Sounder And Broadway Podcast Network Forge Pioneering Collaboration To Elevate Theater Podcasting

Sounder, the AI-powered audio intelligence platform, announced a new collaboration with Broadway Podcast Network (BPN), the premier digital storytelling destination for everyone, everywhere who loves theater and performing arts. This collaboration promises to transform the theater podcasting landscape, opening new horizons for content creators, advertisers, and theater enthusiasts alike.

BPN, renowned for its exceptional theater-rooted podcasts has been a driving force behind the expansion of performing arts-related audio content. Sounder, with its state-of-the-art technology and data-driven approach, has carved a niche that serves to heighten capabilities for precision targeting in podcast monetization. BPN and Sounder aim to bring a better experience for both the listeners & brands, which will drive more fruitful and deeper engagement across the board.

This partnership will yield a host of exciting benefits, including but not limited to:

Monetization Empowerment: BPN will benefit from Sounder’s robust monetization tools by providing greater insight into content packaging options while preserving the integrity of the listener experience.

Advanced Analytics and Targeting: Advertisers will benefit from sophisticated analytics and precise targeting capabilities, ensuring their campaigns reach the most relevant theater-living audiences.

“Broadway Podcast Network is thrilled to join forces with Sounder, a technology pioneer in the podcasting industry,” said Dori Berinstein, Co-Founder and CEO of BPN. “Our mission is to connect theater enthusiasts with the content they love, and this partnership allows us to do so on an unprecedented scale.”

Sounder’s Vice President of Sales and Client Success, Brittany Hall, added “We are excited to work with Broadway Podcast Network, the supreme listening destination for theater podcasting. Together, we will materially expand opportunities for advertisers and theater aficionados alike.”

The partnership between BPN and Sounder signifies a momentous leap forward for theater podcasting, promising an abundance of new opportunities for content creators, advertisers, and the dedicated theater-loving audience.