Acast Adds Open Podcasts to the Acast Marketplace

Acast announced that any show on its Acast Open platform can now apply to be part of the Acast Marketplace. This means any Acast Open podcast can now request that dynamically inserted ads run throughout its episodes, with the potential to generate revenue from ad impressions.

Now, any podcaster subscribed to Acast Open’s paid tiers can apply to join the Acast Marketplace and, if approved based on suitability, will have ads dynamically inserted across their back catalogue and future episodes. They’ll also be able to choose exactly where in each episode they want the ads to run dynamically, helping ensure a great listener experience.

Acast, which was founded in 2014, invented true dynamic ad insertion (TDAI) technology that has gone on to become the gold standard in podcasting. With TDAI, each time a person listens to a podcast, a set of individually adapted ads are placed into the episode in real time – geo-targeted and local to the listener’s market. That means two listeners may hear different ads, even if they’re listening to the same episode, at the same time, in the same place.

This technology also means advertisers can easily replace campaigns running across thousands of shows with up-to-date messages, and has quickly seen Acast build a reputation as both the creator and advertiser’s platform of choice. One of the most attractive things for podcasters is the ability to instantly monetize their entire back catalogue of episodes, no matter how long a show has been running, through dynamically inserted ads.

Any podcaster opting into ads on Acast Open will receive monthly payouts, depending on the number of times an ad is served to a person listening to their show (each time is known as an ‘ad impression’). Acast sells ads on a CPM (cost per mile) basis, with ad impressions measured in line with strict guidelines set out by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) – and is the only podcast company certified against all four of the IAB’s measurement metrics.