Opinion Podcasting Platform is Shutting Down

Opinion announced that it will be shutting down its podcasts platform on November 1, 2017. Podcasters who are currently using Opinion as the hosting for their podcast are advised to download their content before the shutdown.

Opinion made the announcement on their Tumblr, where they noted they have been forced to shut down the podcast hosting. Since the launch of the Opinion app in November of 2014, there have been more than 100,000 people who are using Opinion’s service. It appears that offering free hosting is no longer an option for the company.

From early on, we decided to allow free hosting for all of our users. That’s because we wanted it to be easy and free to share spoken stories.

However, the amount of content on our servers is now measured in years, rather than hours or weeks. And the costs followed suit. We have a small and humble revenue stream from our in-app-purchases, but the costs are unfortunately soaring well beyond that. The numbers don’t add up and we are forced to do something about it.

Opinion says that they will wind down their online podcast sharing platform, but the Opinion app will remain exactly as it is. This means users can keep using Opinion for recording and editing, but sharing has to be done on any of the numerous podcast hosting services available online.

If your podcast is on Opinion, be aware that it will be available online “for the following month” (meaning before November 1, 2017.) The post also has information about how to download your content before the shutdown.

Opinion also stated that it is for sale. Those who are interested in buying Opinion, and keeping the online sharing platform running, are asked to contact Opinion at an email address that is at the bottom of their Tumblr post.