Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference will be in Atlantic City

The Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference (MAPCON) will take place in Atlantic City, New Jersey, September 6-7, 2019. It will be held at the Ocean Resort Casino. At the time I am writing this blog post, tickets are still available.

Mid-Atlantic Podcast started (December 2014) as a Facebook group for podcasters who live in the Mid-Atlantic States (North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Connecticut). The idea was to bring podcasters together for meet-ups, Google Hangouts and eventually grow into conferences. After seeing the interest to have a podcast (exclusive) conference in the northeast, Joe Pardo jumped on the opportunity to make it happen.

Featured Speakers for MAPCOM 2019 include:

  • Matthew Passy – The Podcast Consultant
  • Mary Nichols – Host & Founder of the FuseBox Radio Broadcast
  • Lori Rochino – Simply Designed Life LLC
  • Maxwell Ivey – The Blind Blogger
  • David Steel – Steele Empire Production Network
  • Ms. Pat Iyer – Legal Nurse Podcast
  • Lew Hastings – Red Road Radio Show
  • Scott Mulvaney – LIVETHEFUEL
  • Todd Cochrane – CEO of RawVoice / Blubrry
  • Harry Duran – Founder of FullCast
  • Jordan Cooper – Public Interest Podcast
  • Neil Guilarte – The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary
  • Nicholas Goblirsh – The Dependent Independent Podcast
  • Stefan Roots – Dirty Water Dude and Beautiful Black Music
  • Kyle Bondo – Co-Founder and Creative Chief of Gagglepod
  • Timothy Brien – KDOI Podcasting and Podwrecked

Find out who the other Featured Speakers are, as well as the Spotlight Speakers by visiting the MAPCOM 2019 website. They have a schedule posted for September 6, 2019.