Staples Connect Offers Podcasting Services

Staples Connect is now offering podcasting services. It is currently available at 7 locations, all of which are located in or around Boston, Massachusetts.

Create professional-quality podcasts with best-in-class audio equipment and reliable studio space, all with our in-house experts by your side.

A 60-minute recording session costs $60. Setting up takes 10 minutes, and breaking down takes another 10 minutes. This gives the podcaster 40 minutes of recording time. A dedicated Podcast Specialist will be there throughout your entire session. They will help you set up in the space, make sure you are comfortable with the equipment, and ensure that your recording is saved and packaged correctly.

The Podcast Specialist can assist you in saving your podcast to either a physical USB 3.0 drive or a cloud storage drive. If you are going to use a USB drive, they recommend bringing one with you. If you forget to do that, you can buy a USB drive in the Staples store. If you want to save your podcast to a cloud storage platform, just make sure you have your login ready to go.

You can interview up to three guests in the studio or via communication apps. Get exclusive discounts on editing services with We Edit Podcast, Staples Connect’s partner. It includes splicing, cleaning and tagging with 48-hour turnaround for most services. Host your content for less with discounts from Spreaker, another Staples Connect partner. Includes one-click distribution to top streaming platforms and monetization services.

There is a large FAQ section on the Staples Connect website that you may want to check out if you have questions about their service or how it works. One of the most interesting questions in the list is: Does Staples archive my podcast content? The answer to that question is no. Once your podcast’s file is saved on a flash drive or cloud storage solution – it will be erased from the RODECaster Pro as well as the Podcasting PC.

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