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Pop Up Podcasting is Ottawa’s Podcast Studio

Pop Up Podcasting is a podcast studio, location recording service, and production company located in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It opened its doors on March 1, 2017. It may be the first recording studio in Canada to focus exclusively on podcasting.

JP Davidson is the owner of Pop Up Podcasting. He is a podcasting professional. He noted that podcasting standards have started to rise.

“People weren’t really happy with these echo-y sounding, distant, levels-all-over-the-place podcasts.” He said. “The thinking behind the space is to make it cheaper and quicker for people to do quality podcasting, so that it can be a regular thing.”

Pop Up Podcasting is a full-service podcast production company and recording studio. They offer a variety of services to podcasters. You can contact Pop Up Podcasting and request a customized quote for your project.

Services include:

Basic Recording Session

  • 1-4 people in their professional broadcast studio
  • Up to 90 minutes of studio time
  • Recording supervised by a trained audio engineer
  • Your clips and/or music pre-loaded into their soundboard
  • Add remote guests via phone, Skype, FaceTime etc…
  • Raw multi-track files and stereo mix delivered via digital download or USB.

Podcast Pilot Package

  • One Basic Recording Session
  • Content planning meeting
  • Script review
  • Custom Reusable Intro/Extro with Royalty-Free Music
  • Editing, mixing, mastering, MP3 file tagging, and transcription of your finished podcast episode
  • Hosting, publishing and distribution setup (iTunes etc…)

Custom Packages

Pop Up Podcasting will provide you with a custom quote suited specifically to your needs. Available services include:

  • Content Consulting and Development
  • Journalistic interviewing
  • Sound-Rich documentary production
  • Conference and event recording
  • Audio cleanup and restoration.

Austin Film Festival Seeks Fiction Podcast Scripts

Austin Film Festival furthers the art and craft of filmmaking by championing the work of screenwriters, filmmakers, and all artists who use the language of film and television to tell a story. In addition to an 8 day film festival and 4 day Conference, they offer year round events, a Young Filmmakers Program, a TV show, Radio show, Podcast, and more.

This year, the Austin Film Festival launched their inaugural, Fiction Podcast Competition, leveraging their legacy of championing storytelling to launch writers into the emerging world of podcasts. The deadline for entering the Fiction Podcast Competition is May 10, 2017. The entry fee is $25.

To be clear, the Austin Film Festival doesn’t want you to submit a fully finished, produced, fiction podcast. They are looking for fiction podcast scripts. Here’s how they describe what they are looking for:

Creating a Fiction Podcast Script isn’t about starting from scratch. If you have a pilot, a teleplay, a screenplay ask yourself: is this a great story. If it is, then take the time to tweak it for this new medium! Whether you submit with us or not, getting your script ready for this space is only going to help your career.

The Austin Film Festival has not yet announced who the judges of the Fiction Podcast Competition will be. The judges (whomever they may turn out to be) will judge each entry on the following criteria: plot, structure, characters, dialogue, and concept. The judges will also take into consideration the elements of storytelling that are unique to a purely acoustic medium.

It is always a good idea take a look the rules of a contest. Here are some key points to know about:

  • All Fiction Podcast scripts submitted must be in English.
  • Scripts must not have been optioned or sold, produced and distributed prior to October 28, 2017.
  • Scripts that have reached the Semifinalist level or above in previous years within any Austin Film Festival Competitions are not eligible for resubmission.
  • The Austin Film Festival strongly recommends that applicants register or copyright their material before submitting.

The winners will be announced on October 28, 2017. The winning entry will receive one Typewriter Award. That’s great if one person is involved. However, if more than one person wrote the script, then they have to figure out which of them gets the Typewriter Award. Only one will be issued per winning entry.

Podcast Movement 2017 Announces One More Speaker

Podcast Movement 2017 has a tendency to slowly reveal who will be speaking at the event. Previously, they announced a group of podcasters who will be speakers. Now, they are announcing one more.

Aaron Mahnke will be a speaker at Podcast Movement 2017. He is the creator, writer, and producer of the hit podcast LORE.  The podcast was one of iTunes’ Best Podcasts in 2015, an AofP Best Podcast winner in 2016, and it is now headed to television.

Lore is a critically-acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories. Aaron Mahnke uses historically accurate information to bind together stories by a common theme. He spends over twenty hours a week on research. LORE started in March of 2015 as a hobby and a last ditch effort to market Mahnke’s fiction.

LORE is becoming an hour-long anthology television series from the producers of The Walking Dead. The TV series will debut on Amazon Video. In 2018, Del Rey Books (Penguin Random House) will debut the first installment of The World of Lore book series.

This brings the list of Keynote Speakers at Podcast Movement 2017 to:

  • Aaron Mahnke – LORE
  • Rabia Chaudry, Colin Miller, and Susan Simpson – Undisclosed
  • Shannon Cason – Homemade Stories
  • Dan Carlin – Hardcore History and Common Sense

The Messengers Documentary has a Kickstarter for Fans

The people behind “The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary” have a Kickstarter for fans of the movie. At the time I am writing this post, the Kickstarter has about a month left. It has a flexible goal of $15,875.

The Kickstarter campaign is not about funding the movie. (It was funded in 2016.) The purpose of the Kickstarter is to encourage fans to help them make the launch of “The Messengers” in the iTunes store a national phenomenon.

Your purchase today makes you an official messenger of this special documentary that captures the magic of podcasting. Every purchase comes with the commemorative book, bracelet, and sticker to help spread the word.

However, we want more people to be impacted by what we have created and are asking the podcasting community to hold home viewing parties for the friends and families to watch and spread the message across the globe. We want to raise awareness for this community and need everyone’s help. Our ultimate goal is to get to #1 in the iTunes movie charts for letting the world understand that Podcasting is a legitimate medium that is growing with extremely talented individuals who are serving audiences the world over!

The Kickstarter has several “perks”. Each is designed for people to throw their own Home Screening Party of “The Messengers”. The lowest tier is the $25 Basic Fan Package. It gets you a first-run DVD copy of the movie, a sticker, a bracelet, and a commemorative program. Tiers go all the way up to $1,500. The more you spend, the more copies of the movie, bracelets, stickers, and Commemorative Programs you receive for your home viewing party.

Columbus Podcast Festival 2017

The Columbus Podcast Festival is the first podcast festival in Columbus, Ohio. It will take place on April 26, and April 27, 2017. Tickets are on sale now, and range from $10 to $20. The start time for each night is 8:00 PM and will end shortly after midnight.

Columbus Podcast Festival is holding a DIY Podcast Contest.  The contest is an open pitch to anyone who’s purchased an Early Bird pass to the festival. Email them the legal full name you used to purchase the pass, your order confirmation number, and title the email DIY. They will pick the best submission and premier that podcast at an exclusive live show on the second day of the festival.

Your DIY submission should include: a name, a description, and a plan for your show at the festival. Who is hosting? Who are the guests? How many mics will you need?

DIY Contest Restrictions: You can’t have more than three guests. You can’t steal someone else’s idea. You can have props (but Columbus Podcast Festival will not be buying them for you). Keep in mind that this is a show and there will be a live audience to watch you.

There will be several podcasts featured at the 2017 Columbus Podcast Festival:

April 26th:

  • The Green Room
  • Amanda’s Picture Show A Go Go
  • Fart Cast
  • Confluence Cast
  • Guitar Knobs
  • FiliBUSTED!
  • Oddfellow Odditties
  • What’s the Deal with Creativity?
  • FYI Podcast

April 27th

  • Still Buffering
  • The Sounds of Bustown
  • Court Appointed
  • It’s All Been Done Radio Hour
  • Sawbones
  • The Comedy Underground
  • 6pod4
  • Babes to Know

There will also be a Podcast Workshop which is a pre-festival program scheduled on the first day of the festival. It will be presented by Craig Clawson of 6pod4 and Columbus Podcasters Meet-up. Craig will later be joined by podcasters Tim Fulton, Pat Deering, Christine Horvath, and Erik Tait for a Q&A.

Nancy is a New Podcast From WNYC

At first glance, you might think that Nancy, the newest podcast produced by WNYC, was named after the host. There are podcasts that include the first and last name of the host, after all. But, there isn’t anyone on Nancy who is actually named Nancy. The podcast’s description says:

BFFs Kathy Tu and Tobin Low are super queer, super fun and ready to take over your podcast feed. Join them for provocative stories and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience today. Because everyone’s a little bit gay…

Prior to Nancy, Tobin Low was a producer on WNYC Studio’s More Perfect, the Radiolab spinoff about the Supreme Court. His work has also appeared on Marketplace, Studio 360, and the Codebreaker podcast. Prior to Nancy, Kathy Tu did production work for a number of podcasts including The Memory Palace, The Mortified Podcast and Masterpiece Studio.

At the time I am writing this post, Nancy has a introductory episode titled: “It’s a Podcast, Not a Person”, which was released on April 3, 2017. New episodes are released every Sunday night. Topics covered in the first three episodes include: coming out more than once, sex education not giving LGBTQ people the information they need, and “We were in a relationship?”

Ecamm Announces Ecamm Live

Ecamm is the creator of products that are helpful for podcasters that use Macs. I’ve used Ecamm’s Call Recorder for Skype for years, and highly recommend it. I find it to be a useful backup just in case my recording (or the recording done by a co-host) crashes and is lost forever. I’ve also used it to record podcasts with people who do not know how to record their own audio.

Now, Ecamm is introducing something new – Ecamm Live.

Ecamm Live puts the power of Facebook Live at your fingertips. You can try it for free. It requires MacOS 10.11 or newer. You can purchase Ecamm Live for $29.95 (and it comes with free lifetime updates).

Ecamm Live allows podcasters to stream in HD quality with one click, using any connected mic and capture device. You can even switch between cameras during a broadcast. It has seamless Facebook integration, which means there is no need to worry about stream keys or complicated set-up steps. The app takes care of it all.

Once you’re live, you will be able to see the audience size, Facebook comments, and reactions right in Ecamm Live. Ecamm makes it easy for you to add text and graphics such as a company logo to your livestream. Simply type a title or drag an image into place. Ecamm Live even supports animated GIF overlays.

Ecamm Live is for streaming high-quality live video. But you can also use it to broadcast a video file that has been pre-recorded. Just drag the file into the app.

In addition, Ecamm can be used to Livestream your presentations, tutorials, demos and gameplay with one click. You can add a live picture-in-picture to the broadcast for a personal touch. I can see where this feature would make it easy for people who podcast about video games to include their gameplay right into the podcast – and broadcast it on Facebook Live.

Podquest Contest Seeks the Next Podcast Superstar

Podquest is a contest for podcasters (who fit the qualification criteria). “If you’ve got an idea, a story, or you’re a brilliant story teller – then Podquest is for you.” Record your podcast and share your story.

The winning podcaster will receive 5k cash plus studio and production time, and help from industry experts to bring their podcast series to life. Podcasts will be judged by a panel of internal and external industry experts in content, sales, and marketing. There may also be judges who are well renowned podcasters.

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

Originality – Has anyone else done a similar podcast?

Narrative – What are you like at telling a story?

Hosting – Are you any good as this podcasting “thang”?

Commercial Viability – Podquest describes this criteria as: “Let’s face it, in the long run, it would be nice to quit your job and become a full time podcaster.”

Audience – Who could the possible audience be?

Each entry should demonstrate how the story will live as a series. They are not looking for a sample of your best work. Ideally, your entry should run for up to 20 minutes. You can upload your podcast file to the Podquest website. They want an MP3 that is at a maximum of 30 MB. The website also has an entry form for podcasters to fill out.

As always, it is worth taking the time to view the view the Terms and Conditions. Nova Entertainment is the promotor of the contest. In March, NOVA launched the Nova Podcast platform, a portfolio of podcasts, including optimized show content, original productions in non-radio podcast categories, and podcast series specifically created for brands.

The contest entry period started on April 7, 2017, and will end on May 19, 2017. Eligible entrants include all Australian residents from NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA. Entrants under the age of 18 are required to get express permission from their parent/guardian before entering the contest.

Up to 10 finalists will be selected. Those podcasters will be contacted to let them know they made the finals. Speaking with a promoter does not automatically mean the podcaster has won the contest. One podcast will be selected as the winner.

NewsFeed with @BuzzFeedBen

BuzzFeed’s newest podcast is called NewsFeed with @BuzzFeedBen.  It can be found on the BuzzFeed website on the same page as the rest of BuzzFeed’s podcasts.  The podcast is hosted by BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith. As you may have guessed, his Twitter handle is @BuzzFeedBen.

NewsFeed with @BuzzFeedBen is described as “conversations on the intersection of politics, media, and technology – and all of 2017’s insanity.” To me, this implies that the podcast is intended to close at the end of 2017. Or, perhaps it will continue into 2018 and slightly change its description.

The very first episode features David Axelrod, the founder and director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics. He is also the Senior Political Commentator at CNN, and was the Chief Strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.

The first episode of NewsFeed with @BuzzFeedBen is a continuation of a conversation between Ben Smith and David Axelrod that was episode 136 of David Axelrod’s podcast The Axe Files with David Axelrod.  This means you need to listen to that specific episode of The Axe Files with David Axelrod before you listen to the first episode of NewsFeed with @BuzzFeedBen if you want to hear the entire conversation.

The second episode of Ben Smith’s podcast is an interview with Charlie Warzel. He is a senior writer for BuzzFeed News, and reports on and writes about the intersection of tech and culture.