Whooshkaa Introduced the Wooshkaa Cloud Studio

Whooshkaa has introduced Whooshkaa Cloud Studio. Their Cloud Studio provides podcasters with an easy-to-use recording and editing solution that requires nothing more than a web browser. It was launched earlier this month.

There are two parts to Whooshkaa Cloud Studio: Cloud Recorder, and Cloud Editor.

Cloud Recorder:

    • Cloud Recorder allows you to capture audio directly into Whooshkaa.
    • You will now see a “Record” button option both in the Whooshkaa Media Library and when you create Episodes.
    • The recording wizard leads you through the steps of selecting your microphone, checking your audio level and recording your audio.
    • Any audio capture device you have connected will work – whether it’s a built-in microphone, USB microphone or audio interface like mixers and preamps.
    • Cloud Recorder works in all modern browsers on desktop computers, laptops and smartphones.
    • You can use Cloud Recorder for full episodes or short clips – like announcements, pickups and ad reads.
    • When your audio is recorded, Whooshkaa will automatically optimize the audio and get it ready for delivery to your audience.

Cloud Editor: Most podcast editing comprises of a few key tasks. Cloud Editor provides you with the tools to achieve all of these in the browser.

  • Adding Audio – for example intro/outro music
  • Removing Audio – removing segments like old ‘baked-in’ ads
  • Splicing audio – replacing mistakes or adding in additional audio
  • Volume adjustments