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“Your Podcast” is a New Podcast from Blubrry

Blubrry’s new podcast is called Your Podcast.  It is all about your brand, you ideas, your intellectual property, and your time – and how Blubbry services can help you keep all of these things.

Your Podcast is going to feature company news and announcements, discussion about podcasting in general, tech topics that relate to your podcast and some inside information coming from a combined 24 years of experience in podcasting. The show will run every two weeks opposite the PowerPress Podcast.

The hosts of Your Podcast are Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell. Todd Cochrane is the CEO of RawVoice Inc. (parent company of Blubbry Podcasting) and the host and producer of the Geek News Central Podcast and co-host of the New Media Show.

Mike Dell is the Customer Support Coordinator for RawVoice and Blubbry and is the host and producer of Mike Dell’s World and Podcast Help Desk (among others).

Wondery Premiers “I Hate My Boss” – A Career Advice Podcast

Wondery has announced the launch of their sixth original podcast series I Hate My Boss.  It offers expert advice and comedic relief for your daily workplace experience. The format-busting series will resolve the dilemma most of us have: Whom do I turn to with a tricky question about my workplace, boss or co-workers?

In I Hate My Boss, co-hosts and workplace heroes Liz Dolan and Larry Seal will take listeners’ questions and give them advice, with the help of a scripted comedy segment based at the fictional ad agency Penn & Pencil. The characters will serve as points of reference for listeners, and will include a boss who thrives on conflict and an egomaniac yet charming creative director, as performed by UCB-trained actors.

The series will also feature exclusive interviews with thought leaders, who share some of their most difficult and career-defining workplace moments.

Dolan, an awarded global marketer, has served as CMO at global brands such as NIKE, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network and National Geographic Channels. She is also co-host of the long-running podcast and media brand Satellite Sisters, winner of 13 Gracie Allen Awards. Seal, a renowned executive coach and Founder and CEO of EngagedLeadership, has worked with thousands of leaders at over 200 organizations, including Google, Disney, H&M, Lucasfilm, and Sony, and over 70 of the Global 500 companies.

The first two episodes will premiere April 3, 2017, with a special sneak preview that is available now wherever you listen to podcasts. Audiences can submit their burning workplace questions anonymously via the I Hate My Boss hotline at 424-224-5711. I Hate My Boss joins Wondery as the newest original, alongside the critically acclaimed series Inside Psycho, Hollywood & Crime, FOUND, Terms, and Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape.

Missouri Legislators Launch Podgressive Podcast

Podgressive is described as: “Weekly dispatches from a blue city in a red state in a divided country”. It was created by Progressive Democratic Legislators in Missouri.

Kansas City Democrats Representative Lauren Arthur and Representative Jon Carpenter launched Podgressive in February of this year. The idea came to them from their conversations over the course of their time in the General Assembly.

They decided that a podcast would be a good way to share an inside perspective on the legislative process. In addition, the hope was that the podcast would attract millennial progressives in Missouri, a state that became decidedly conservative following the 2016 elections. Kansas City is a “blue bastion” in a very red state.

Podgressive is co-hosted by Representative Jon Carpenter and Representative Lauren Arthur. They intend to have guests on future episodes of the podcast, including other politicians and people from other organization and industries.

At the time I am writing this blog, Podgressive has released three episodes. The inaugural episode covers topics such as: Kansas City Airport Tug of War, Missouri Republicans make national news, and General Flynn’s firing and President Trump’s Explanation.

Episode two gives listeners a chance to get to know the hosts a little bit better, and covers some news about cuts to unemployment insurance (among other topics). Episode three features Podgressives first “Two Truths and a Lie” game, includes news about the Missouri (anti-) discrimination legislation, and features special guest Stephen Webber, Chair of the Missouri Democratic party.

If you enjoy Podgressive, you might also want to check out a podcast called Heads Up, Missouri!  It is hosted by five female Democratic Missouri lawmakers: Representative Lauren Arthur, Senator Jill Schupp, Senator Kiki Curls, Representative Deb Lavender and Representative Tracy McCreery. The podcast focuses on Missouri State policy.

Fairfield County Writers’ Studio Holds Podcasting Workshop

The Fairfield County Writers’ Studio is located in Westport, Connecticut. They offer a variety of classes, most of which focus on writing. This month, they join forces with the Connecticut Press Club to offer a one-day workshop on how to create a podcast.

Podcasting 101 will be held on March 18, 2017. It will take place from 9:30 a.m – 12:30 p.m. Those interested in attending must register. Space is limited. The workshop costs $75.

Instructor Ben Bogardus will teach Podcasting 101. He specializes in teaching media and broadcast news writing, TV reporting, and TV newscast producing. Ben Bogardus has won an Emmy and a national Edward R. Murrow award for his work.

Podcasting 101 truly is designed for people who are brand new to podcasting. In this workshop, you can learn how to put together a podcast from start to finish. You can get hands-on experience while attending the workshop.

Bring your laptop and smartphone with you. It is highly recommended that you download and install the Audacity audio editing program prior to the workshop. Audacity can be downloaded for free, and I suspect this could be one reason why it was selected.  After learning some podcasting techniques, participants will get the chance to apply what they learned by creating their own podcast in class.

Bronzeville is an Audio Drama Set in 1940s Chicago

Bronzeville is a scripted audio drama podcast that is set in 1940s Chicago. It takes place in the South Side Chicago neighborhood of the same name. It features several well-known African-American actors, including Laurence Fishburne and Larenz Tate.

Lawerence Fishburne is the executive producer of Bronzeville. He also stars in it playing the role of Curtis “Eyeball” Randolph, the neighborhood’s longtime gang boss who is now out of the game. Larenz Tate plays Jimmy Tillman, a black man from the rural south who has gone to Chicago to escape his checkered past. Larenz Tate is also a co-director and co-executive producer of Bronzeville.

The ten-part audio drama Bronzeville was written by Josh Olson.  His screenplay for the film “A History of Violence” was nominated for the Academy Award, the BAFTA, the WGA award and the Edgar (among others).

The Bronzeville website has a blog that provides information on the Bronzeville neighborhood, lotteries, the Chicago music scene, Al Capone, and many other historically relevant things to know about Chicago.

A preview, and five episodes of Bronzeville have been released. The podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Anchor Unveiled Anchor Version 2.0

Anchor has unveiled version 2.0 of the Anchor platform. It is an improved version of the original Anchor platform.

The new Anchor lets you broadcast your voice, clip external sound bites, mix in full length tracks from Apple Music and Spotify, take call-ins from your listeners, add interludes created by world class sound designers and musicians, all from your phone. Plus, everything on the new Anchor can be heard on iOS, Android, Amazon Echo, Google Home, web, and in your car via Bluetooth.

Anchor 1.0 was launched a little over a year ago. It combined easy production, social networking, and a new way to distribute audio. People from nearly 200 countries used Anchor 1.0 to record audio daily. Some were going to great lengths to pull in external music and audio clips, to do interviews, and to make sure the story they wanted to tell could be heard how they wanted it to be heard.

In the new Anchor, everyone has a station. It is a place for you to broadcast a stream of bite-sized audio. Anchor 2.0 still includes the ability for people to record audio by holding their phone to their ear – and then edit that recorded audio with high quality background music. Anchor 2.0 includes a brand new set of production tools that make it easier to make content.

Here are a few features in Anchor 2.0:

Add External Clips: You can pull external clips into your station to showcase news, quotes, and soundbites, and then add your own perspective to it. It was possible to do this in Anchor 1.0, but is seamless in Anchor 2.0.

Mix in Full Songs from Apple Music or Spotify: DJ a real music station by mixing in songs and then add commentary to tell your listeners more about the songs and the artists who made them.

Take Call-Ins from Your Listeners: Anchor 1.0 allowed people to leave audio replies for other Anchor users. Anchor 2.0 adds the ability to curate those replies for a much better listening experience.

High Quality Interludes: Anchor 2.0 includes segments designed by world-class musicians and sound designers. You can use them to transition segments in your show.

Anchor 2.0 has something new called Dial. Use it to find Anchor Stations from companies like Gizmodo, Jezebel, Lifehacker, WNYC, The Outline, The Infatuation, IGN, Backchannel, Big Beat Records and JASH. The Anchor Rundown is a personalized, A.I. Powered station that is designed just for you. It features up to the minute news and weather powered by Dark Sky.

Anchor 2.0 instantly converts all recorded audio into rich, colorful videos that play seamlessly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms that support video. Anchor 2.0 is now available for download for iOS and Android, and can be listened to on Amazon Echo on your Google Home.

VICE Launched The VICE Magazine Podcast

VICE has launched The VICE Magazine Podcast. New episodes will be released monthly. As you may have guessed, the podcast focuses on VICE Magazine.

The VICE Magazine Podcast is your definitive monthly guide to enlightening information. Each episode brings in-depth interviews, sonically rich cultural insights, and a rare glimpse into how we make the magazine.

It is hosted by Ellis Jones, the Editor-in-Chief of VICE Magazine. The first episode of The VICE Magazine Podcast was released in February. It was about their Future of Technology Issue.

In the first episode, Elizabeth Renstron, VICE photo editor, who made the cover image for the February issue of VICE Magazine, explains how that image was made. Author and investigative journalist Emily Witt explores the world of virtual reality porn. There is also a roundtable discussion including guest editors from Motherboard, Waypoint, and the Creators Project.

You can find The VICE Magazine Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. The second episode will be released sometime in March.

I think this podcast is a creative way to provide listeners with interesting topics to listen to, while also advertising for their magazine. Presumably, if you like what you hear in the podcast, you may want to subscribe to the print issue of VICE magazine (which has 100-plus glossy pages and can be delivered to your doorstep each month.).

Wondery Launches Original Podcast Series – Inside Psycho

Wondery announced the launch of Inside Psycho.  It is an original limited podcast series that explores the untold story behind Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie.

Inside Psycho is a six-part audio series that will explore the wild and surprising backstory of one of Hollywood’s most notorious and revered thrillers, “Psycho”. It tells not just the incredible story behind “Psycho”, but also the story of the extraordinary struggles of making a movie that, against all odds, became one of the most iconic films of all times.

“It’s all here, from the real-world serial murders that inspired the film, to the movie star crank calls that gave use the voice of ‘Mother’, to Hitchcock’s relentless efforts to terrify Janet Leigh, to the way the movie re-made Hollywood forever,” said host and creator Mark Ramsey. “We have created a biopic without pictures, a swashbuckling story of fear and loathing, risk and reward, great joy and paralyzing fear – all in a rich, immersive, ground-breaking sound design.”

“Wondery is excited to premiere the audio adventure Inside Psycho,” said Hernan Lopez, founder of Wondery. “The series is not just for movie-buffs, it’s for all artists and entrepreneurs who have chased a dream and experienced the thrilling highs and crushing lows of the creative journey.”

The first two episodes will premiere March 24, 2017, with a special sneak preview available today wherever you listen to podcasts. Inside Psycho joins Wondery as the newest original, alongside the critically acclaimed series Hollywood & Crime, FOUND, Terms, and Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape.

I took the time to give the sneak preview episode a listen – and I highly recommend it! It impressed me so much that I subscribed to the podcast and am really looking forward to hearing the upcoming episodes.

The 2017 Sarah Awards Winners

Sarah Lawrence College announced the winners of the 2017 Sarah Lawrence College International Audio Fiction Awards. There were entries from more than 200 podcasts and radio dramas from around the world. You can buy tickets now to the 2017 Sarah Awards Ceremony.

This is the Second Annual Sarah Awards. The winners have been listed in alphabetical order. The entries highlighted the variety of radio dramas made in the year since the previous Sarah Awards took place. They included psychological thrillers, to musicals, to pieces that blended fact and fiction.

Who won what will be announced at their 2017 Sarah Awards Ceremony which will take place at the Jerome L. Greene Space on March 28, 2017. You can buy tickets now. The event will feature performances by Welcome to Night Vale, the Sugartone Brassband, and others.

The 2017 Sarah Awards Winners are:

  • “An Occurrence at B.E. Investments” by Andrew Wardlaw for Lamplight Radio Play podcast.
  • “Black and Blue: Two Radio Plays Exploring Race and Policing in America” by Judith Kampfner of Corporation For Independent Media for BBC Radio 4.
  • “Homecoming” by Eli Horowitz, Micha Bloomberg and Mark Phillips of Gimlet Media
  • “Randys Mema Died” by Andrea Silenzi of Panoply’s Why Oh Why podcast
  • “The Man in the Barn” by Jonathan Mitchell and Louis Kornfeld of Radiotopia’s The Truth
  • “Wait, Wait, Don’t Kill Me” by Dave Holstein and Andrews Schmuckler with Wondery’s Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape

Sarah Lawerence College has provided a description of each of the winning entries on their website. They also included a link to where you can listen to each one.