Quartz Announced the 2017 Winners of The Casties

The Casties are Quartz’s awards for the best podcasts of 2017. They put together a list of the best shows and individual episodes that aired in 2017 – whether the podcast itself was new or a veteran of the airwaves.

The winners of the 2017 Casties are:

Best business/economics episode:
Podcast: Planet Money
Episode “We’re Going to Space”

Best culture episode:
Podcast: This American Life
Episode: “We Are in the Future”

Best history episode:
Podcast: Hardcore History
Episode: “The Destroyer of Worlds”

Best interview episode:
Podcast: Pod Save America
Episode: “Obama’s Last Interview”

Best law & institutions episode:
Podcast: More Perfect
Episode: “Sex Appeal”

Best politics episode:
Podcast: This American Life
Episode: “White Haze”

Best science podcast:
Podcast: Revisionist History
Episode: “McDonald’s Broke My Heart”

Best sex episode:
Podcast: My Dad Wrote a Porno
Episode: “Vagina 101”

Best roundtable episode:
Podcast: Still Processing
Episode: “We Grieve Charlottesville”

Best sports episode:
Podcast: The Bill Simmons Podcast
Episode: “The Kevin Durant Interviews”

Best technology episode:
Podcast: Reply All
Episode: “Long Distance”

Best episode on the human condition:
Podcast: Radiolab
Episode: “Oliver Sacks: A Journey from Where to Where”

Best business/economics podcast: How I Built This

Best culture podcast: Binge Mode: Game of Thrones

Best history podcast: Mogul: The Life and Times of Chris Lighty

Best Interview podcast: Fresh Air

Best law & institutions podcast: Ear Hustle

Best politics: The Global Politico

Best science podcast: Invisibilia

Best sex podcast: Guys We F****d

Best sports podcast: The Poscast

Best storytelling podcast: S-Town

Best technology podcast: The Butterfly Effect

Best podcast on the human condition: The Hilarious World of Depression

The Casties also included three Grand Prize Winners. Visit Quartz to find out who those winners were, to learn more about each of podcasts / podcast episodes listed above, and to find links to them all.