Podthon ’20 is a Virtual Event for Podcasters

Podthon ’20 is a virtual summit for podcasters. It will take place July 18-19, 2020. It is the 2nd annual virtual summit for podcasters. Tickets are available now, and range in price from $37.50 to $75.

Why was Podthon created? There is a lot of great content left on the table from conference speaker-selection processes and we wanted to create a platform to offer ALL podcasters who have a message and great content the ability to present and share their experience with the podcasting community.

Your Podthon ’20 ticket gets you access to 18-20 exclusive presentations and you get to connect with each speaker during the Live Q & A sessions. After registering for Podthon ’20, you will be sent an occasional email with updates for Podthon ’20. In July 2020, you will then receive the link for the live virtual summit. An All Access Pass is available for purchase for access to a replay of all the sessions and bonuses.

Podthon is the brainchild of founder Lee Uehara and co-founder Danielle Desir. Lee is the founder of Asian American Podcasters Association and Danielle Desir is the founder of WOC Podcasters.

Google Introduced Google Podcasts Manager

In early May of 2020, Google announced that it redesigned Google podcasts and introduced Google Podcasts Manager. Those who are much more focused on Apple Podcasts than on Google Podcasts may have missed this information.

With Podcasts Manager, you can make sure your show is available to millions of Google Podcasts listeners through a simple verification process. Within the tool you can access metrics to understand how engagement with your show evolves over time and see activity for recent episodes. This includes retention analytics which help you better understand where people tune in – and when they drop off – along with listening duration, minutes played and more. And you can export the data and plug it into your own analysis tools if you prefer.

In addition, Google’s Podcast Manager also provides anonymized device analytics that show what percentage of your audience listens on phones, tablets, desktop computers and smart speakers. Google says this data can help podcasters better understand and respond to changing listening behavior.

An example given by Google is: “For example, you might discover that the majority of your listeners access your show on a smart speaker. This might mean you add shorter form content for listening on-the-go, or develop more family-friendly options for consumption in an open space.”

France Invents a New Phrase for “Podcast”

The French government body in charge of preserving the French language has made some suggestions to change words like “podcast”, “clickbait” and “chick-lit”, according to Euro News.

The Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language wants to replace words that are related to technology and that are not French with a French alternative. Some of the non-French words related to technology have been used for years in France. Euro News reported that the Commission works with France’s Académie Française “to police the use of French”.

Podcast is on the list of words to be changed. The Commission suggested that “audio à la demande” (audio on demand) be the French replacement for the word podcast.

However, there is some debate (in English, anyway) about whether or not a podcast can correctly be referred to as “on demand audio”. Audioboom posted about this on Medium in 2016. In it, writer Kelly Shetron pointed out: “When we say podcast, what we really mean is on-demand audio”. It is like asking for a Kleenex when what you really mean is a tissue.

While the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, those who find the term “podcast” to be limiting might skip it altogether in favor of the broader term “on-demand audio”. On-demand audio might not be longform, for example; it could be a 5-minute segment from a radio show or a 3-minute daily news clip released each morning. You may call those pieces of content “podcast,” but to some there is a distinction.

It is possible that the distinction between “podcast” and “on-demand audio” is something that English-speakers see. Perhaps the concepts are not as distinct in French. In any case, the purpose of the Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language is not to clarify podcasting, but to prevent the use of “Franglais”.

Captivate is IAB Certified

Captivate has announced that the platform has achieved IAB Tech Lab Certified status as a podcast analytics provider.

Our CTO, Kieran, and the Captivate engineering team have been working closely with the IAB to audit, fully document and certify the Captivate podcast analytics measurement and reporting modules to the IAB Tech v2 standards and achieve formal certification from the IAB Tech Lab.

Advanced IAB Tech Lab certified podcast analytics are now available worldwide, to all Captivate podcasters at no extra cost as Captivate becomes the first UK-based podcast host to complete the certification.

Captivate says that its podcast analytics platform was already built to adhere to IAB standards. As such, they are delighted to be able to achieve the IAB certification without any disruption to podcasters and without seeing any significant changes to podcasters’ reported download numbers.

Captivate’s decision to work with the IAB Tech Lab became an easy one to make as podcasters continually look to hone in on the accuracy of their analytics and understand their listenership more and more as the industry progresses.

This means Captivate is now among the other IAB Certified podcast companies including Blubrry, Art19, Voxnest Audience Network, Triton Digital, Libsyn, and more!

Blubrry Announces Private Internal Podcasting

Blubrry announced a complete private internal podcast solution that suits all needs. As of yesterday, podcasters can choose from three levels of private internal podcasting – PIP – with Blubrry. The levels are: Simple, Standard, and Enterprise. Each comes with different features and security.

Last year, we knew PIP was something we wanted to add to our service offerings, and the past few months have shown that there is indeed an immediate need. Authenticated listeners are able to listen on a private podcast app as well as a private web app, depending on the show provider’s needed security.

Here are a few examples of uses for a private and/or internal podcast:

  • Premium content for your podcast audience
  • New employee onboarding
  • Bonus podcast content for your super loyal fans
  • Monthly sales reporting
  • Weekly church meetings

Here are some of the security measures Blubrry uses:

  • Signed media URL
  • SSO supported
  • oAuth2, SAML
  • Private RSS feed with authentication

All private internal podcasting levels include Blubrry’s professional hosting, statistics and their best-in-class tech support. Blubrry has put together a detailed look at their Private Internal Podcasting that gives people more information about their three PIP plans.

The Ringer is Seeking an Associate Podcast Producer

The Ringer seeks an associate podcast producer to join its Los Angeles-based digital audio team. The ideal candidate will be creative and self-motivated, will possess experience in all aspects of production, and who loves audio storytelling and knows how to convey stories that are entertaining and engaging.

The associate podcast producer will provide support to the podcast producers and talent covering topics that drive The Ringer universe: sports, popular culture, technology, politics, food, and more.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work closely with the audio staff in support of production needs
  • Act as edit or production support for a full range of podcasts, including research and creating outlines for new episodes of existing Ringer podcast series
  • Covering studio sessions as needed
  • Organizing and coordinating show delivery schedules
  • Provide audio engineer functions to the video team
  • Aid in the operation of studio or field production equipment as necessary

Requirements include:

  • Minimum of two to three years experience in a professional digital media production role
  • Must have prior experience as an audio producer, demonstrating an understanding of creating content on the latest social media platforms
  • Must show a fundamental ability to make sound editorial judgements and balance conflicting priorities
  • An ability to convey complex information and stories in a clear and engaging way
  • Knowledge of what makes a story relatable, dramatic and interesting and what makes compelling audio and sound
  • Deep understanding of news and story lines, with sound journalistic ethics and judgement

This is a permanent, full-time position with comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits. The Ringer would like applicants to attach a cover letter, and samples of previous work if applicable.

Visit The Ringer’s Linkedin to learn more details about this job and how to apply for it.

Captivate Introduces Unique Listener Analytics

Captivate announced that they have introduced Unique Listener Tracking to Captivate analytics as a free upgrade to all Captivate podcasters. Captivate says that, as podcasters, we’re a little addicted to measuring downloads when really, we’d love to be able to measure people who listen to our show. The new feature can do that.

The data as aggregated as:

A unique listener is defined as a listener from the same IP address and the same device within the presented timeframe. This is a way of estimating the number of people downloading your show. This is based on the IAB v2 guidelines.

Captivate podcasters will see a new section called Audience Overview. Within that section you’ll now be able to see the following unique listener data points:

  • Unique listeners today
  • Unique listeners yesterday
  • Unique listeners over the last 7 days
  • Unique listeners over the last 28 days
  • Unique listeners over the last 90 days
  • All-time unique listeners

This is part one of an analytics upgrade aiming to make it easier for Captivate podcasters to estimate their true audience size. Captivate also added “Last updated” information to the top right of your analytics screen and your main Captivate dashboard so that you can see the last time they updated your data for you.

British Podcast Awards Announced Nominees

British Podcast Awards has announced their 2020 Nominations. The British Podcast Awards are powered by Acast. The nominees were chosen by over 50 judges.

There are several different categories. Each one has six nominees. Visit the British Podcast Awards website to see the full list of nominees, and to click on the links to podcasts on that list that you want to know more about.

The categories are:

  • Best Arts & Culture Podcast supported by Pod Bible
  • Best Branded Podcast
  • Best Business Podcast
  • Best Comedy Podcast supported byAcast
  • Best Current Affairs Podcast
  • Best Daily Podcast supported by Podfollow
  • Best Family Podcast
  • Best Fiction
  • Best Interview
  • Acast Moment of the Year
  • Smartest Podcast supported by Rethink Audio
  • Best Radio Podcast supported by Radioplayer
  • Best Live Episode supported by Latitude Festival
  • Best Network or Publisher supported by 4DC
  • Best Wellbeing Podcast
  • Best New Podcast supported by Factory
  • Best Sport Podcast supported by Audioboom
  • Best Entertainment Podcast supported by Sony Music’s 4th Floor Creative
  • Best Sex & Relationships Podcast
  • Best True Crime Podcast
  • Best Podcast in the Welsh Language
  • The Creativity Award supported by Audible
  • The Spotlight Award supported by DAX
  • The Bullseye Award supported by Blue Microphones

Voting for the Listener’s Choice Award (supported by BBC Sounds) is now open. It is the only award chosen by the general public, and saw over 190,000 votes cast last year. Voting closes midday on Monday 6th July. To vote for your favorite podcast, visit britishpodcastawards.com/vote

The Joe Rogan Experience Announces Exclusive Partnership with Spotify

The Joe Rogan Experience, one of the most popular podcasts in the world, is coming to Spotify via a multi-year exclusive licensing deal. The comedy talk series has long been the most-searched-for podcast on Spotify and is the leading show on practically every other podcasting platform. And, like all podcasts and vodcats on Spotify, it will remain free and accessible to all Spotify users.

Since its launch in 2009, the pioneering The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) has built one of the most loyal and engaged fan bases in the world. Rogan brings his sensibilities as a stand-up comic to the show, and alongside a dynamic and diverse range of guests, he fearlessly broaches topics including neuroscience, sports, comedy, health, infectious disease, and our ever-changing culture – all with a mix of curiosity and humor.

In addition to the widely popular podcast format, JRE also produces corresponding video episodes, which will also be available on Spotify as in-app vodcats.

While Spotify will become the exclusive distributer of JRE, Rogan will maintain full creative control over the show. Bringing JRE to Spotify will mean that the platform’s more than 286 million active users will have access to one of the leading voices of today’s podcasting renaissance.

The JRE will debut on Spotify on September 1, 2020, and become exclusively available on the platform later this year.