Acast Releases First Ever Research On Podcast Listening Habits In Asia

Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, has released the first ever research on podcast listening habits in Asia. The report – Sounds Smart Asia 2022 – reveals why people in Asia are listening to podcasts, how and when they’re listening, and the opportunity for podcast advertising in the region.

Acast commissioned Attest to survey people in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan, aged 18 or over, who listen to podcasts at least once a week. The research focused on three key areas: consumption, engagement, and receptivity.

The findings reveal:

Podcast listening is increasing. 81% of podcast listeners in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan now listen daily or weekly.

The majority (90%) of listeners finish all or most of a podcast episode, and 70% say they’re most focused when consuming podcasts than other media – including TV streaming (64%), social media (60%), and commercial radio (51%).

Podcasts form a considerable part of listeners’ media consumption, with people listening for seven hours on average each week. When asked where they listen, 64% said relaxing at home, 44% said when in transit or while commuting, 30% said while working, and 19% said while running errands.

Considering the content being listened to, more than half (51%) of respondents said their go-to podcasts are for entertainment purposes, with relaxation close behind (49%). Listeners also want to learn something new (23%) and avoid screen time (20%).

Podcast advertising is already making an impact in Asia, with nearly three-quarters (71%) of respondents saying they’ve action after hearing ads on a podcast, while a third (33%) also said they’ve searched to more information about a product or service.

Meg Davies, Managing Director, International at Acast, said: “We believe that Sound Smart Asia is the first ever podcast-specific research in Asia, and the results really underpin just how significant podcasting has become here. Since our launch in Singapore earlier this year, we’ve witnessed the popularity of podcasts among listeners and advertisers skyrocket.

“We know there’s a great opportunity in Asia – especially when considering the journey of our other, more advances markets – such as Sweden, the UK, and the US – and firmly shows that momentum is building. Now is the time for creators and advertisers to get involved.”