Acast Australia Releases Sounds Smart Report

Acast, Australia’s biggest creator-first platform for hosting, monetizing and distributing podcasts, saw an incredible reaction to podcasts in 2020, growing listens to its content in Australia by 54%, with a 144% increase in the number of podcasts joining its platform globally. As a preferred advertising channel, Acast Australia has recorded a 200% increase in ad revenue year on year since 2017.

Now together with research agency The Lab and Nature, Acast surveyed over 2,500 Australians of which 1,000 are active podcast consumers. The research will help establish the current state of play when it comes to audio and podcasting in Australia.

The findings reveal:

  • Australians are listening more than ever before. In the past three months over a third of Australians (37%) have tuned into podcasts, and podcasts are set to grow even further as more than half (56%) of those surveyed intend to listen more in the future.
  • Podcast audiences can only be reached via podcasting. 90% of podcast listeners pay for a premium music streaming service (with no advertising), whereas over half (56%) listen to commercial-free radio. The data highlights the unique opportunity of podcasting with an audience that can’t be reached via commercial radio and streaming services.
  • A medium that genuinely connects. 93% of people listen to podcasts on their own, creating an unrivaled connection between podcast content and the listener. 80% said podcasting content aligns to their passions and 78% said podcasting provides content that they want to dedicate their attention to.
  • A preferred advertising medium. Only 17% of Aussies believe podcast advertising is not relevant to them. Almost half of respondents (49%) said that they pay more attention to advertising when it’s read by the podcast host.
  • Pre-covid commuter pastimes shifts to daily routine. Beginning March 2020, peak daily listen periods shifted from early morning and evening to steadier, more consistent listening throughout the day. Reflective of where listening takes place, the majority of respondents listen while walking (54%), driving (54%) and during housework or gardening (43%).

“There’s no question that podcasts have carved out a unique, influential and sizable space in the audio landscape in Australia,” said Henrik Isaksson, Acast’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand. “We know podcasting has become a vital part of consumer life, and a channel considered in all marketing strategies for brands. But now this has been further cemented by the first-hand research we’ve conducted with the Australian public – further positioning podcasting as a medium that now provides fantastic reach and very effective advertising opportunities.”

Acast Marketplace, the podcast buying platform globally that connects advertisers and podcasters also allows for an in-depth look at advertising spend. Data shows a record-shattering year for Acast, recording a 40% global growth in the number of new advertisers, solidifying podcasts’ position as a valuable channel.