Squadcast’s Video + Audio Recording is Out of Beta

Squadcast announced that its Video + Audio Recording is officially out of beta. Nearly 1 year of HD-quality videos have been recorded in less than 1 month.

Squadcast’s v3 launched in beta at the end of January and has already been very well-utilized by SquadCasters. At the end of February of 2021, SquadCast officially took the beta tag off of the new version! With the help of thousands of their customers, they were able to add valuable features and fix a lot of issues, listed below. They are excited for SquadCasters to continue creating and exploring v3’s video and higher quality audio capabilities.

Improvements SquadCast Made:

Download All/Selected & Choose Formats

    • Download All recordings for any Recording Session in the format of your choice
    • Select Multiple Recordings and download them in the format of your choice
    • Copy Share Links for Recordings in the format of your choice

New Settings Page

    • Toggle Settings On & Off in 1, easy to find, place
    • Auto-Stop Recording is a new Setting that empowers you to chose how the platform should behave when a participant’s network or equipment is disconnected while recording
    • They will be adding more Settings soon

Issues SquadCast Fixed:

  • V3.5 landed on February 26
  • Rendering videos longer than 2 hours was timing out for some customers
  • Recording Video from a camera that was not 16:9 aspect ratio (front-facing on mobile) was rendering mp4 video the was stretched to 16:9
  • Edit Session modal was not saving changes some of the time
  • Sign in with Google/Facebook without an account was not routing customer to Checkout page
  • Cancelling an account with Google/Facebook authentication was not working for some customers
  • The Request Permission & Got It buttons were out of view for customers on shorter screen heights
  • The Copy Guest Invite Link failed to connect some Guests
  • Mixing Audio Recordings failed to report progress for some rendering jobs