Mixcloud Announces Direct Licensing Deal with Warner Music Group

Mixcloud announced that they have a direct licensing agreement with Warner Music Group. This is Mixcloud’s first direct deal with a major record label.

This new recorded music licensing agreement with Warner Music Group will usher in a direct relationship and a new phase for Mixcloud. The deal will enable an innovative subscription offering that allows fans to subscribe to individual creator channels for a more interactive listening experience. This approach will help audio creators on the platform monetize their content by developing a new marketplace for audio subscriptions.

The Mixcloud platform offers a diverse collection of serialized, long-form, and exclusive audio content – over 12 million radio shows, DJ sets, and Podcasts. Their platform’s proprietary Content ID system is capable of identifying individual tracks within long-form user generated audio, tracks usage data, and currently pays out royalties to local collecting societies such as SoundExchange and the performing rights societies in the U.S.

Music Business Worldwide reported that the licensing deal between Mixcloud and Warner Music Group will enable Mixcloud to start building new subscription products. The expectation is that direct deals like the one struck with Warner Music Group will allow Mixcloud to offer more on-demand services – and to charge for them.