Panoply has Acquired Audiometric

Panoply logoPanoply announced that it has acquired the Audiometric software platform. Panoply will use Audiometric technology to provide its partners with analytics, ad insertion, distribution and sales. This is the first acquisition for Panoply.

Podcasters who are interested in getting involved with Panoply and Audiometric can request a beta invitation. The beta will launch this fall. The Panoply website asks interested podcasters to register their podcast with Panoply if they would like to be notified of when their platform comes online.

Panoply launched in February of 2015 with 12 partner shows. Those podcasts were from The New York Times Magazine, Real Simple, The Huffington Post, and others. Since then, Panoply has become a full-service podcast network that is operating more than 20 partner programs, in addition to 15 Slate podcasts.

Audiometric’s co-founders, Jason Cox (CEO) and Darren Cox (COO) created the technology in 2012. They were searching for a way to insert ads into Darren’s own podcast. Audiometric is based in Sydney, Australia. The Audiometric team will continue to improve the software in collaboration with Panoply’s own developers, content creators, and sales team.

Here are some of the things that Audiometric’s technology will enable Panoply to do:

* Manage all content – ads, podcast episodes, feeds, and distribution – in one place through a focused content management system

* Seamlessly insert pre-, mid-, and post roll ads in real time

* Leverage back catalog content, capturing ad revenue whether an episode is one day or three years old

* Measure the performance of ad campaigns running across multiple episodes and shows

* Distribute podcasts as widely as possible, integrating seamless with new apps as they come on line. Panoply does not limit distribution to proprietary technologies.