BBC Released 16,000 Sound Effects

The BBC has released 16,016 Sound Effects from its archives. These sound effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download an use under the terms of the RemArc License.

The sound effects in the collection are BBC copyright, but they may be used for “personal, educational or research purposes” as detailed in the RemArc License. Podcasters should read the terms in the RemArc License before they use any of the BBC’s sound effects in their podcast.

Part of the RemArc License says that, provided you follow the rules in the RemArc License, the BBC grants you permission to use the BBC content but only…

For non-commercial, personal, or research purposes (for example, including the content on a non-commercial, advertisement-free reminiscence website aimed at helping trigger memories in people with dementia).

For formal education purposes while you are a student or a member of staff of a school, college or university (for example, if you are enrolled in a university or college course or if you are a school pupil, or you are a teacher and you wish to display the content on an electronic whiteboard, including images in a printed class worksheet).

If your podcast doesn’t fit those descriptions, then you need to get permission from the BBC before you use their sound effects. More information about how to go about doing that can be found in the RemArc License.

A few of the interesting sound effects in the collection include:

  • “South American parrot talking and screeching”
  • “’Hip hip hooray’, 50 people, 20-30 years old. (Interior).”
  • “’Snow’ surface grinder operating at steel works 1969”
  • “1 lorry passing slowly.”
  • “1 metal crash (84B)”
  • “10 bells ringing, Parish of St. George, Greenock”
  • “11 month old baby boy playing with toys”