Podcast Movement 2018 Announces 16 Speakers

Podcast Movement 2018 will take place on July 23-26 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. They made their first round of speaker announcements by pointing out 16 Speakers – and why you won’t want to miss what they have to say.

There is a detailed listing about each of the 16 Speakers on the Podcast Movement 2018 website. Last year, Podcast Movement made Speaker announcements in a slow trickle, so it is refreshing to see so many Speakers announced at once. Here is a list of the 16 Speakers and the title of what they will be presenting.

Speakers include: 

Andrea Klunder – The Creative Imposter Studios – “Power Your Story: High School, Autism, Diverse Learning & Podcast Mentorship”

Christine Blackburn – Story Worthy – “So You Think You’re a Storyteller?”

Colin Gray – The Podcast Host – “9 Ways to Cut the Time it Takes you to Ship a Show”

Fred Dews – Brooking Institution; M.J. Altman – Hacking Hunger Podcast – “Storytelling for Wonks: Podcasting the Facts” – panel

Jon Savitt – Writer, Comedian – “From Comedy to Copywriting”

Lee Uehara – The House of Lee NYC – “Mistakes No Podcaster Should Make: Journalism Basics That Every Podcaster Should Know and Love”

Natasha Che – Soundwise Inc. – “How to Build a Profitable Podcast Without Selling Ads”

Rabia Chaudry – Undisclosed – “Audience Acquisition” – panel

Ravi Jayagopal – SubscribeMe.FM – “Premium Podcasting: How to Monetize Your Podcast, Promote It And Build A List With a Premium Podcast, Members-Only Audio & Listeners-Only Bonus Content and Deliver it Securely via a Membership Site in 4 Different Formats”

Rob Walch – Libsyn – “Yes that Marketing Advice for your Podcast is Still BS – 2018”

Stephan A. Hart – Trailblazers.FM Podcast – “Riches are in the Niches: Why It’s Impossible to Monetize Your Independent Side Hustle Podcast By Targeting Everyone”

Tammy Terwelp – 91.5KRCC – Southern Colorado’s NPR Station – “The Listener Bill of Rights”

Todd Cochrane – Blubrry – “Proven Social Media Strategies for Podcasters – Act II”

Tracy Goodwin – Captivate the Room – “Your Voice, The Most Powerful Tool You Have, If You Know How To Use It”

Yann Ilunga – The Podcaster Lab – “Automation for Podcasters: Winning Back Time By Putting Parts of Your Podcasting Workflow on Autopilot”