Periscope Introduced Periscope Producer

periscope-producerPeriscope makes it easy for people to explore the world in real time through someone else’s eyes. Podcasters can use it to do a live show and share it with the world as the show is being recorded. Periscope has introduced Periscope Producer, which is designed for broadcasters.

Periscope Producer is a way for brands, media organizations, and other live video creators to broadcast high quality streams from devices beyond a phone or tablet.

With Producer, you can stream high-quality live video from external sources, including streaming software, hardware encoders, and professional cameras, on Periscope and Twitter. Just like any other broadcast on Periscope, viewers can send comments and hearts, and watch live in the Periscope and Twitter apps as well as on the web at

Periscope Producer has been used by news organizations to extend the reach of their network broadcasts and added timely, relevant content to breaking news events and the conversation that surrounds them.

Additionally, media organizations have streamed award shows, conferences and other noteworthy events with Producer. Previously, experiencing events like these required a physical presence or more traditional way to tune in. With Producer, broadcasters can bring these events to Periscope, allowing their audience to watch them together.

Broadcasters who are interested in creating live video with Periscope Producer can apply for access at Periscope Producer is only available on iOS at this time. Part of the application asks what kind of software or hardware encoder you are planning on using (such as OBS, Teradek, Wirecast, or others).