Plex is Now Featuring Podcasts

Plex announced that one if its most requested features is now available on Plex: Podcasts! With rich metadata and tons of features, like On Deck, personalized recommendations, variable speed playback, a customizable home screen, offline mode (coming soon), and so much more, you can now enjoy a robust podcast-listening experience on Plex.

The new Podcasts feature on Plex is available in beta on Android, iOS, Roku, and Web (no Plex Media Server required). Best of all, the Podcasts feature is free for all users.

Here at Plex, we like to use every part of the media and hate it when good content goes to waste. That’s why we’re adding support for the incredibly rich and diverse body of content that is Podcasts. We love the scrappy, two-people-and-a-mic nature of this ecosystem. It’s egalitarian, fanatical, and sometimes just a little rough around the edges, but we think it’s a perfect complement to the rest of your Plex diet.

Here are a few of the features:

Rich Search and Discovery: Plex’s machine learning team has built a sophisticated system which delivers personalized recommendations for new podcasts.

Personal Podcasts: Once you’ve found your podcasts, you can add them to “My Podcasts” on your home screen. Once there, they’ll act much like a show in your personal TV libraries, with features like On Deck to make podcast binging easy.

Enhanced Player: Plex upgraded the players inside their mobile apps and the web app to allow for variable speed playback, as wells as quickly skipping backwards or forwards.

More great features are coming soon, including OPML, importing, and offline podcast support for Plex’s mobile apps.