PopCon Podcast Awards Ceremony

PopCon was founded by a group of geeks from Indianapolis, In. They celebrate the culture of the creators and fans who love them. The 2018 PopCon Podcast Awards will be held in June.

The second annual PopCon Podcast Awards will be held Friday June 8th at 8pm at the Indiana Convention Center. The ceremony is open to anyone that is an attendee of Indy PopCon (Friday or Three Day Badges).

You can purchase tickets to PopCon through the PopCon website. The page about the PopCon Podcast Awards says that attendance is not required to win. The awards are to recognize the hard work and dedication of creators of podcasts. Podcasts from more than two dozen categories will be honored.

Podcasters are asked to read the PopCon Podcast Awards Criteria and Submission Process. Submission criteria includes:

  • Must have published a minimum of ten episodes.
  • Content is to be submitted from the last 12 months
  • The submission audio must be between 5 minutes and 15 minutes
  • Audio submission recording should include: names of producers/hosts, name of the podcast, where you are located, brief synopses of your podcast (elevator pitch), and description of what they are about to hear. You can submit either a segment of a single episode or a compilation of highlights from one or more episodes.
  • The intro and outro of the podcast (only if you wish to apply for that artistic award)

There are several categories for entry. Pick the one that you feel best fits your podcast. A full list of the categories, as well as additional details about submitting your podcast, can be found on the PopCon website.

Awards to win:

  • Smithie Award: Best-of chosen by fellow podcasters
  • Audience Award: Best-of chosen by general audience
  • Category Award: Chosen by independent PopCon Podcast Awards judges. Each category will have 3 to 5 finalists.
  • Technical and Artistic Awards: Intro and Outro, Editing and Mixing, Sound/Special Effects

Submissions to the PopCon Podcast Awards must be completed by April 30th at midnight EST.

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