Pod Hive Matches Smaller Podcasts with Advertisers

pod-hive-logoOne of the problems that podcasters face is that advertisers typically want to work with podcasts that have tens of thousands of downloads. Pod Hive wants to bring together advertisers and “boutique-sized podcasts”.

Pod Hive was founded in 2016 by Blaire Postman and Allen Henderson. Together, these two podcasters have a combined 20+ years in advertising and media experience.

In early 2010, Blaire Postman joined Raycom Media, selling all manner of digital, social media, broadcast TV advertising, and event sponsorships. Allen Henderson is the founder of Wilmington Area Media Inc., which continues to provide corporate communication and business-to-business marketing services to large and small companies. Wilmington Area Media hs partnered with Pod Hive to provide operational and strategic support for the business.

Pod Hive has podcast eligibility requirements:

Your podcast must have at least 400 monthly downloads. Pod Hive notes that’s 100+ downloads per show if you produce four shows a month.

Your podcast needs to have basic stats (showing total downloads), but advanced stats showing a breakdown by state are gladly accepted and will garner more sponsorship opportunities. Pod Hive currently accepts verified statistics from Blubrry, Libsyn (Advanced Stats), or Soundcloud (Pro Unlimited Stats).

Your podcast needs to have an active production schedule, producing at least one new show per month.

Pod Hive will connect advertisers to podcasts that sign up with Pod Hive and that have between 400 and 20,000 downloads a month. They are able to match advertisers with podcasts based on podcast subject matter, type and geographic download information.