Logitech’s Streamlabs Adds To Powerful Streamlabs Ultra Product Suite With New Podcast Editor

Streamlabs, a leading provider of live streaming tools and brand of Logitech, expands its Streamlabs Ultra subscription offering with podcast editing capabilities through Podcast Editor. This new tool will add to the popular streaming platform’s already robust suite of offerings, elevating the creator experience and providing a new stream of revenue and engagement.

With the ease of text-based editing, Podcast Editor helps creators record and edit their video and audio content fast with easy text-based editing, auto-generated transcripts, and resizing tools so they can promote and share content across different platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and more. It will also allow creators to customize clips, create subtitles, add images, and perform real-time translations of their video content.

Plus, with the AI-assisted tools, it is possible to easily find clip highlights, cut unnecessary filler words like “oohs” and “ums”, and even remove awkward pauses within seconds, trimming off hours of total edit time.

As the world of podcasting continues to explode, with as many as 464.7 million listeners tuning in globally, Streamlabs’ Podcast Editor comes to creators at a time when more people than ever are listening to their favorite content and more streamers are favoring talk-show-like formats. In fact, according to Stream Hatchet data, Just Chatting has been the most popular Twitch category racking up over 826 million hours watched in Q1 2023 alone. This new tool is a game changer for live streamers who rely on the ability to seamlessly upload and distribute content to entertain, educate, and connect with their communities while monetizing a hobby they love.

Content creators can edit up to one hour of content per month at no cost. Through Streamlabs Ultra, 40 hours of content can be managed through the software, and users receive access to the Podcast Editor along with premium features available for Streamlabs Desktop, the Streamlabs Web Suite, Streamlabs Mobile, Talk Studio Pro, Video Editor Pro, and Cross Clip Pro, providing a holistic suite of products under one service to help streamers with streaming, recording, branding, editing and sharing short and long-form content.

“Logitech is committed to serving the needs of gamers and creators by delivering breakthrough product experiences to unlock their potential. Streamlabs has been an extension of this philosophy toward the booming gaming community since the creator economy took off during the pandemic,” says Vincent Borel, Head of PC Gaming & Creators at Logitech G. “Podcast Editor now enables Streamlabs to provide the most robust suite of offerings for creators to reach their audiences wherever they are while focusing on the elements of content creation they love the most – streaming and engaging with their audience.”

With Streamlabs’ experience in monetization, brand building, and audience engagement tools, the company is eager to give users a robust suite of tools to expand their reach, build and engage their audience across platforms. 

Users can subscribe to Streamlabs Ultra to start using the premium benefits of Podcast Editor or access the free version here. https://streamlabs.com/