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Youth Radio Seeks a Podcast Producer

Youth Radio produces top level media and provides education and career opportunities for diverse youth. Youth Radio is seeking a Podcast Producer.

The Podcast Producer will join Youth Radio’s media team to take our podcast programming to the next level. You’ll be the creative force behind the podcast feed for the nation’s lead producer of youth reporting and opinion. Youth Radio has won Peabody, Dupont, Kennedy, and White House Awards, and reaches tens of million of listeners through syndication. Now, we want to build and engage a new, energized, audience through podcasting – and have fun doing it.

Position Responsibility:

  • Lead podcast product development, working with youth in Oakland and around the country, and collaborating with editorial and marketing colleagues at Youth Radio’s headquarters and outlets.
  • Explore and cultivate strategic partnerships with podcast distribution platforms and networks.
  • Lead development of a workflow and production schedule, and serve as lead producer and editor of Youth Radio’s distinctive podcast feed.

The candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience, a minimum of three years experience producing excellent creative audio, and experience in a key role on a successful podcast or radio show working on a tight deadline. Read the Youth Radio ad for more details.

Required skills include being fluent in scripting, tape skills, and coaching; expertise mixing with ProTools and field/studio recording with a range of audio recording equipment; experience marketing a new product, (and more).

The Youth Radio ad for a Podcast Producer says: “This position includes a comprehensive health, benefits, and vacation package, with a salary commensurate with experience.” Read the Youth Radio ad for more details.

Radiotopia Launched Ear Hustle Podcast

In November of 2016, Radiotopia announced the winner of Podquest.  They narrowed it down to ten finalists, and then declared Ear Hustle to be the winner. Recently, Radiotopia launched the first episode of Ear Hustle.

Ear Hustle is the newest show from Radiotopia. The podcast brings you stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it.

Ear Hustle is a partnership between Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams, who are currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison; and Nigel Poor, a Bay Area artist. The team works in San Quentin’s media lab to produce stories that are sometimes difficult, often funny, always honest, offering a nuanced view of people living within the American prison system.

The first episode of Ear Hustle was released on June 14, 2017.  It is titled “Cellies”. A “cellie” is a person that a prisoner shares a cell with. The episode describes the 4’x9′ cell and what it contains, and provides stories about negotiating space and relationships in such close quarters.

Part of the About Page for Ear Hustle says: “All of Ear Hustle’s episodes are reviewed and approved by an official at San Quentin prior to release. Due to the unique nature of our production, we do not respond to outside requests or pitches for material. We also do not comment on any inmate activity (beyond episodes) or relay messages to anyone inside the facility.”

To celebrate the launch of Ear Hustle, all of the Radiotopia podcasts will produce episodes around a common theme: Doing Time. You can check the the full list of episodes that fit this theme from each of the Radiotopia podcasts, and listen to as many as you want to.

NPR Seeks Sponsorship Audio Producer

NPR is seeking a Sponsorship Audio Producer for National Public Media (NPM), which is the corporate sponsorship subsidiary of NPR.  National Public Media is hiring a full-time audio producer to own the production of their new custom audio sponsorship format, Brand Soundscapes. These sponsorship messages will be featured in NPR and NPR digital platforms.

The successful candidate will be a creative, collaborative producer and interviewer who can successfully work with corporate sponsors to generate content that creates brand value while respecting NPR’s sponsorship storytelling aesthetic and guidelines. We are looking for someone who can bring fresh ideas to the world of audio sponsorship that will excite brands and engage with the audience. This position is an opportunity to build a new model for public media audio sponsorship.

NPR wants a candidate who has a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience. They require candidates to have at least five years in experience in:

  • Radio production experience on broadcast digital audio workstations
  • Conducting interview and voicing creative
  • Working with daily deadlines
  • Copywriting experience

There is a long list of other skills and abilities that they would like to see in people who apply for the Sponsorship Audio Producer.

Essential duties include: produces audio creative for NPR sponsors, and manages production process for freelance producers. The ad states that NPR “offers a competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits package, including health and wellness benefits, retirement, and work/life balance programs, as well as opportunities for growth and development.”

Submit Your Podcast to PopCon Podcast Awards

PopCon was founded to celebrate all aspects of pop culture, rather than just hyper-focusing on a specific genre. Podcasters have just a few more days to submit their podcast to the 2017 PopCon Podcast Awards. The event takes place on July 7-9, 2017, in the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

PopCon covers gaming, comics, cosplay, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and more. They have a section that focuses on “Internet”. It is described this way:

The landscape of entertainment and pop culture is changing. Where previously a celebrity or star needed to be “discovered”, today’s new breed of celebrity simply needs the drive and motivation to self-publish. YouTube Star and Podcaster Extraordinaire are now legitimate titles for a business card.

Podcasters have just a few more days left to submit their podcast to the 2017 PopCon Awards. They are only accepting podcasts that are produced in the state of Indiana for this first awards ceremony. (The submission says: “Future years will likely extend beyond Indiana”.)

To submit a podcast, you must fill out the submission form. Chose which Podcast Category you believe best fits your podcast. PopCon might reassign or merge categories if existing submission pool warrants it to better facilitate an effective and entertaining award show.

Next, provide a short description of who you are as a podcast. This description will be used to describe your podcast at the ceremony. Provide a maximum of 15 minutes of your podcast in MP3 format, and give PopCon a link to your podcast’s website.

In addition, PopCon will have an Internet Alley which will feature podcasters, YouTube channel creators, and streamers. Podcasters, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers will have an opportunity to participate in PopCon’s Live Podcast and Let’s Play stages. Read the PopCon website for information.

TED Presents Sincerely X Podcast

Earlier this year, TED announced the Sincerely, X podcast. It is an original audio series that features speakers sharing their important ideas in TED’s signature format, anonymously. Recently, Midroll became the exclusive ad representative for the podcast.

Episodes include speakers who need to separate their professional ideas from their personal lives; those who want to share an idea, but fear it would hurt someone in their family if they did so publicly; and quiet idealists whose solutions could transform lives.

At first, the Sincerely, X podcast was an original audio series by Audible. It was hosted by June Cohen, and executive produced by Deron Triff, both of whom are TED veterans. Colin Campbell from Audible was also an executive producer.

On June 16, 2017, Midroll announced that it is the exclusive ad representative for the TED Presents: Sincerely, X podcast. The ten episode-series debuted on Audible Channels in February of this year, and the ad-supported launch will be July 20, 2017.  A preview is available on Stitcher.

Midroll’s announcement included a quote from host Julie Cohen. “The reach of TED Talks has expanded widely over the years. But one question always nagged us: How may ideas worth spreading remain hidden because people can’t speak publicly about the very thing they feel the world needs to hear? It’s an exciting moment for use to now have Sincerely, X as a vehicle for unearthing and sharing this kind of idea.”

LeVar Burton Reads Short Fiction to You

LeVar Burton Reads debuted on June 12, 2017. Listeners can sit back and enjoy as LeVar Burton reads a hand-picked piece of short fiction to you every episode.

You might recognize LeVar Burton from “Roots” (where he played Kunta Kinte). Or, you might know him from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (where he played Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge). Fans of “Reading Rainbow”, where LeVar Burton talked about children’s books, will enjoy LeVar Burton Reads.

LeVar Burton is the honored recipient of 12 Emmy Awards, a Grammy, and five NAACP awards.  LeVar Burton Reads is on Stitcher (Midroll Media). The podcast’s website is at ART19. Audible is a sponsor of the podcast – which truly seems like a natural fit.

A short “sneak peek” episode was released on June 2, 2017. In episode 1, LeVar Burton reads “Kin” by Bruce McAllister. It is part of his collection titled THE GIRL WHO LOVED ANIMALS. In episode 2, LeVar Burton reads “The Lighthouse Keeper”, which is part of FEN: STORIES from Graywolf Press.

I have subscribed to this podcast (via iTunes) and am looking forward to listening to what I think will feel like “Reading Rainbow” for grown ups. Short stories, either in collections or on their own somewhere on the internet, tend to be hard to find. It is wonderful that LeVar Burton will be featuring a short story on each and every episode.

AudioBoom Debuts In-House Network of Original Podcasts

AudioBoom has launched a new lineup of original, on-demand audio content. In addition to hosting, distributing, and monetizing content, audioBoom will debut five new podcasts.

The launch marks the company’s first wave of original podcasts featuring a mix of shows in the following categories: Arts, Comedy, News & Politics, and Society & Culture. This growing network will also provide greater advertising option for audioBoom’s brand partners.

Newly launched audioBoom original podcasts include:

The 45th premiered on February 26, 2017. It is hosted by Rabia Chaudry (former public advocate for Serial‘s Adnan Syed and host of Undisclosed) and features legal professionals Susan Simpson and Sarah Basha. The 45th provides a deeper dive and closer look at the latest developments out of the White House.

Very Bad Words premiered on June 14, 2017. It is hosted by WNYC radio producer Matt Fidler. He reaches out to experts, linguists, and historians to explore forbidden words and their cultural significance. He includes personal stories and interviews to help shed light on the power of bad words.

Inbox is scheduled to premier in July of 2017. It is hosted by UBC Theater-trained comedians Nicole Drespel and Matt Stroup. They invite celebrity guests to the show and then riff on the emails they find in the guest’s inbox. Nicole has written for Netflix Original “Wet Hot American Summer” and “The Chris Gethard Show”. Matt is a writer for NBC Sports and Rotoworld.

Mission to Zyxx is scheduled for September of 2017. It is hosted by producers/comedians Alden Ford, Seth Lind, and Jeremy Bent. They play an unlikely trio exploring the far reaches of the galaxy in this audio fiction, improvisational comedy show.

FORK is also scheduled for September 2017. It is hosted by Cassie House, the wife of filmmaker and podcast creator Payne Lindsey (Up and Vanished, and Sworn). The podcast is in the true crime genre, and it introduces listeners to people who have come to a crosswords, revisiting the circumstances and choices that saved their lives.

PodCon is a Celebration of Podcasting

PodCon will take place in Seattle, Washington, on December 9 and 10 of 2017. It is a place where people can get together and really just “get into” podcasts for a couple of days. Tickets are on sale now.  PodCon started by raising money through crowdfunding on Indiegogo.  That campaign has now closed, with $243,746 raised by 3,022 backers.

There is an interesting description on the PodCon website about how it got started:

PodCon is the result of a conversation between four people:

Hank Green (who has run a bunch of conferences and conventions)

Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor (who created Welcome to Night Vale)

Travis McElroy (who produces more podcasts than any other known human.)

PodCon will bring together a diverse group of podcast pros in Seattle, Washington for two days of live podcasts, performances, discussions, workshops, and weirdness. You can expect live podcasts from your favorite creators, special guest performances, panel discussions for both creators and fans, expert-led creative workshops, and “a whole bunch of wacky weirdness.”

Featured Guests Include:

  • Gaby Dunn – Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn
  • Dylan Marron – Welcome to Night Vale
  • Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer – Criminal
  • Rod and Karen Morrow – The Black Guy Who Tips
  • Roman Mars – 99% Invisible
  • Franchesca Ramsey – Last Name Basis
  • Aaron Mahnke – Lore
  • Kevin T. Porter – Gilmore Guys
  • Hank and John Green – Dear Hank and John
  • Dr. Sydnee McElroy – Sawbones
  • Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy – My Brother, My Brother and Me

There are two types of tickets. You can purchase a General Admission ticket for $100.00. Or, if you want to attend PodCon (but cannot make it there in person), you can purchase a Remote Attendance ticket. It costs $30.00.

The Remote Attendance ticket works like this: You buy one. PodCon happens. A few weeks after the event, PodCon sends you password protected podcast links with audio recordings of almost all of the panels, performances, and live recordings. I’ve never heard of a podcasting conference offering this to ticket buyers.

The First Annual ShoutOut Live Festival

The First Annual ShoutOut Live Festival will take place on August 5, 2017, in Bedford Way, Russell Square, London. It will bring the best podcasts out of the US and highlight the best of the UK for a full day of banter, commentary, and recklessness.

The Lineup Includes:

  • The Brilliant Idiots – Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schultz (Loud Speakers Network)
  • The Friend Zone – Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey, and Assante (Loud Speakers Network)
  • Another Round – Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton (BuzzFeed)
  • Melanin Millennials – Imriel Morgan and Denelza (ShoutOut Network)
  • Mostly Lit – Alex Reads, Reckless Rai, and Derek (ShoutOut Network)
  • How to Kill an Hour – Marcus Bronzy, Dev, Nick Bright, Ace and Funk Butcher
  • Blacticulate – Ade Bamgbala and guests
  • 90s Baby Show – Temi Alchémy and Fred Santana (Radar Radio)
  • Pink Matter – Sam Rae and Jameela Joie
  • Artistic State of Mind – Juliana and Stephen (ShoutOut Network)
  • The Unoriginal Podcast – Ciara, Dayo and Fredi
  • Off the Cuff – Fols and Mr Vans
  • Ground Ego – Haych and Miss Al (ShoutOut Network)
  • The SRSLY Podcast – Carolina Crampton and Anna Leszkiewicz (New Statesman)

Tickets are available now. ShoutOut Live has put together a description of the various ticket options.

General Admission: Access to both stages and all podcasters on the lineup, seating is first come first served so make sure you grab a ticket an arrive nice and early to catch your favs. There are no standing options available for the Live! Stage.

Guaranteed Seating: Some shows might be incredibly popular so we’ve reserved a limited number of seats up front for the fans that want to park up for the day.

VIP: The VIP ticket will get you guaranteed seating up front at the Live! Stage and backstage access to the podcasters for a meet and greet.

Discover Only: You won’t have access to the Live! Stage. However, you’ll get to discover and experience over 8 UK podcasters throughout the day as well as panels and talks about media, broadcasting and production from the insiders. This room will be thoroughly entertaining all day.