Buzzsprout Added the Soundbites Tag

Buzzsprout continues to charge forward with support for the new “podcast” namespace. They announced support for the Soundbite tag. The tag itself is very simple, but the opportunities for its use are very exciting.

Buzzsprout is the first podcast hosting application to push this new tag and we’re excited to see how other podcasting apps start using it.

The first podcast listening app that Buzzsprout has seen using the Soundbite tag is Podverse. They have added Clips, which lets listeners see and play all of the Soundbites from an episode or even all the Soundbites from the entire podcast. You can check out Buzzcast to see (and hear) an example.

Buzzsprout has long offered the ability to see a Visual Soundbite for your podcast episodes. The process has not changed; you create Soundbites in Buzzsprout the same as before.

What has changed is how Soundbites are distributed. Previously, you were fully responsible for sharing your Soundbites across the internet, typically on social sites.

Now Buzzsprout is adding all Soundbites created in BuzzSprout to your RSS feed as well. This allows any podcast app or directory to easily identify points of interest within your episodes and highlight them in various ways.