RINGR Introduces Conference Calling

RINGR has introduced a new feature called Conference Calling. Since the RINGR beta, the ability to have conference calling was the most requested feature. Everyone wants to be able to connect and record with more than two people. And now, you can!

RINGR Conference Calling allows you to connect and record crystal-clear audio with up to five total participants… on desktop and mobile. Here is how it works:

Schedule: Send an email invitation using RINGR with a custom message and scheduled call time.

Connect: At the scheduled time, all participants using the RINGR Mobile app or a desktop browser.

Record: Each device records high quality audio while you talk over RINGR’s built-in Voice-over-IP (VoIP).

Upload: Once the call is complete, the high quality audio is uploaded to the RINGR cloud.

Merge: RINGR synchronizes, balances, and merges the individual tracks using a little audio magic.

Download: A download link is emailed to the host, with additional formats and separate tracks available to Premium members from the Account Website.

Those who want to use RINGR specifically for the Conference Calling feature will need to get a Premium account. It is $18.99 per month. The Basic account costs $7.99 per month, but does not include the new Conference Calling feature.