Octave Studios Selects Veritonic’s Brand Lift Technology

Veritonic, the industry’s comprehensive audio research and analytics platform, announced that Octave Studio, the targeted audio advertising platform and joint venture of News UK’s Wireless and Bauer Media, has renewed their partnership with Veritonic, selecting their Brand Lift technology to provide their clients with unparalleled data and insights around the performance of their audio creative.

Through this partnership, clients of Octave Audio can conduct studies to evaluate the impact of their audio on their overall goals, including product promotion, lead generation, brand loyalty, and more. By measuring key metrics such as brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent, clients can leverage the actionable data from the studies to adjust their campaigns and increase their ROI.

“We are proud to support Octave in their mission to generate and deploy powerful audio advertisements on behalf of their client base,” said Damian Scragg, General Manager of International & Brand Sales for Veritonic. “The robust nature of our Brand Lift solution lends itself well to verifying and amplifying the impact of audio campaigns and, ultimately, the development of a comprehensive audio strategy.”

“We are pleased to partner with Veritonic to offer this mission-critical data to our 700+ clients all over the world,” said Tom McKay, Head of Product & Safety at Octave. “Veritonic shares our mission of helping brands and agencies that are leveraging audio to understand the impact of their campaigns and gain actionable insights for future campaign planning.”

Octave Audio recently collaborated with their insurance comparison website client, Mustard.co.uk, to leverage Veritonic’s best-in-class audio Brand Lift technology to test which ads would resonate and perform best in terms of Awareness, Favorability, and Intent between targeted ads and non-targeted ads. Veritonic’s sophisticated technology provided Mustard with actionable and insightful data around the power of targeted audio ads, showing a 14ppt lift in recall, a 5ppt lift in intent, and a 4.5ppt lift in overall resonance for the targeted ads.

“Veritonic’s campaign measurement technology has empowered our team to make stronger, data-driven decisions in the audio space,” said Jazmine Brace, Marketing Manager at mustard.co.uk. “Having concise insights into what is working and resonating within our target audience or within our target creative type has granted us the confidence we need to deploy audio campaigns that we know will have strong ROI”

Veritonic’s Brand Lift technology empowers brands and advertisers to gauge the impact of their creative assets across a variety of audio outlets. The data and analysis gleaned from the technology provides a highly insightful view of campaign performance within brand or agency’s unique audience targeting requirements to establish a baseline of success measures or areas for improvement.

If you are interested in learning more about Veritonic’s Brand Lift technology, visit www.veritonic.com or contact sales@veritonic.com.

RØDE Releases The NT-USB+ Professional Microphone

RØDE announced a new addition to its industry-leading range of USB microphones, the NT-USB+. Based on the legendary NT-USB, the NT-USB+ is a professional-grade USB microphone loaded with next-generation features. It is also compact, portable, and versatile, making it the ideal microphone for musicians, podcasters, streamers and professionals who want to capture studio-quality sound with ease.

The NT-USB+ is a professional USB microphone with next-generation features for recording studio-quality sound with ease.


Studio-grade condenser capsule and tight cardioid polar pattern, delivering pristine audio idea for recording vocals, speech, and instruments.

Ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp and high-resolution 24-bit/48kHz analog-to-digital conversion for professional sound quality with stunning clarity.

Internal DSP for advanced audio processing powered by APHEX – including a compressor, noise gate and legendary Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects

High-power headphone output for zero-latency monitoring, complete with level and mix controls.

USB-C output for plug-and-play connectivity with computers, smartphones and tablets

Includes high-quality pop filter and desktop mount – an all-in-one solution for recording professional sound at home or on the go.

Designed and made in RØDE’s state-of-the-art facilities in Sydney, Australia


The NT-USB+ is based on the original USB, which was released in 2014 and has long been an industry-standard professional USB microphone for musicians, podcasters, streamers, and other creators. Featuring the same iconic form factor and studio-quality sound as the original, the NT-USB+ builds on its legacy with a number of next-generation enhancements and is set to become a modern classic.

“The original NT-USB was an instant success when it launched almost a decade ago, setting a lofty standard for studio-quality USB microphones,” said RØDE CEO Damien Wilson. “With the NT-USB+, we are setting a new standard. We have kept the form factor and functionality that made the original such a success and introduced several new features, integrating cutting-edge technology for the next wave of creators. Plug-and-play USB audio has never sounded this good.”


The NT-USB+ features a studio-grade condenser capsule that evokes the sound of a classic large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Delivering warmth and clarity with a full frequency response and tight cardioid polar pattern for clear, focused audio, it excels on everything from vocals and speech to acoustic guitar and other instruments.

The NT-USB+ features enhanced circuitry, with RØDE’s ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp technology – first introduced with the groundbreaking RØDECaster Pro II – as well as the upgraded high-resolution 24-bit/48kHz analog-to-digital conversion for pristine audio quality. It also features powerful internal DSP, which allows users to apply advanced APHEX processing to their audio.

This includes a high-pass filter for cutting out low-end rumble, a noise gate for eliminating background noise, a compressor for delivering punchy low-end rumble, a noise gate for eliminating background noise, a compressor for delivering punchy and balanced sound, and the legendary Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects for rich, broadcast tone. This studio-quality processing can be activated via the companion app RØDE Central – available for desktop and mobile – for use with any other software or application. It is also available in RØDE’s free podcasting and streaming software, RØDE Connect.


Not only does the NT-USB+ sound amazing, but it is also incredibly easy to use, portable and versatile. It features a class-compliant USB-C output that is plug-and-play compatible with Mac and Windows computers; it is also fully compatible with any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, making it an excellent portable recording studio.

It comes with a professional pop filter for minimizing plosives, as well as a tripod mount for perfect positioning on a desktop. It also features a zero-latency headphone output for monitoring audio with no distracting echo or delay, complete with level and monitor mix controls. With its plug-and-play connectivity, including extras and all-in-one design, the NT-USB+ is the ultimate microphone for anyone who wants to record professional sound effortlessly.

The NT-USB+ is shipping worldwide and available now for US$169.

Acast Lauches Keyword Targeting In Podcast Advertising

Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, has announced the addition of Keyword Targeting to the Acast Marketplace, unlocking more contextual opportunities for advertisers and increased revenue for creators. The new proprietary capability follows Acast’s launch of Conversational Targeting earlier this year and is the second of several books to be released from the suite.

Despite macroeconomic uncertainties and shrinking marketing budgets globally, podcast advertising remains a growing industry and is still forecasted to surpass $4 billion in value by 2024 in the U.S. alone. With advertisers continuing to flock to the space, Acast’s insights and innovation-led approach creates opportunities for brands to scale their messages across its network of 88,000 shows.

Now with Keyword Targeting, advertisers can align their message with the most contextually relevant content spoken being about within an episode. This significantly increases targeting relevance, reduces wastage, and results in a more contextually relevant advertising experience for listeners.

Take for example, a guest and host of a comedy podcast record an episode about cooking disasters in the kitchen. By using advanced speech-to-text transcription technology combined with artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Acast can now identify key words and phrases spoken within that episode. This effectively enables an advertiser, for say, a new cookbook or perhaps kitchenware utensils, to reach new audiences by targeting contextually relevant conversations within shows that may be from a completely unrelated category.

Not only does Keyword Targeting enable more precise, privacy-safe targeting than ever before for brands, as the technology evolves it will be further incorporated into Acast’s existing brand safety capabilities.

“We’re on a mission to ensure advertisers can be as contextually relevant – and effective – as possible in podcasting. With Keyword Targeting brands can be part of the immediate conversation, whether that’s a minor calendar event, breaking news story, or even something as quirky as an interviewee’s favorite meal,” said Chris Wistow, Acast VP of Advertising Product. “Furthermore, Acast podcasters of all sizes will benefit, with Keyword Targeting surfacing new shows to advertisers who might previously have made decisions based on podcast category alone.”

As the latest development in Acast’s mission to revolutionize controversial targeting in podcast advertising, Keyword Targeting can be bought either directly or programmatically. Both Keyword Targeting and IAB Category Targeting, which launched earlier this year and enables advertisers to target on the episode level, are now available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch, with more languages to be added in the near future.

Acast is a global leader in podcast advertising the works with more than 2,400 advertisers each year. Some of the biggest brands partnering with Acast include Amazon, State Farm, Macy’s Ikea, Klarna, Alta, and more.

Veritonic To Host Second Annual Audio Intelligence Summit

Veritonic, the industry’s comprehensive audio research and analytics platform, announced The summit will once again gather industry-leading brands, agencies, and publishers to dive deep into the data and analytics that are driving today’s successful audio and podcasting strategies. The summit will take place at the Second Floor in New York City on February 15, 2023.

Expert-led discussions from renowned industry leaders will spotlight creative testing and measurement practices furthering their campaign relevance, amplifying their message, and increasing their return.

“We are looking forward to the second annual Audio Intelligence Summit,” said Gina Garrubbo, President and CEO of National Public Media, the sponsorship subsidiary of NPR. “Veritonic shares our vision of bringing the industry together around the technology, data, and analytics that are furthering the growth of the audio and podcast industry.

“It was a pleasure to attend and participate in the first annual AIS last year,” said Shira Atkins, Co-Founder and CRO, Wonder Media Network. “We look forward to coming together with fellow publishers, platforms, brands and agencies to collectively improve upon and consider the data and analytics that are making audio’s ever-expanding influence increasingly efficient and impactful.”

The half-day event will unite the foremost thought leaders in the audio and podcast space to discuss how to empower brands and organizations in having the confidence to leverage audio in their marketing mix. For more details about the summit and to register to attend, please visit the website

“As audio continues to grow at exponential rates, understanding how audio and audio advertising is being effectively leveraged, measured, and optimized as it relates to heightening brand awareness and ROI has never been more vital,” said Scott Simonelli, CEO of Veritonic. “We are elated to bring together renowned industry leaders to discuss their audio and podcast advertising strategies for the second consecutive year.”

The 2023 Audio Intelligence Summit Call for Speakers is now open until 5pm ET on December 23, 2022. If you’re interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities at AIS 2023, please reach out to AIS@veritonic.

Audion Raises €6 Million In Series A Funding

Audion, the French leader in digital audio and podcast monetization, has raised a six million euros Series A funding round from Founders Future, Elevation Capital Partners, Financière Arbevel and business angels. In a rapidly changing global contest, digital audio is the only media that maintains a strong growth in H1 2022.

Audion is the industry leader in France thanks to an increase of turnover of almost 100% in 2022. The start-up, which enables publishers to broadcast advertisements on their audio content and convert their articles into podcasts, aims to become the European leader in the digital audio monetization market within three years and to open offices in three new countries. Audion is already present in the UK and France.

Audion announces the first fundraising in the ByoB digital audio sector in France, with its historical investor Founders Future (Yuka, Lydia, Omi…), Elevation Capital Partners (Morning, Certideal, Plug-in Digital…) completed by a bonded debt funding with Arbevel Dette Privée PME. The start-up, which provides text-to-speech and digital audio monetization technologies, aims to help publishers create and capitalize on their audio content.

Having raised €1.1m in seed funding in 2019, this new round should enable Audion to recruit around fifty people in the next twelve to eighteen months and open offices in three new European countries. The company, which already works with major media groups, will strengthen its offer and its presence with publishers, platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud…), advertisers (Intel, BMW, McDonalds, Lidl, Ikea…),and media agencies (WPP, OMG, Dentsu…), to continue innovating and accompany this digital audio revolution.

Founded in 2018, Audion works with more than a hundred companies – media, publishers, podcast producers… – and has seen a nearly 100% growth of its turnover in 2022. It is the only French company offering digital audio monetization technologies and is the leader in terms of revenue, number of clients and campaigns, and it also operates in dozens of countries.

While the global advertising industry is being massively impacted, audio records the most significant growth (+50% according to the Observatorie de l’e-pub). Audion continues to grow with nearly +100% in both 2021 and 2022. The only French company in the BtoB audio market, Audion wants to use these funds to accelerate its growth and become European leader. Based in Paris and London, it currently has 25 employees. It’s latest technology PrintAudio, which converts text articles into podcasts and broadcasts them, has already been implemented on almost one billion web pages.

Consumers listen more and more to digital audio – radio replay, non-linear radio, native podcast music streaming, web radio, text-to-speech, etc. 63% of internet users listen to online content every month (IAB Digital Audio Panorama, 2022), pushing brands and publishers to adapt their offer and their communications channels.

But the growth of digital audio largely relies on advertising, as publishers and producers cannot create a large audio offer without monetization capabilities. As the only French player in the market, Audion is benefiting from this evolution in usage, which explains its constant growth despite a struggling advertising market.

Crowd Network Launches New Crowd Sports Division

Crowd Network, one of the UK’s fastest growing audio-on-demand companies, has launched its latest division with a dedicated channel on the Apple Podcast app.

Crowd Sports brings together the talents of Tour de France champion and double Olympic gold medallist Grant Thomas (The Geraint Thomas Cycling Club); former world boxing champion George Groves (The George Groves Boxing Club); and Tour-winning golfing folk-hero Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston (Beef’s Golf Club), with more big-name launches to follow in early 2023.

Crowd already makes the hugely successful Joe Marler Show with England rugby star Joe, which has gone past six million downloads since launching in September 2020 and recently announced a major nationwide tour after a sell-out live show at the Clapham Grand in London.

Crowd Sports establishes Crowd as the leading podcast maker in the sports industry, combining big-name stars with timeless formats and a proven track record for both growing its shows’ community of listeners and monetising all aspects of each project.

Crowd Sports works in partnership with its stars, giving them shared ownership of a brand that can become a central component in their commercial success both during their sporting careers and afterwards. The success of The Geraint Thomas Cycling Club includes club cycling kit, off-bike wear and weekly group rides for listeners, with further merchandise launches and live shows planned.

Crowd Sports is led by Tom Fordyce, Creative Director at Crowd and former Chief Sports Writer at the BBC, and Rob Roberts-Facey, who joined Crowd as Head of Sport earlier this year. Rob was previously BBC Sport’s Creative Lead, while Tom launched and co-hosted That Peter Crouch Podcast.

The sports podcast market is growing rapidly in 2022. Spotify AB stats show a threefold growth in sports shows in the last 18 months, while Podtrac data shows a 124% year-on-year increase in downloads in 2022.

Geriant Thomas, co-host of The Geraint Thomas Cycling Club podcast said: “To see Crowd Sports on the front page of the Apple podcast app is incredibly exciting, and testament to the hard work the team pours into its shows. I’ve been on the journey with Crowd from the start, and there’s no better team to build a sports show and the commitment around it. CTCC has already racked up two million downloads in our first seasons, and with season three just launched that will just keep growing.”

Tom Fordyce, Creative Director at Crowd Network, said: “We love making sports pods, and we believe we’re leading the way in this competitive sector. It’s not just the sporting achievements of the sporting talent we work with, but how relatable they are to our listeners – and also what they want to do together. Crowd Sports means a Tour de France champion, a world champion boxer and elite golfer are all part of the same team, creating shows and communities around them that are long-term projects and brands. We’re looking forward to announcing our next raft of shows and stars to Crowd Sports in the new year.”

Rob Roberts-Facey, Head of Sport at Crowd Network, added: “We’re seeing more and more that creators want ownership of their content, and I think a big part of why Crowd is such an attractive proposition to those in the industry. We focus on building shows that creators and fans can connect with, giving a proper say in the development of the show and the community that springs out of it. Ultimately, we are providing a platform that talent can develop their brands through, and reach new audiences. The launch of a dedicated sports division will enable us to push our work in the industry forward even further, and I’m excited for this next step on Crowd’s journey.”

Crowd Network has recently been shortlisted in the Network of the Year category at this year’s Audio Production Awards.

AdLarge Publishes 2022 Podcast Buying Guide

AdLarge has released the highly-anticipated 2022 Podcast Buying Guide V5.0, illuminating the fundamental factors to create a successful buying strategy in 2023.

The guide examines the progression of the industry over the past few years and the advancement and innovation of the resources and tools available to the ad buying community. While similar to the first four guides by remaining simple to follow and understand, the fifth edition focuses on brand alignment, ad quality, and the evolution of the marketplace.

“We’ve entered a new era of advertising in the industry,” commented Ilwira Marciszek, AdLarge Senior VP, Head of Revenue Operations & Digital Sales. “According to Magellan AI, almost 2,000 new brands entered the space in Q3 and that number is expected to grow. As the space continues to mature, the abundance of opportunity is unlimited; however, it’s critical for brands to stay informed and educated in order to achieve their goals. This is a testament to the power of podcasting and its forceful ability to drive engagement and results.”

Cathy Csukas, AdLarge Co-CEO added, “As a leader in the space, we have built our business on helping our partners. Over the past five years, the marketplace as well as the Podcast Buying Guide have evolved a great deal. This year, we’ve taken the nuances and complexities of the industry and synthesized them down to give advertisers the information they need in the most transparent way possible. AdLarge continues to remain committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients in the industry.”

The 2022 Podcast Buying Guide V5.0 from AdLarge is divided into five sections

The World as We Hear It: What Podcasting Means Today

The ‘S-Word’: Brand Suitability is Here

Old School vs. New School: When Host Reads and Programmatic Collide

Creating a Sound Approach: Strategy and Case Studies

The Golden Rules: A Bold CTA for the Podcast Industry

The 2022 Podcast Buying Guide V5.0 can be downloaded here.

Vizzy Seeks Early Adopters For Vizzy Studio

Vizzy is seeking early adopters for its Vizzy Studio which enables Podcasters to add images, chapters and links to their audio to give listeners an enriched experience.

The Vizzy Studio is a web based platform that allows podcasters to add images, chapters, and links to their audio. These images are viewable on the player screen on listeners’ phones through popular apps such as Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Podcast Addict and others.

Vizzy Studio has been released in response to listener behaviour. Nic Ivanov, CEO and founder said “We know that over 60% of podcast listeners interrupt their episode to Google something they have heard on the podcast. We see a big opportunity for producers to offer a better audio experience by bringing interesting parts of their topic to listeners’ screens, in real time. The use of multiple still images will provide additional context and engagement for listeners; new commerce opportunities for creators, and make podcast advertising more attractive for brands that want to showcase their products. Vizzy Studio enables podcasters to produce this engaging content quickly and easily.

Vizzy Studio works with any genre, including:

True Crime – listeners often google people, places, articles etc… with Vizzy, simply show them on the screen at the time they are being discussed in the podcast.

Books – show the book cover on the screen and add a link to your affiliate account from the image.

History/Education – if you are talking about a famous artifact, person, place or structure then show your listeners what you are talking about.

Children – educational podcasts come to life with an image of the animal or character you are talking about then the sound it makes.

Travel, Photography, NFT, Art, Health, Film and more, all highly visual podcasts that would be enhanced with images and chapters to keep the listener immersed in the audio.

Following feedback from beta users in the podcaster community we have timed the launch to follow quickly behind the Apple iOS16 update, which provides even more screen real estate for iPhone users to enjoy visually enriched podcasts. In order to get as many podcasters as possible using the Vizzy Studio, any podcaster that signs up before the end of 2022 will get 3 months free access.

“I’m very excited about the value this product will deliver for podcasters, their listeners and their advertisers,” said Nic. “I predict the early adopters of this technology will become market leaders in their genres by providing their listeners with a new unique experience and additional context that was previously missing from podcasts.

Australian Podcast Advertising Leaps Ahead

ARN’s iHeart has shared new data from Magellan AI, which has revealed the top 15 brands advertising for Q3, 2022 across the podcast landscape nationally.

Using the latest in artificial intelligence technology, the report is based on analyzing thousands of episodes from 400+ of Australia’s most popular podcasts for Q3 2022 to determine which brands are advertising in the rapidly growing medium.

Overall, spending on Australian podcast advertising grew by 33% year on year compared to Q3, 2021. Advertising spend across the TV & Film category grew the most rapidly by 285% from this time last year. Other podcast genres to exponentially grow in investment year on year are History (up 115%), True Crime (up 91%), and Sports (up 62%).

The Q3, 2022 list of the top spenders across podcast advertising once again features brands from a broad range of categories including online retailers, finance and entertainment.

Australian Top 15 Podcast Advertisers – Q3, 2022:

  • Amazon
  • McDonald’s
  • Neds
  • Calm
  • Airbnb
  • Monash University
  • Budget Direct
  • L’Oreal
  • Ladbrokes
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Uber
  • homelands.com.au
  • Cashrewards
  • Libra
  • Sleeping Duck