Periscope Introduces Landscape

Periscope app logoPeriscope has added landscape! When they first launched, the Periscope app only supported portrait broadcasting. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with having to broadcast in portrait, but it can be limiting.

Landscape has now been added in response to many people’s requests for it. Periscope held off on adding landscape until they could “ensure a seamless experience across all of our platforms (iOS, Android, and Web).”

Shawn and I have made a couple of attempts to use Periscope as a way to do a live broadcast while we recorded our podcast. We found impossible to fit both of us on camera and on screen while using Periscope in portrait mode.

While some of this problem could have something to do with the layout of our studio, it was obvious that having access to a landscape option would have made things easier. It will be interesting to see how things work out next time we attempt to use Periscope to broadcast a live show (and use the newly added landscape instead of portrait).

Periscope has also made changes that improve accessibility for visually impaired Periscopers. There isn’t a lot of details about what they have specifically done, other than that the newest version of Periscope will support iOS accessibility features.