ProCast Player Brings Premium Features To Your Podcast Website

ProCast Player LogoProCast Player is a new WordPress plugin that creates a feature-rich media player for your podcast website. From The ProCast website:

…ProCast Player is a podcast player that plays the most current episode or audio file from your feed. It can be fully customized to match your websites branding, fits perfectly into your WordPress sidebar so that it displays on every page of your site, and includes an innovative rating feature that builds both social proof and your email list at the same time, and even integrates with popular email marketing service providers like Aweber and Mailchimp.
Once you have it set up, there is literally nothing more you need to do – it will automatically pull your latest podcast and play it for your website visitors!

ProCast Player uses an inline five-star ratings system for each episode of your podcast, along with e-mail collection, podcast subscription and social media sharing options. The look of the player can be customized to match your website’s current design and branding, and you also have control over which subscription and sharing options you’d like to include. For example, you can add direct links to your podcast RSS feed, iTunes and Stitcher so listeners can easily subscribe to your show, right there from the ProCast Player.

And even tho ProCast Player boasts a lot of features, it’s still designed to be efficient. Also from the ProCast site:

When it comes to WordPress plugins, size matters. The larger a plugin file size, the more code it has – and with that, typically, the more external scripts, styles, and other assets it calls. This can bog your website down, making load times slower for your visitors, causing them to leave without doing anything on your site.

ProCast Player is less than 10 kilobytes small… yes, you read that correctly – kilobytes. It adds zero complex operations, doesn’t load any external API’s, and was coded with optimization in mind.

ProCast Player is being sold as a premium WordPress plugin. There are three packages available with the basic single-site version starting at a limited-time sale price of $37. (There are also some discount codes floating around online for additional savings, if you want to search for ’em.) There’s also a Pro version for $67 and an Unlimited version for $97.

Watch a demo video and get more information on ProCast Player by following the link at the top of this article.

NOTE: ProCast Player was originally called SmartCast Player but the name was changed by the developer a few days after this article was posted and the article was updated to reflect the name change.

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