exactly how you like it.

BounceCast offers three plans. One is free. One is a monthly Premium Plan ($9.99/month). One is an annual Premium Plan ($99/year). Each Premium Plan offers features that are not available through the free plan.

Whooshkaa Delivers Work-From-Home Tech Free to Schools Worldwide

Private podcast technology developed by an Australian company – and key in the World Health Organization’s community of learning advice for schools – is being offered free to schools worldwide. Podcast platform Whooshkaa’s new technology, enables businesses, schools and groups to broadcast audio to specified listeners. The technology uses any existing podcast app on any smartphone, but the audio is exclusively available to those granted access by the podcaster.

“We created this as an internal communications tool to inform and engage employees – particularly those working remotely”, said Whooshkaa Founder and CEO Robert Lowenthal. “But we can see it has enormous potential to support students and schools through this period of global upheaval.

“The WHO says academic podcasts are a key plank in continuity of learning plans. Whooshkaa will set up free Professional private podcast packages for schools from kindergarten to year 12, across Australia and right around the world.”

Whooshkaa has teamed up with RØDE to provide all schools who take part in the initiative with free podcast packages to distribute content to students.

RØDE Founder and Chairman Peter Freedman AM said using the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio and Whooshkaa technology will allow teachers and administrators to record podcasts to deliver entire lessons, allocate homework, explain course material or give daily updates to parents.

“You don’t have to be an audio expert to use it, and in the case of a school closure, it’s an ideal wiay to give students access to educational content, “ Mr. Freedman said.

With leading epidemiologists such as the Harvard Center for Disease Dynamics’ William Hanage warning that “everyone who can work from home should work from home,” Whooshkaa envisages secure podcasts being used to maximize productivity and drive business community.

RØDE Microphones Contributes $2 Million of Podcasting Equipment to Schools

Australian pro audio powerhouse RØDE Microphones has announced that it will be donating $2 million worth of podcasting equipment to help New South Wales (NSW) schools impacted by COVID-19.

As teachers face the difficult task of overcoming disruptions to classes in the coming months, RØDE Founder and Chairman Peter Freedman AM has established a program that will give schools access to audio equipment they can use to deliver classes remotely via universally accepted podcast platforms.

From March 13, any NSW public high schools who want to take part and who have the capability to benefit from this initiative will be able to access an online portal on the RØDE website where they can order a complete podcasting kit, which includes RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio, microphones and accessories. This will give them the opportunity to record course material remotely, in the event that their school is closed, and students are quarantined for an extended period of time.

“At the moment, Australia is scrambling to cope with the impact of COVID-19 across every aspect of day-to-day life,” says Peter Freedman AM. “We know that schools are already feeling that impact. These closures could be devastating for students, particularly those in Year 12 taking their HSC exams later in the year, and we are offering a practical solution to help teachers minimize disruptions to classes.”

He continues: “Podcasting is the number one media format being consumed by school students right now. It’s also an incredibly powerful teaching tool, and amidst the current crisis it’s really an ideal platform to give students easy access to class material that they can engage with, in a way that is simple for teachers to create, even if they aren’t audio experts.”

Schools that take advantage of the program will be able to keep their equipment, providing them with a valuable educational tool they can continue to use in the classroom once the COVID-19 threat has passed.

Juicy Scoop Podcast Wins Defamation Court Hearing

Juicy Scoop Podcast reports – Heather McDonald wins court hearing which protects the rights of podcasters to report the news whether it is a report about a world peace summit or celebrity gossip.

On June 24, 2019, Jim Bellino filed a lawsuit in Orange County for defamation against podcaster Healther McDonald. The complaint alleges that McDonald’s podcast guests, Tamara Judge and Shannon Beador, said false statements about Jim and his divorce from former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member, Alexis Bellino.

The First Amendment does not permit public figures to silence critics through lawsuits costing tens of millions of dollars. For this reason, McDonald’s attorney, Jeff Lewis, filed an anti-SLAPP motion to request dismissal of the defamation lawsuit.

On March 9, 2020, Judge Layne Meizer granted the motion and dismissed Bellino’s defamation case.

This win for Heather McDonald protects the rights of podcasters to report the news whether is is about a peace summit or celebrity gossip. Fortunately, California has enacted an anti-SLAPP law which allows defendants like McDonald to get to the front of the line and obtain a quick dismissal of a case.

Focusrite has a Podcast Studio Makeover Contest

Focusrite wants to help you create great sounding content. They are having Podcast Studio Makeover contest. You can enter by filling out a form on the Focusrite website before April 17, 2020. You also need to send them an audio sample of your show, and an up to 3-minute pitch.

Focusrite wants to help you remove any barriers to your creativity by outfitting your podcast studio with products from some of the best brands in content creation. We’ve partnered with them to award three podcasters with a complete studio makeover valued at over $2300 each and the chance for you and your podcast to be featured in a video project produced by Focusrite!

Chosen winners will receive:

  • One Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 3rd Gen Audio Interface
  • One Heil Sound PR40 dynamic microphone and PL2T boom arm
  • One ADAM Audio SP-5 Studio Headphones
  • One Namba Gear Lil Namba Remix Backpack
  • One 1-Free hour of coaching from Harry Duran, Host of Podcast Junkies, Founder of FullCast
  • One Design session and a $500 store credit with Audimute for a custom sound treatment solution
  • One $95 store credit with Hindenburg (enough for their Journalist software or to use it to upgrade to Journalist Pro)
  • One 50% off a SquadCast annual plan
  • One Discount on podcast hosting

For more details, and to enter the contest, please visit the Focusrite website.

Google Podcasts are Now Available on iOS

Previously, those who use iOS were unable to explore the offerings of Google Podcasts on their phones. This is changing! Product Manager of Google Podcasts, Zach Reneau-Wedeen, made a post on The Keyword announcing that Google Podcasts is now available on iOS. It will roll out to Android this week.

…We’ve redesigned the Google Podcasts app to make it easier to discover podcasts you’ll love, build your list of go-to podcasts, and customize your listening. To support listeners on more platforms, we’re also bringing Google Podcasts to iOS for the first time and adding support for subscriptions on Google Podcasts for Web. Regardless of the platform you’re using, your listening progress will sync across devices, and you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off.

The new app is designed around three tabs: Home, Explore and Activity. The Home features a feed of new episodes and gives you quick access to your subscribed shows. When you select an episode you want to listen to, you’ll now see topics or people covered in that podcast, and you can easily jump to Google Search to learn more.

In the Explore tab, “For you” displays new shows and episode recommendations related to your interests, and you can browse popular podcasts in categories such as comedy, sports, and news. You’ll be able to control personalized recommendations from the Google Podcasts settings, which are accessible right from the Explore tab.

The Activity tab will display your listen history, queued up episodes, and downloads. For each show in your subscriptions, you can now enable automatic downloading and/or push notifications for when new episodes come out.

HiStudios Announced Full Independence from Himalaya Media

HiStudios announced its full independence from Himalaya Media, creating two stand-alone media entities. “We’re so thankful to the team at Himalaya Media in supporting our unique vision at launch and we look forward to continuing to reshape a new era of news and entertainment.”

Based in Los Angeles and with studios globally, HiStudios will rebrand itself as Notorious and will continue to produce sports, entertainment and influencer-focused shows that will be distributed on audio and video platforms everywhere. The division takes place immediately and allows both businesses to grow according to their own strategic priorities.

“Our partners don’t talk about the news, they make it. They don’t follow the conversation, they drive it,” said Notorious CEO, Peter Vincer. “By providing intimate access to many of the world’s most influential and interesting people, and with our unique approach to content distribution, we see ourselves as leading the pack in today’s decentralized media landscape.”

Vincer continued, “In history, being ‘notorious’ has been, at times, perceived as negative. But we feel – especially in reflecting on the greatest media of our past – it has described the rebellious anti-hero, a spirit of independence and righteousness that is a characteristic of our company’s culture and the media icons we have under our banner.”

Said Kweku Mandala, Co-CEO of Mandela Media: “We’re proud to call Notorious a valued partner. Their unique approach to content creation and distribution enables us to connect with audiences on a very personal level while maximizing our global reach. Mandela Media can’t wait to grow with them as they continue to build their platform, branching out to become the industry’s network of note.”