Glow Stops Processing Payments for Listener Support

Glow announced that they are no longer charging to process payments. If you use Glow to collect listener support, you will pay credit card processing fees, and nothing more.

Many podcasts, as Glow points out, create immense value for their listeners. Despite that, most podcasters are still paying to podcast. Your listeners love what you make and want to see more of it.

Unfortunately, many podcasters are not making money from their podcasts. It can take a tremendous amount of work just to put out one episode. There is a lot of time and effort spent on planning topics, recording the episode, booking guests, dealing with whatever tech issues come up, writing show notes, transcribing the show, and more.

Glow is here for you as you build your podcast business, and that starts with making listener support drop-dead simple and as free as we can make it. If you want to get started with launching your listener support page, you can do that here.

How does Glow make its money? It says it does that “by growing with you.” When you’re ready to take your membership program to the next level, Glow has built what it describes as the world’s easiest and most flexible way to offer exclusive content to your listeners.

In short, Glow is now offering two pricing plans: Listener Support and Exclusive Content.

Listener Support

Collects payments and manage a membership program
$0 per listener per month (plus card processing fees)
Custom Glow Page
One-tap Listener Payment
Apple Pay and Google Pay Integration

Exclusive Content

Offer premium content to membership
$0.55 per listener per month (plus card processing fees)
Custom Glow Page
One-tap Listener Payment
Private Feed Distribution
Feed Piracy Monitoring

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