Podthon ’20 is a Virtual Event for Podcasters

Podthon ’20 is a virtual summit for podcasters. It will take place July 18-19, 2020. It is the 2nd annual virtual summit for podcasters. Tickets are available now, and range in price from $37.50 to $75.

Why was Podthon created? There is a lot of great content left on the table from conference speaker-selection processes and we wanted to create a platform to offer ALL podcasters who have a message and great content the ability to present and share their experience with the podcasting community.

Your Podthon ’20 ticket gets you access to 18-20 exclusive presentations and you get to connect with each speaker during the Live Q & A sessions. After registering for Podthon ’20, you will be sent an occasional email with updates for Podthon ’20. In July 2020, you will then receive the link for the live virtual summit. An All Access Pass is available for purchase for access to a replay of all the sessions and bonuses.

Podthon is the brainchild of founder Lee Uehara and co-founder Danielle Desir. Lee is the founder of Asian American Podcasters Association and Danielle Desir is the founder of WOC Podcasters.