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BBC Released 16,000 Sound Effects

The BBC has released 16,016 Sound Effects from its archives. These sound effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download an use under the terms of the RemArc License.

The sound effects in the collection are BBC copyright, but they may be used for “personal, educational or research purposes” as detailed in the RemArc License. Podcasters should read the terms in the RemArc License before they use any of the BBC’s sound effects in their podcast.

Part of the RemArc License says that, provided you follow the rules in the RemArc License, the BBC grants you permission to use the BBC content but only…

For non-commercial, personal, or research purposes (for example, including the content on a non-commercial, advertisement-free reminiscence website aimed at helping trigger memories in people with dementia).

For formal education purposes while you are a student or a member of staff of a school, college or university (for example, if you are enrolled in a university or college course or if you are a school pupil, or you are a teacher and you wish to display the content on an electronic whiteboard, including images in a printed class worksheet).

If your podcast doesn’t fit those descriptions, then you need to get permission from the BBC before you use their sound effects. More information about how to go about doing that can be found in the RemArc License.

A few of the interesting sound effects in the collection include:

  • “South American parrot talking and screeching”
  • “’Hip hip hooray’, 50 people, 20-30 years old. (Interior).”
  • “’Snow’ surface grinder operating at steel works 1969”
  • “1 lorry passing slowly.”
  • “1 metal crash (84B)”
  • “10 bells ringing, Parish of St. George, Greenock”
  • “11 month old baby boy playing with toys”

Anchor Introduces Cohosts

Anchor has introduced a new feature called Cohosts. This brand new feature seamlessly matches you up with other podcasters who like talking about the same things you do.

The Cohosts feature is completely free, like all of Anchor’s features. It is available now on Anchor’s iOS and Android apps. It is designed to make it easy for you to find a cohost for your podcast.

Earlier this year we launched Anchor 3.0, giving people everything they need to make a great podcast – including easy creation tools, one-touch distribution, and new ways to interact with listeners – all in one place. But what if you need someone to record your podcast with? That’s a question we hear from people a lot, and it’s exactly where Cohosts comes in.

Here is how Cohosts works:

  • Pick a topic from the home screen, or add your own custom topic! It could be something broad, like politics, or something hyper-specific to your podcast, like Stephen King novels.
  • Anchor will find you a cohost who is interested in talking about the same topic, and Anchor will connect you.
  • Anchor will give you 30 seconds to introduce yourselves and decide how you want to kick off your conversation, and then recording will automatically start.
  • Record with your cohost for up to 15 minutes.
  • You’ll both get a copy of the recording, and can publish your conversation to your podcast right away or add it to an episode later.

If you love recording with a particular cohost, you can always record with them again later with Anchor’s Record With Friends feature. The Record With Friends feature doesn’t have a time limit and lets you record with anyone, anywhere in the world, any time you want.

METRO Seeks a Podcast Community Relations Strategist

The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) is a non-profit organization where New York’s libraries and archives come together to learn, share ideas, and collaborate. They are seeking a Preserve This Podcast Community Relations Strategist. This is a contract position.

The “Preserve this Podcast!” Communications and Public Relations Strategist is a temporary contract starting from the date of hire until through the completion of the duties of the contract (schedule can be flexible). This position is open to those with demonstrated experience working on communications, outreach and/or public relations projects, either in a podcast or broadcast media setting, and/or a library/archives setting.

The primary responsibility will be to devise and implement a strong communications plan to reach independent podcast producers and develop deeper awareness around this project, and born-digital audio preservation.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop, coordinate and execute an outreach strategy and sustainable workflow
  • Create communications lists and corresponding schedules
  • Interact with their audiences via social media networks
  • Set up a workflow for sending out newsletter and other copy
  • Cultivate relationships with the target audience (podcast producers)
  • Develop messaging/create copy to promote Preserve this Podcast ! Podcast
  • Identify and pursue possible promotional opportunities, especially podcast interviews.

This is a temporary $5,500 contract that will be paid out monthly at an hourly rate. The hourly rate is negotiable depending on the applicants demonstrated experience in podcast communications. This is a contract/temporary position.  For full details, visit the METRO website where the ad is posted.

The Peabody Awards Announced Nominees

The Peabody Awards honor the most powerful, enlightening and invigorating stories in television, radio and digital media. Each year, Peabody Awards are bestowed upon a curated collection of 30 stories that capture society’s most important issues, known as the Peabody 30. This year, some podcasts were included in the selection.

Over the next several weeks, the winning Peabody 30 programs and content will be revealed in a succession of announcements by category: Documentary on April 17; Entertainment/Children & Youth’s on April 19; and News/Radio/Public Service programming on April 24.

The Radio/Podcast category included the following podcasts:

Ear Hustle – Radiotopia from PRX (Radiotopia from PRX)

S-Town – Serial and This American Life (

Uncivil: The Raid – Gimlet Media – Gimlet Media

The other five nominees in this category are not podcasts. The content comes from radio stations, NPR, and a university. It’s nice that the Peabody Awards are starting to consider podcasts when choosing which stories to curate for the awards.

The Peabody Awards winners and nominees will be celebrated at a gala evening event on Saturday, May 19, at Cipriani Wall Street in New York. The host will be Hasan Minhaj, who is a comedian, writer, and senior correspondent on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”.

Later this year, Hasan Minhaj will host his own weekly comedy show on Netflix. (There are several nominees that are from Netflix). His comedy special. “Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King” released on Netflix last year and is nominated for a Peabody Award.

PodSummit 2018 Takes Place in Edmonton

PodSummit 2018 will take place in Edmonton, Alberta, on May 5. They invite you to join them, along with 100 podcasters and the podcast-curious from all over North America. PodSummit will be giving away over $3,000 worth of gear and software.

PodSummit is for fellow content creators, professional (and not so professional) podcasts, and the podcast-curious. If you have a podcast, you will learn how to make it sound amazing, grow your audience, and create content your listeners will love.

If you don’t have a podcast, PodSummit will show you how to start one, and will welcome you to their community.

Speakers and Topics:

  • Rob Greenlee – “State of the (Podcasting) Union” – Learn about current trends, what kind of shows are earning listeners, new podcast technology like dynamic ad insertion, and what we need to think about in 2018/2018.
  • Andrea Beca – “Growth & Promotion Strategies” – How to promote, market, and grow your podcast. Topics covered include SEO for podcasters, Social Media promotions, Paid Advertising, and more.
  • Roger Kingkade – “How to Design a Successful Podcast” – Uncover the “secrets” to create content your listeners will love. Topics covered include different podcast formats, show structure, audience engagement techniques and more.
  • Mike Russell – “Editing & Production Masterclass” – You can sound more professional with a few simple production techniques. Learn how to EQ for your voice, take out the ums and ahs, and much more!
  • Karen Unland, Erika Ensign, and Andrea Beça – “Podcast Monetization Campfire Chat” – Hear from three veteran podcasters on different ways to monetize your show. From Patreon and earning sponsorships, to affiliates and your own products.
  • Ernest Barbaric – “How to Start a Podcast” – 30 minute intensive eat-and-learn session on everything you need to know to start a podcast.
  • Andreas Schwabe – “The Art of Podcasting” – Your voice is your main podasting tool. Learn how to outline your show so it sounds great and keeps the listener’s attention.
  • Alberta Podcast Network – “PodSummit Mix & Mingle” – This year, PodSummit is doing some really fun networking activities…with amazing prizes and YEG Food Trucks will join for lunch.

Tickets for PodSummit 2018 are still available (at the time I am writing this). The sale ends on May 3, 2018, and can be purchased through the PodSummit website. Tickets include listing in the PodSummit PodDirectory.

Blubrry at NAB Show 2018 Podcasting Pavilion

Blubrry logoLeader in the podcasting industry, Blubrry, a subsidiary of RawVoice, is exhibiting at NAB in Las Vegas, April 9-12, 2018, to share its expertise in the podcasting space and showcase its professional and enterprise media hosting and statistics. Visit Blubrry at SU6113PP at NAB.

As part of the Podcast Pavilion in the South Hall, Blubrry will demonstrate its podcasting tools and knowledge with companies interested in expanding their digital offerings and broadcasters looking to breathe new life into their listenership.

Blubrry has provided services to professional level organizations since 2006. The past decade has been spent expanding the capabilities of podcasting for radio and enterprise agencies, including an upcoming Interactive Advertising Bureau podcast statistics certification (a step above the current status of compliance).

“Whether through an individual podcast, or an expanded radio presence, we have all the tools for successfully fulfilling your podcast needs, as we have for over 85,000 podcasters,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice/Blubrry & Podcast Hall of Fame Member.

Blubrry offers a full solution that involves hosting, statistics, and an optimally managed website. With its services, radio stations are able to expand their audience reach with distribution on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and more. RawVoice first focused on advertising for podcasts in 2005, and will be introducing an advertising insertion system for podcasters later this year.

Pineapple Street Media is Offering a Pineapple Fellowship

Pineapple Street Media is a podcast production company based in Brooklyn. Some of their shows include: Missing Richard Simmons, Heaven’s Gate, Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara, Never Before with Janet Mock, and more. Pineapple Street Media is offering a Fellowship for Under-Represented Voices in Podcasting. They call it the Pineapple Fellowship.

Because the podcasting industry too often creates barriers to aspiring producers of color and non-binary people, Pineapple Street Media is offering our first-ever Pineapple Fellowship. The fellowship is open to all who identify as part of an under-represented group in podcasting. Areas of under-representation may include – but are not limited to – race, ethnicity, economic background, sexual orientation, and disability.

The Pineapple Fellowship is a full-time, project-based, producer-in-residence position that is open to those looking to transition into an audio production career. You will work on a deeply produced and reported documentary series. Pineapple Street Media will consider any level of experience, but prefer to work with someone with some sort of audio editing background.

Things to know:

  • The Pineapple Fellowship begins in the summer of 2018.
  • Fellows receive a stipend of $3,000 per month. In addition to production experience, fellows have weekly mentorship meetings with Pineapple staff producers and editors. They will also help connect you with people in the industry.
  • The application deadline is April 15, 2018.

For more details, you should visit the Pineapple Street Media website and read the page that is specifically about the Pineapple Fellowship.

Acast Available to Drivers Via Ford SYNC

Ford announced at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, that the Acast mobile app would be made available to drivers via Ford SYNC 3 AppLink.

Ford SYNC AppLink enables drivers to use supported smartphone apps on their vehicle’s integrated touchscreen; with advanced voice and steering controls. AppLink is powered by SmartDeviceLink (SDL) an open source software solution promoted by a number of auto makers. SDL provides a common interface between apps and vehicles.

Acast is a curated platform for podcasts. They connect listeners, podcast creators, and advertisers in a fully integrated, one-stop shop. Acast helps listeners discover new content by suggesting new voices and popular shows, as well as fully curated lists.

Acast also provides podcasters with a simple publishing service for their content. Acast+ is a marketplace for podcasts. Acast describes Acast+ this way: “We created a destination where you can sell your premium content directly to your loyal audience for a price you set yourself”.

Ford announced that the mobile app from audio-on-demand podcast Acast would be made available to drivers. This offers online downloads and an intelligent recommendation engine analyses commute times to suggest podcasts which best fit journey length.

Acast was one of the winners of Ford’s 2017 “Make it Drivable” Paris AppLink Challenge, a start-up focused event to help companies develop ideas that make journeys better.

Anchor Introduces Anchor 3.0

Anchor has introduced Anchor 3.0. It features a re-imagined mobile app built for effortless podcast creation. The app is free for iOS and Android. Anchor 3.0 has a brand new web dashboard with creation tools and analytics, expanded distribution options, and unlimited podcast hosting that is 100% free.

Anchor heard time and time and time again that what creators truly wanted was to make a real podcast and have it heard everywhere people are listening. That’s where Anchor 3.0 comes in.

Coming off the heels of our Series A funding, Anchor 3.0 removes all of the difficulty of getting a high quality podcast made and distributed everywhere people listen to audio.

Anchor’s app for iOS and Android has been re-imagined specifically for making a podcast, right from your phone. Open the app, and you are taken straight into creation, where the app automatically builds a new episode for your podcast every day you use it. From there, you can easily record (by yourself or with up to 10 friends), add full songs from Apple Music or Spotify for your Anchor listeners, add a wide range of transitions, or broadcast voice messages from your listeners.

Voice messages have been redesigned to enable direct, private conversations with the ability for either party to publish the audio to an episode. The app now allows creators to rearrange segments in their episodes and build episodes from new or previous content. The listening section of the app has been updated to better provide great audio for you to listen to.

With Anchor 3.0, you can now make or manage your podcast using brand-new creators. The web tools sync seamlessly with the Anchor app, making it easy to switch back and forth between experiences.

Anchor now lets creators seamlessly distribute episodes across top podcasting apps with the press of a button. This includes Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, and more. Creators can also distribute podcasts made with Anchor to Spotify.