Podcast Business Journal to Host 3-Day Conference

Podcast Business Journal announced that they are partnering with their sister publication Radio Ink Magazine for a 3-day virtual podcasting conference with one goal in mind… to help you establish a podcasting strategy that’s worth your time and generates new revenue.

The event is July 13th, 14th, and 15th from 11AM to 2PM. The full agenda of all-star podcasters has been posted.

The virtual conference will NOT be a zoom screen with 5 people speaking over each other.

Podcast Business Journal’s virtual conference will be rapid fire one-on-one interviews with podcasters who ARE making money and companies making money from podcasting.

It will also include an entire day (day one) on the basics. Hosting, editing, equipment, how to launch, when to launch, where to launch.

You’ve trusted us for 30 years to bring you great sales, management and marketing ideas that help you to sell more advertising and grow your radio station bottom line. Trust us now to help you create a successful podcasting strategy.

Receive updates on Podcast Business Journal’s July show by subscribing HERE. Basics Day (July 13) includes the Basics: hosting, equipment, editing, artwork, how to launch, where to launch, SEO for your show, and much more. The single day ticket costs $99. The full event 3-Day ticket cost $249. It includes The Money: rapid-fire interviews with successful money-making podcasters.

You will find a list of Speakers on the website where you can register for the Podcast Business Journal 3-Day conference.