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Marvel is Releasing a Wolverine Podcast

Marvel New Media and top podcast listening service and content network Stitcher announced Wolverine: The Long Night. It is the first-ever Marvel scripted podcast, and it will launch in 2018.

Wolverine: The Long Night is a 10-episode series. It will be available exclusively on Stitcher Premium until Fall of 2018, after which it will see a wide release across all podcast platforms. Those that use Stitcher Premium will be able to start listening to Wolverine: The Long Night in Spring of 2018.

The “Wolverine: The Long Night” story is a captivating hybrid of mystery and the larger-scale fantasy of the Marvel Universe. It follows agents Sally Pierce (Celia Keenan-Bolger) and Tad Marshall (Ato Essandoh) as they arrive in the fictional town of Burns, Alaska, to investigate a series of murders and quickly the town lives in fear of a serial killer. The agents team up with deputy Bobby Reid (Andrew Kennan-Bolger) to investigate their main suspect, Logan (Richard Armitage). Their search leads them on a fox hunt through the mysterious and corrupt town.

The rest of the cast includes actors Zoe Chao, Chaske Spencer, Jordan Bridges, David Call, Michael J. Burg and Lannon Killea. Chris Gethard, host of the popular Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People podcast will make a cameo appearance.

PRX is Seeking a Distribution Associate

Public Radio Exchange (PRX) is an online marketplace for distribution, review, and licensing of public radio programming. PRX is also a growing social network and community of listeners, producers, and stations collaborating to reshape public radio. PRX is seeking a Distribution Associate.

PRX is looking for a talented Distribution Associate who will provide critical support to PRX’s ongoing broadcast and distribution platforms. It is a full time entry level position located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Distribution Associate will be responsible for assisting our users, producers, stations and partners get their programs out to public radio stations. You will be assisting in implementing communication strategies to keep our partners up to date about any technical issues. Additionally, you will: provide training (ongoing), onboard stations and producers to our platforms, and monitor systems on a regular basis. We are looking for someone who shares our sense of purpose, is excited about our opportunities for growth, and is ready to jump into the fray to make good things happen.

Some qualifications include:

  • Excellent communications skills
  • Two+ years in an administrative role and/or bachelor’s degree
  • Demonstrated success with multi-tasking and project management
  • Experience working in an ever-evolving, energizing environment
  • Customer service experience
  • Interest in public radio and podcasts a plus
  • Interest in public radio and podcasts a plus
  • Comfortable using Macs, Google Apps, Project Management tools, CRMs, Slack or other messaging systems

Visit the PRX website for more information about the Distribution Associate position.

Forecast is a Podcast MP3 Encoder with Chapters

Forecast was created by Marco Arment. It is a Mac MP3 encoding and tagging tool for podcasters. It started out in beta, and is now available to everyone. Forecast is a tool that can save time for podcast producers.

The last thing podcast producers need is more tedious, manual steps to publish each episode. Forecast automates common workflows and saves time even if you never use chapters. And if you want to add chapters, it has never been easier.

Forecast has an autofill function that embeds artwork, title, and description in each MP3. Name your input files with the same prefix and numbering system each time (for example: atp100.wav, atp101.wav) and Forecast will automatically fill in the title, artwork, and episode number.

Forecast has a chapters function. Podcasters do not necessarily need to use Chapters if they do not want to. It is possible to use Forecast just for the autofill function.

If you do use the Chapter function, Forecast will remember and autofill the most recently used URL and/or image for each chapter title, saving you a bit of time if you have repeating chapters over multiple episodes or between multiple shows.

I recommend visiting the Forecast website to get the full details of what it can do. I listed just a couple of things here in this blog. Forecast is free. The latest version for macOS is Version 0.9 (123). You can download it from the Overcast website.

Shortcut is Now Available for Any Podcast to Use

As you may recall, This American Life, from WBEZ, created Shortcut. It was designed to allow people to share a short clip of a This American Life episode with their friends. Now, Shortcut is available for all podcast creators to use.

Stephanie Foo, a This American Life producer, explained more about Shortcut in a blog post. She points out that Shortcut was made to allow This American Life listeners to turn their favorite podcast moments into videos that can be shared online. It’s like making a GIF, but for audio.

Thanks to funding from The Knight Foundation and the developers at Feel Train, Shortcut is now open sourced. What that means: If you’re a podcast creator, you can set Shortcut up to let your own listeners share their favorite moments of your show.

Feel Train has put together a blog post with a log of helpful information for podcasters who want to allow their listeners to use Shortcut. There is a wiki for podcasters who want to get their bearings. Another link is for developers who want to jump right in with implementation. Those who try this out, and have support questions, can reach Feel Train on Gitter.

This American Life wants podcasters who use Shortcut for their shows to let them know about it, so they can spread the word. You can do that by tweeting @ThisAmerLife.

Gumroad is Changing Their Fee Structure

Gumroad tweeted on December 8, 2017, that they plan to drop their transaction fees entirely in the coming months. That tweet included a link to the Patreon tweet where Patreon announced they were updating their fee structure. It appears that Gumroad was influenced by Patreon to make their own changes.

Those who receive email from Gumroad may have already gotten their email that has details about upcoming changes. If not, then you are likely to get that email soon. A portion of what was in the email was posted in a tweet on Gumroad’s Twitter account.

In the email, Sahil and the Gumroad team note that Patreon’s changes “caught a lot of creators off guard”. The purpose of the email is to share what’s coming up on their roadmap.

First off, we’re working to disentangle payments from Gumroad. Currently, customers pay us and we pay you. That means: weekly payouts, a higher fee (we need to cover our operational costs), and no flexibility (if PayPal offers a lower fee, you can’t take advantage of it directly.)

Going forward, we will allow our premium creators to plug in their own Stripe (credit card) and PayPal accounts. Then, we’ll stop taking a transaction fee, so all you will pay us is the $10 (or so) a month.

Simply: you will get paid instantly for every transaction the second it happens, and Gumroad takes nothing from you.

In addition, they plan to open source Gumroad. It is a long-term project, so I wouldn’t expect that to happen soon. Gumroad also pointed out that they are profitable now, and that the last three months have been the best three months in Gumroad’s history.

It is clear that there are a lot of people who are displeased with Patreon’s changes to their fee structure. Gumroad appears to be making it known that they are an option for people who are leaving Patreon or who want an additional resource for monetizing their content.

The NFL Films Podcast Combines Sports and Movies

The NFL Films Podcast is the perfect crossover between movies and sports. It builds on the legendary archive of NFL Films, which is unparalleled in sports for capturing the dramatic on-the-field history of the game.

The NFL Films Podcast is hosted by NFL Films producers Keith Crossrow and Paul Camarata. Each conversation features exclusive clips, rare mic’d up sounds and that unmistakable music, interviews with legends, and an exploration into the subject matter and storytelling of NFL Films’ latest works. Those works include NFL Network’s A Football Life, and The Timeline, Amazon’s All or Nothing, HBO’s Hard Knocks, and more.

At the time I am writing this, The NFL Films Podcast has released a Introduction and two full episodes. In the first episode, NFL Films Producers Keith Crossrow and Paul Camarata dive deep into the making of Emmitt SmithL A Football Life with Emmitt Smith himself. In episode two, Coach Jerry Glanville joins the show and the discussion is about the ’91 Falcons.

Blubrry Podcasting Released Podcast Mirror

Blubrry logoBlubrry Podcasting released its latest complimentary service, Podcast Mirror. This free application will be available to podcasters so they can enhance their current feed and gain a performance edge.

Podcast Mirror by Blubrry allows for an original podcast feed – no matter where it is served from – to be mirrored instantly. This service provides security, in the form of https, and interoperability with third-party caching services. Plus, it eliminates traffic load along with a variety of other convenient features.

No longer will mobile or desktop users click on a podcast feed and be presented the raw XML. Instead, they will be presented with a web-formatted page that allows them to listen and subscribe where the shows are listed. Blubrry has a list of features it will be adding to Podcast Mirror over the coming months.

Podcast Mirror is free for all podcasters, both Blubrry customers and beyond. PowerPress users can implement the service in minutes with instructions that can be found on the page. Podcasters can have an unlimited number of mirrored feeds in their account, as well as the freedom to delete and/or revert to the master feed at any time.

Patreon is Adding a Service Fee to Patron’s Pledges

Patreon announced that they will be applying a new service fee to patron’s individual pledges. The fee will be automatically added. This change will have an effect on patrons and creators.

A new service fee of 2.9% + $0.35 will be paid by patrons for each individual pledge starting on December 18, 2017. Once this change takes effect, the service fee will be applied to all pending retries and existing pledges. Patrons will see their first payment with the fee included on January 1, 2018.

Patreon put together an FAQ that gives more details. In it, it says that patrons who no longer wish to continue their membership with the updated service fee can cancel their pledge before December 31, 2017. Patrons who are pledging to a per-creation creator, who makes a post between December 18th and December 31st will see a service fee added to those posts.

There are two purposes of the new service fee. One is to help keep Patreon going. In the FAQ, Patreon says some of the service fee will go to Patreon’s employee’s salaries, and to pay for office space and to keep their lights on and servers running.

The other purpose is to give creators a higher percentage of the income that comes from pledges. The service fee allows creators to take home exactly 95% of every pledge with no additional fees. Creators will no longer see fluctuations in their Patreon derived income due to varying processing fees.

Patreon has provided a helpful statement that creators can use to explain the new service fees to their patrons. That might be useful to podcasters who have a Patreon for their podcast. Creators are not allowed to “take the hit” for their patrons and pay the new service fee themselves. Patrons are going to have to pay this new service fee, no matter if they are using a credit card or Paypal for their memberships.

Spreaker Introduces Private Episode Sharing

Spreaker has introduced Private Episode Sharing. It allows you to share your episodes with a few select listeners. Private Episode Sharing is a way to apply exclusivity to your podcast.

Creating exclusive content that only a select few listeners can access is a great way to show thanks. If listeners have stuck around since the beginning or performed a specific action – like donated to your podcast or bought one of your products – you can reward them with an episode that can be listened to by them and only them.

Spreaker says that exclusive content can also be the principal way you monetize your podcast. The example Spreaker gives is a podcaster who offers language classes over the course of a podcast season. That podcaster can set up a special private link that will only be available to listeners who pay for the course. Those who pay will receive access to the exclusive content through a special link.

Private episode sharing is available to all Spreaker Pro users who have upgraded to the Broadcaster, Anchorman, and Station plans. They will be able to change a specific episode’s visibility to “Limited Access”. A new link will appear that can be given to select listeners.