Blubrry Rolls Out “No-Fault” Media Hosting

Blubrry LogoLast week, media hosting/podcasting services company Blubrry announced a new “No-Fault” feature for its media hosting service. The No-Fault feature will allow Blubrry customers to upload an additional 25% worth of files every month without being charged extra. From the Blubrry blog:

“We have found that some of our podcast hosting customers bump against their monthly storage limit on the hosting plan they have paid for time to time most only needing a little extra storage to carry them into the next month and not force them to upgrade.

So we are introducing ‘No-Fault Hosting’ to give our podcasters a way to go over their storage limit when they need just a little more before their storage resets.”

Blubrry media hosting is based on a rolling reset model. This means that a podcaster can upload a fixed amount of files within a month’s time, and then that upload limit is set to zero at the beginning of each monthly period. Prior to the addition of the No Fault hosting feature, Blubrry users who were close to their monthly limit would have to either upgrade to a higher-tier hosting plan or wait until their monthly limit went back to zero. Now, Blubrry users will have some extra media storage space every month just in case they need it.

In addition to the No-Fault hosting, Blubrry also announced that starting August 1, 2014, its media hosting services will automatically reset on the first of every month going forward. This will help reduce confusion for customers who are trying to manage the amount of storage they have left vs. the amount of time before their next monthly reset, as the storage limit will simply reset on the first day of every month.

Posted by Shawn Thorpe