RadioDays Europe Podcast Day

RadioDays Europe (RDE) is about radio’s future, but also about sharing experiences from the best of radio today. RDE was born in 2010 as a response to the European industry, public and private, to come together to discuss the new media challenges, across borders. RadioDays Europe Podcast Day will take place on June 15, 2017.

Podcast Day is a new event focused entirely on the fast-moving world of Podcasting. It will be held in the Rai Convention Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands. (RDE has stated that the venue for Podcast Day 2018 will be Vienna.) Podcast Day will offers sessions about content, storytelling, platforms, audiences, and the business models for podcasting.

Speakers include:

  • Rebecca Bach-Lauristen and Peter Albrecthsen – Producers, Denmarks Radio
  • Daniel Anstandig – CEO, Futuri Media
  • Caroline Bratt Pouron – Content Strategist at P3, Swedish Radio
  • Dennis Christensen – Head of Audience Research, Danish Radio
  • Matt Deegan – Creative Director, Folder Media
  • Eric Deihn – CEO Midroll Media
  • Pablo Fernádez Delkader – Innovation and Product Development Manager, PRISA Radio
  • Ruth Fitzsimons – SVP International Operations & Content Partnerships – AudioBoom
  • Laurent Frisch – Head of Digital, Radio France
  • Tore Hauerbach – Digital Editor, Danish Broadcasting Corporation
  • Runa Henriksen Jorstad – Crime Reporter, NRK
  • Elizabeth Lane – Research Manager, BBC Radio 4, Radio 4 Extra, Radio & Music Multiplatform
  • Casja Lindberg – Controller SR P3, Swedish Radio
  • Martin Liss – Media & Management consultant
  • Jon Manel – Podcast Editor, BBC World Service
  • Brendan McDonald – Co-creator & Executive Producer, WTF
  • Leslie Merklinger – Senior Director of Audio Innovation, CBC Radio and Audio
  • Jason Phipps – Head of Audio, The Guardian
  • Nick Quah – Founder, Hot Pod
  • Colm Roche – Co-Founder, Radio Wolfgang
  • Rune Schwartz – Innovation Chief, Bauer Media Denmark
  • Paula Szuchman – Vice President of On-Demand Content, WYNC
  • Irina Tjelle – News Reporter, NRK
  • Claire Tonti – Creative Director and Head of Advertising, Planet Broadcast
  • Helen Zaltzman – Podcast Host & Producer, Podcasts – The Allusionist & Answer Me This