Ignite Podcast Movement 2017 Speaker Videos Available

Ignite Podcast Movement was new to Podcast Movement 2017. Those who attended Podcast Movement 2017 were able to attend the Ignite event. Videos of the Sparks from that event are now available to view on YouTube.

Relive Ignite Podcast Movement 2017 again and again! We recorded every hilarious, inspiring, and educational movement and have them available for you to enjoy here or on YouTube.

Ignite Podcast Movement is a unique speaking event where a series of speakers get on stage for five minutes each to share a Spark. A Spark is a 5 minute talk that consists of 20 slides. Each slide is on a 15 second auto advance. Each Spark is designed to educate and entertain.

The entire playlist of Sparks from the Ignite Podcast Movement 2017 are available on the YouTube channel of Eric Rosenberg, the producer and host of Ignite Podcast Movement. He has put together a playlist of eleven Sparks that were presented during the Ignite Podcast Movement 2017 event. Or, you can watch that same playlist on the Ignite Podcast Movement website.