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EnhanceCast is Launching in Summer of 2015

EnhanceCast logo Podcaster NewsEnhanceCast is creating a new podcaster advertising platform that connects podcasters with advertisers. They are currently seeking podcasts to join. There is no minimum listener requirements and it is free to join.

In my experience, one of the most difficult thing about podcasting is trying to figure out how to make money from it. Some advertisers are simply not interested in working with podcasts that have less than a certain amount of listeners. Others don’t pay unless the podcaster convinces enough of their listeners to buy the advertiser’s product or service.

EnhanceCast is offering something different. In short, a podcaster can select if they want to do a pre-roll audio ad spot, a mid-roll ad spot, a post-roll ad spot, or all three. The podcaster can set their own price – per 1,000 downloads (for the pre-roll ad) and per 1,000 listens for either of the other two ad spots.

There are no exclusivity agreements or on-going service contracts. EnhanceCast says that all podcasters have to do is endorse the advertisers during their podcast and they will get paid. Podcasters can also get paid extra if they list the advertisers on their website or social media. Monthly payouts are made via Paypal (for all completed ads).

Podcasters are allowed to choose which advertisers they want to endorse. After telling EnhanceCast what ad spots you want on your show, you will see information about the advertisers. Podcasters have the right to approve or reject any ad.

In addition to connecting podcasters with advertisers, EnhanceCast will automatically enhance your podcast with interactive show notes for free. I’m not entirely clear on what that means. The EnhanceCast website also says: We’ll link to your website, facebook page, and twitter account whenever it’s mentioned in your audio. This will increase your leads/likes/sales/sign-ups/subscribers/ad revenue.

It sounds to me like EnhanceCast is trying to give advertisers, and podcasters, an easy way to connect. It’s free to join, so if it sounds interesting to you, it won’t cost you any money to try out. On the one hand, it doesn’t sound difficult to read an ad, verbatim, on a podcast. Personally, though, I think I’d like to hear how well this worked for other podcasters before I jump in.

Iglu Radio is Different than the Big-Box Apps

Iglu Radio logo Podcaster NewsIglu Radio is offering something to podcasters that is different from what the “big-box” apps can offer. This free listener app is for podcasts and independent radio programs. They are focusing on the smaller, community based, podcasts instead of the gigantic ones.

Iglu (pronounced “Igloo”) is the Inuit word for home. The term “Iglu Radio” is intended to describe hometown radio and the on-air hosts behind those microphones. Each of these shows has an attention to their homegrown audience in a way that is not found on nationalized radio programs.

What can they do for your homegrown podcast? One thing they offer is free Push Notifications with embedded graphics that will promote your show and sponsor. Those Push Notifications will route your listeners directly to your program page and will include your show logo.

They provide your listeners with an easy to find host directory. Iglu Radio is only going to house “several hundred programs”, instead of the tens of thousands of programs that other apps include. This will make your podcast stand out from the crowd, instead of being lost in a vast sea of podcasts found on other apps.

It seems to me that Iglu Radio might be a good fit for smaller, independent, podcasts that are trying to grow an audience. It might be especially useful for podcasts that focus on the news and events that are happening in a specific, small, place (like a neighborhood or small town).

Con Before the Storm has a Kickstarter

Con Before the Storm logo Podcaster NewsThose of you who have attended Blizzcon in the past two years may have heard about World of Podcasts. The event was in its second year in 2014. It included panels of podcasters whose shows focused on one of the games made by Blizzard Entertainment. Since last year, World of Podcasts has gotten bigger and is now called Con Before the Storm.

World of Podcasts is not an official part of Blizzcon. In October of 2014, I interviewed Xia who is one of the people who helped create and organize World of Podcasts. I was able to attend their 2014 event, and it was a blast!

The World of Podcasts event was held the night before Blizzcon started and it featured panels of podcasters whose shows focused on video games made by Blizzard Entertainment. In 2014, there was a whole lot more going on including an art gallery, a Hearthstone tournament, and a fun photo area with backgrounds from Blizzard’s games.

This year, World of Podcasts has grown and become Con Before the Storm. Once again, it will feature podcasters whose shows focus on the video games made by Blizzard Entertainment. This year, in addition to the panels, the event will have a good way for people to chat with the podcasters after a talk has ended. In other words, people who want to connect with the featured podcasters will have an easier way to speak with them at the event.

There is a Kickstarter for Con Before the Storm. It has reached it’s original goal of $5,000 and is now working on funding some interesting stretch goals. For full details, I suggest you check out their Kickstarter. There is still time to get in on some of the rewards that connect to specific pledge amounts. At the time I am writing this blog, there are 25 days left before the Kickstarter ends.

The Con Before the Storm event/party will be held at the Hilton hotel that is near the Anaheim Convention center (where Blizzcon 2015 will take place). Having attending the first and second iteration of the event, I am certain that Con Before the Storm will be exciting and fun.

Why Do You Podcast?

Question MarksPodcasting takes a lot of time, effort, and commitment. Every episode requires setting up microphones and recording software, a plan for what topics will be covered, and some editing after the episode is done. More time is spent putting together show notes and posting links to your brand new episode on social media.

Have you ever asked yourself why you go through all this effort? Why do you podcast?

Podcasters tend to spend time talking with other podcasters. This is to be expected, considering that it is natural for people to seek out those whom they have a common interest with. Podcasters, as a group, all “get” why a person wants to start a podcast and why they continue to put in the effort it takes to continue it. Few feel the need to talk about it.

As such, discussion among podcasters can often lead into comparisons of microphones, debates about which audio recording software is the best, and questions about whether or not anyone has used a new podcasting service. At times, a podcaster might ask for advice about how to get their podcast to make money. Each of those topics can be useful, informative, and, in some cases “eye-opening”.

I think it is important for podcasters to question, from time to time, why they are podcasting. This is especially true for those who have been podcasting for years. Why do you continue to put in the time and effort to regularly make new episodes?

For the Money
There are some podcasters who have managed to turn their show into something that generates an income. The amount can vary from a few extra bucks to enough money to pay one’s bills. I suspect that only a small percentage of podcasters are able to “quit their day job” and live off of the money their podcasts earn. It makes sense to keep doing something that is paying your bills (especially if that something is enjoyable to do).

For the Fun
The majority of podcasters don’t make any money at all from their shows. Why do they podcast? It is probably for the fun of it. Those who are doing a podcast with a friend, or a group of friends, can end up having a lot of fun just “hanging out” together and talking about a shared interest. Often, podcasts that are done just for the fun of it have a main subject they stick to. Overall, though, it becomes a fun way for a group of friends to get together.

For a Cause
There are podcasts that were started in an effort to bring awareness to a specific cause. Some of them relate to a certain health condition, disease, or disorder. Others are primarily political. Those who do these kinds of podcasts have something that they feel is extremely important to share with the world. The commitment to the cause drives the podcaster to make more episodes.

There will be times, with every podcast, when things just aren’t working out as well as they used to. A change to a job schedule, a severe illness, or an addition to the family can make it more difficult for a person to put effort into podcasting. When this happens, it is helpful to take a moment and consider why you decided to start podcasting in the first place. That reason could provide you with the motivation to make things work, or to step away from or end a podcast.

My Podcast is at – Without My Permission logoYou might be among the many podcasters who are wondering what is all about. Maybe you noticed other podcasters asking questions about it online. Or, you could be among the podcasters who received an email from that asked you to “get started today”.

When I visited their website, I discovered they had posted episodes of my podcast even though they never had permission to do so. Is your podcast there, too? You might want to check on that.

For me, this started when I got an email from Immediately, I was skeptical. The email address they sent it to is one I used for a podcast called Halfway Around the World, which is no longer in production. The final episode is titled “This is Goodbye”, and the show notes clearly state that we have decided to end the podcast, forever. It was very obvious that the show is over and done with.

Oddly enough, the email sent to me from said “Hello Dawnforge Productions”. The Halfway Around the World podcast was one of many podcasts that are part of Dawnforge Productions. It seemed strange to me that the email didn’t specifically mention Halfway Around the World. The only way I knew that was the show they were referring to was by deducing what I’d connected that particular email address to.

I started taking a close look at to see what this was all about. The email, and the website, both state that offers 100% free podcast hosting. They also offer unlimited bandwith, unlimited storage space, and unlimited podcasts. Why on earth would they be offering this to what is, in reality, a “dead” podcast?

I was talking to my husband, Shawn, about this. (He is also a contributor here at Podcaster News). He discovered that had the podcast that he and I do together on their website. Our show was originally called Hyper Nonsense, and it started in 2006. The show changed names a few times (to Gemini Dragon, and No Market Radio) before returning to its original name. stole my content has our show listed as “ (formerly Hyper Nonsense)”. They stole the image from the Gemini Dragon website and posted it on their website. (Amusingly, the image is a screenshot from World of Warcraft.) has our most recent episodes and episodes that go back to 2012.

The thing is, neither myself, nor Shawn, ever gave permission to post our content there. Neither one of us has ever signed up to their website. grabbed the content anyway. Their website does not link back to our website, either.

Obviously, I was irate. I had to do some digging, but it turns out that is owned by Emerge Media. At the very bottom of the website, there is a tiny link that says “Press”. Click it, and you can find an email address for Antonio Bumanglag, the Director of Marketing. (It’s Antonio at

I sent them an email and have very clearly stated that I want to remove all of the content they have taken from our podcast. I pointed out that they never had permission to post our content on their website. It remains to be seen how soon I get a response from anyone at Emerge Media or

Is your podcast’s content at You might want to check and see.

Women in Podcasting: Interview With Kim Trumbo

Kim Trumbo Generosity Philosophy podcast Podcaster NewsKim Trumbo is the host of the Generosity Philosophy podcast. The podcast focuses on highlighting heroes who live to give. The show features stories of generosity that can inspire people to get involved, help others, and be generous.

When did you start podcasting? What’s your experience in podcasting from then to now?

I started my podcast, Generosity Philosophy, in November 2013. In the past year and a half I have done my best to be consistent about putting out an episode each week. When I started I had no past broadcasting experience, so have learned so much over time. I feel having a show with great content is wonderful, but the audio needs to sound good as well. As a newbie podcaster I joined a mastermind group to get advice about getting the right equipment so my audio quality would sound great. Instead of recording into software I record from my Schure SM58 microphone into my mixer and then the audio file is saved to my Zoom H4N digital recorder. This set up has never failed me.

What inspired you to become a podcaster?

As I listened to many podcasts in 2013 I thought it would be fun to be a podcaster. I had no clue what I would podcast about though. Once I came up with the idea to interview nonprofits, charities, or anyone else who is making a positive impact in the world, I knew the show would inspire people and I just had to launch it. There was no going back. I felt I found my purpose in life.

How did you come up with the idea for the Generosity Philosophy podcast? What kinds of topics have you covered?

My family would often talk about our desires to volunteer more, and be more philanthropic, but weren’t sure who to contact to help. I was listening one day (while mowing my yard) to Michael O’Neal who was interviewing John Lee Dumas on The Solopreneur Hour and they were talking about how Podcasters seem to always be willing to help one another. I heard those words “help one another” and realized there are generous people and organizations I could talk to and turn into a show! I figured if I interview people who help one another and who make this world a better place, then our family would know who we could help out. If our family would be inspired to give by listening to these stories then I thought and hoped other people would be inspired to be generous as well. I’ve interviewed younger kids, teenagers, small nonprofits, and large organizations who have made appearances on Oprah and Ellen! It’s been a blast. I love each and every story. Some help the homeless, others help animals, and those are just a couple of examples. I do my best to find unique stories to inspire the listeners.

What words of wisdom do you have for women who are thinking about starting their own podcast?

You CAN do it. Even if it seems challenging and overwhelming, you can accomplish this. Make a list and take it one small task at a time. Before you know it you will have a show you’re proud of!

Women in Podcasting: Interview With Tawny Fineran

Tawny Fineran Podcaster NewsTawny Fineran is a host of the Mommy’s Cocktail Hour podcast and a co-host of the Podcasters Group Therapy podcast. You can also find her on the Vampire Diaries Podcast.

When did you start podcasting?

I started podcasting in 2008 with my husband, Corey. We discovered podcasts and were interested in creating a show that was based on something that we were both passionate about at the time, local independent music. Since our family was growing at the same time, we released only 36 shows over the course of a few years. Although we weren’t too consistent with our new hobby, this show was definitely my stepping stone into podcasting.

What’s your experience in podcasting from then to now?

In 2011, I began my second podcast, Mommy’s Cocktail Hour, with my sister-in-law Krissi and two close friends Beth and Lindsay. Once we started this podcast we couldn’t stop; it proved to be great therapy for us new moms. I feel the same way about podcasting in general. Once I started podcasting I wanted to podcast on everything I was interested in. I’ve co-hosted several TV show podcasts in the past and currently host Vampire Diaries Podcast (total guilty pleasure – no shame!). I’ve also contributed voice over work to The Quantum Leap Podcast and their audio drama Quantum Leap: The Impossible Dream, both produced by Barren Space Productions. My most recent podcasting venture is co-hosting Podcaster’s Group Therapy alongside my husband Corey and Nick Seuberling. This show isn’t just another how-to podcast, it stems from our real life google+ community and we discuss our experiences and ideas on various podcasting topics.

What inspired you to become a podcaster?

Deep down I’ve always wanted to entertain; podcasting seemed like a safe outlet to do this from the comfort of my own home. What inspires me to continue podcasting is the power it has to create a community, have engaging conversations, strengthen relationships and meet new people.

What topics do you cover on Mommy’s Cocktail Hour?

Mommy’s Cocktail Hour is a very honest look into the host’s lives as mothers. Since these conversations happen over cocktails, it gets real and may get explicit from time to time but mostly in a good way. We share our triumphs, struggles, seek advice from one another and our fabulous listeners frequently chime in too. We cover a wide range of parenting topics since our kids range in age now from 3 -13 years old. We’ve talked about the public meltdowns, potty training, tips for traveling with kids, diversity, handling loss, and issues raising a pre-teen, just to name a few.

What’s the story behind how this podcast got started?

At the time I was a new mom of two toddlers 14 ½ months apart so hanging out with friends for a “Girls’ Night Out” was seldom to say the least. The idea of setting aside one night a week to hang out with my other mommy friends to hash out our mommy issues over cocktails sounded like a dream come true. My co-hosts agreed and eagerly signed up for podcasting and cocktails!

What words of wisdom do you have for other women who are thinking about starting their own podcast?

1.) Do it! 2.) Be yourself 3.) Your podcast = your passion

Women in Podcasting: Interview with Lady Emma – PCN Show 16

Lady Emma WoW Podcaster NewsIn this episode of Podcaster News, I bring you more news about women in podcasting. This episode features Lady Emma who one of the hosts of the All Things Azeroth podcast. The show is about news and opinions about things happening in the World of Warcraft video game.

Links mentioned in this episode:
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