Women in Podcasting: Interview with Addy Saucedo

Addy Saucedo Podcaster NewsWhat does “intentional transformation” mean? You can find out all about it, and how to use it to improve your life, in Addy Saucedo’s DO I.T. podcast. The show provides what some have decided to call “self help” and also gives you concrete examples of how she has used intentional transformation in her life.

When did you start podcasting? What’s your experience in podcasting been from then to now?
In January 2013 I launched my first podcast called The Modern Vintage Radio Show (MVR). It was an attempt at having a variety show discussing “Timeless Topics with Today’s Views.” That whole show was a trial and error experience from the tech side (website and rss) to the talent, content and marketing. I put the show on hiatus so that I can immerse myself with all that podcasting consists of – recording, producing, social media, and marketing.

Since then I’ve hosted 5 other podcasts, still currently hosting two of those 5, the DO I.T. Podcast and Beyond Storybooke. Along with hosting those two shows, I’m now a professional podcast producer for other podcasters and also working with Ben Krueger of Authority Engine. That’s me going from not having a clue other than knowing I wanted to podcast (makes me laugh now) to now feeling very comfortable with the amazing medium.

What inspired you to become a podcaster?
My grandmother loved listening to talk radio and when I was a about 3 years old, she would call into the radio station and ask the DJ to put my cousins and I on-air to talk to him and make song requests. A tradition that went on for a few years ha ha…I always found the fact that the city can hear us kids on-air to be very cool! I would then dream to one day have my own “radio” show.

Fast-forward to when I got the iPhone 3. I had found out that my favorite talk radio show (The Frosty Heidi and Frank Show) was available for free as a podcast. Because of their podcast, they have a passionate following (very fun and supportive) that helped get them through the thick and thin of what the radio industry is currently going through. It was that moment when I just knew that once I finished with school I was going to start planning for my own “radio” podcast show, because now I no longer needed a mainstream network to hire me as a DJ. 😉

Can you explain a bit about what the “I.T.” in the title of your podcast means?
The “I.T.” is an acronym for Intentional Transformation. With that said, it’s all about putting our best efforts forward (intentional actions) to accomplish the dreams, hopes, and personal freedom we truly desire (the transformation). Hey, let’s “DO IT” to experience intentional transformation.

Mainstream named this type of content to be “self help” but my listeners know that they are not alone. I’m there for my audience to share my personal journey and lessons I’ve learned so they can have support and inspiration to achieve their transformation – be it in their health, relationships, career or lifestyle. Just like them, I can’t do it alone so I also feature amazing individuals who share their journey of intentional transformation.

What advice do you have for women who are thinking about starting their own podcast?
You can plan your content, learn the tech side, learn marketing strategies, even take talent coaching courses, but what the medium demands is for you to be true to yourself. As I mentioned, I took time to immerse myself in all of that stuff, but what made the biggest impact in my life and passion for podcasting is finding my OWN voice. I did that by being real with myself and letting that into the microphone and out to the ears of my listeners.

When you’re passionate about the message you want to share and you be yourself when sharing it, you’ll instantly connect with those who need to hear your message and you’ll fall in love with podcasting and not find it as a task or just a marketing strategy. One last thing, for future and present podcasters…#WeGotThis 😉