SquadCast v 1 has Launched!

SquadCast announced the launch of SquadCast v 1. It is their first official step out of beta. SquadCast allows you to “put an end to your toxic relationship with remote interviews”.

It’s about time for remote podcast interviews to not suck so much. Settle down without settling at all with SquadCast.

SquadCast listened to people who provided clarity on what matters most, and what doesn’t, in an audio recording platform. For example, they listened to the San Francisco Podcasters Association, who told them that “audio drift is a huge problem”. This was one piece of advice that made it clear that the post-production experience of editing audio is paramount.

SquadCast v1 makes it easy to:

SquadCast believes you deserve to have a reliable podcasting service in your life. They exist to amplify your ideas and conversations, not hinder them.