iHeartMedia Seeks a Producer/Editor/Engineer

iHeartMedia Inc. is seeking a talented editor, engineer, and audio content producer to assist in podcast production for the Los Angeles division of the iHeartMedia Podcast Network. Applicants should first and foremost have a feel for timing and the coherent delivery of information, and be able to assemble seamless, highly listenable edits of long format voice-only content, on often-tight deadlines.

Applicants should have at least a basic background in audio engineering, and be comfortable recording and editing audio in Pro Tools.

This is an information-based medium, so an ideal candidate will also have a fundamental base of intellectual curiosity, be up on current events and culture, and be able to perform effective and efficient research on a wide range of topics, and know how to assimilate and deliver those ideas in a coherent way.

They want someone who is “personable, responsible, and professional”.

Responsibilities include:

  • Records, edits and contributes to development of content for podcasts.
  • Possesses recording expertise in both studio and field environments.
  • Collaborates with hosts and other vertical teams to achieve the highest standard of assets and deliverables for the company.

To find out more about about the Producer/Editor/Engineer position, and to apply for it, please visit the iHeartMedia website where the job is listed.