Just Listen Podcast App Serves Random Podcast Episodes

Just Listen is a podcast app that was created by Wenbin Fang. It serves up random podcasts for you to listen to.

Just Listen is a simple podcast app for iPhone. This podcast player is designed for the 99% audio listeners instead of podcast veterans.

Features include:

Just Listen is episode oriented. Expand your area of podcast listening. There are a lot of fabulous podcasts for you to discover, ranging from self-care and education, to comedy and music, to politics and cultures, to true crime and storytelling, and even more!

One episode at a time: Conquer the audio overload. Don’t let the long podcast playlist destroy your podcast listening experience.

Random episode every time: Chance on different podcast episodes that you didn’t know you were interested in. No need to regret if you miss some podcasts. You’ll always find more interesting ones.

Dismiss to discover: Say goodbye to an uninteresting episode, you will discover a new one which is more likely to hit you. You can keep away from the episodes you don’t like while avoiding similar audio content. Burst your ideological bubble, keep an open mind, and embrace democracy.

Engage to better discover: The more you engage in Just Listen, the more you will discover your undiscovered interests. Discover your interests in audio content and discover yourself.