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The 2017 Sarah Awards Winners

Sarah Lawrence College announced the winners of the 2017 Sarah Lawrence College International Audio Fiction Awards. There were entries from more than 200 podcasts and radio dramas from around the world. You can buy tickets now to the 2017 Sarah Awards Ceremony.

This is the Second Annual Sarah Awards. The winners have been listed in alphabetical order. The entries highlighted the variety of radio dramas made in the year since the previous Sarah Awards took place. They included psychological thrillers, to musicals, to pieces that blended fact and fiction.

Who won what will be announced at their 2017 Sarah Awards Ceremony which will take place at the Jerome L. Greene Space on March 28, 2017. You can buy tickets now. The event will feature performances by Welcome to Night Vale, the Sugartone Brassband, and others.

The 2017 Sarah Awards Winners are:

  • “An Occurrence at B.E. Investments” by Andrew Wardlaw for Lamplight Radio Play podcast.
  • “Black and Blue: Two Radio Plays Exploring Race and Policing in America” by Judith Kampfner of Corporation For Independent Media for BBC Radio 4.
  • “Homecoming” by Eli Horowitz, Micha Bloomberg and Mark Phillips of Gimlet Media
  • “Randys Mema Died” by Andrea Silenzi of Panoply’s Why Oh Why podcast
  • “The Man in the Barn” by Jonathan Mitchell and Louis Kornfeld of Radiotopia’s The Truth
  • “Wait, Wait, Don’t Kill Me” by Dave Holstein and Andrews Schmuckler with Wondery’s Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape

Sarah Lawerence College has provided a description of each of the winning entries on their website. They also included a link to where you can listen to each one.

The Washington Post Launched “Can He Do That?” Podcast

If you have been paying any attention at all to American politics since Trump was inaugurated, you are undoubtedly aware that a lot of things are happening at once. Some of the decisions made by Trump and his administration have been controversial. A podcast called “Can He Do That?” asks that question.

Can He Do That? is a podcast from The Washington Post. The podcast is hosted by Allison Michaels, who is a digital editor on The Washington Post national desk. Each episode is co-hosted by a rotating cast of Washington Post reporters.

Donald Trump’s historic presidency will look unlike any other that’s come before it. From his outsider status in Washington to his family’s continued residence in New York to his complicated business empire, each episode of this podcast will focus on one aspect of Trump’s time in the White House that defines conventions and asks the question, “Can he do that?”

Every episode features original reporting that will illuminate the ways Donald Trump can reshape the presidency. In addition, the host and co-hosts try and explain what the Trump presidency means for people in the United States and the rest of the world.

The first episode of Can He Do That? was released on January 27, 2017. One month later, on February 27, 2017, the Washington Post reported that the podcast reached one million downloads in its first month. New episodes are released every Friday.

Nashville Rock n Pod Expo is Funded!

The Rock n Pod Expo set up a GoFundMe in an effort to raise enough money to pay for the venue of the event. It didn’t take long before they were fully funded. It appears their next step is to come up with the money for other expenses related to the Expo.

On March 4, 2017, BJ Kramp created a GoFundMe on behalf of Chris Czynszak. It is unclear to me who these two people are or how, exactly, they are involved with the Rock n Pod Expo. In any case, the GoFundMe was set up with a $1,500 goal.

According to the information on the GoFundMe, Nashville Rock n Pod Expo will take place on August 26, 2017. It will include rock and roll podcasters from across North America. The Expo will take place in Millennium Hall in Nashville, Tennessee. The GoFundMe provided the following information:

A venue has been selected that is available for the date that works for most of the podcasts and right now we need your help. The goal amount of $1500.00 will allow us to have the venue rented for our target date of 8/26. It also gets us on firm ground to start funding other expenses including travel for the out of town podcasts. There will be some incredible perks/rewards in that campaign but before that fun stuff happens, we need to get over this hurdle, fast.

It only took two days for them to reach their funding goal.

There is some tentative information on the GoFundMe regarding who might be at the Rock n Pod Expo. It states that Expo attendees will quite possibly get to meet the hosts and have the opportunity to witness episodes recorded live by some or all of the following podcasts:

  • Decibel Geek
  • Pods & Sods
  • PodKISSt
  • The Rock n Roll Geek Show
  • Rock Solid
  • Talking Metal
  • Rock and Metal Combat
  • The Classic Metal Show
  • The KissFAQ
  • Kiss My Wax
  • Zilch! A Monkees Podcast
  • Cheap Talk with Trick Chat
  • The Shabby Road Record Show
  • Cobras and Fire
  • Talk Toomey
  • Rock Strikes Ten
  • Podcast Rock City
  • …and maybe more.

According to the GoFundMe, there will be vinyl and memorabilia vendors on site, Q&A sessions and signings with “certain rock celebrities”, and a charitable auction. This GoFundMe was the “first step toward making it all happen”. It appears that a second GoFundMe will be launched to over the rest of the expenses.

Innovation Crush Podcast Marks its 150th Episode

Chris Denson, host of Innovation Crush, in partnership with podcast network Wondery, presents the 150th episode of the podcast. This benchmark episode features an interview with comedian Orlando Jones of American Gods.

A cross between The Daily Show and Fast Company, Innovation Crush is an energetic, funny, and highly informative series profiling the rock stars of innovation and the game-changing ideas shaping the world today. The weekly series has just over 700,000 subscribers, and explores marketing ideas, technological advances, groundbreaking business models, and personal development with today’s leading trailblazers. Recent guests include Daymond John, Elizabeth Gore, Rob Dyrdek and David Pogue.

“I’m super happy that we’ve been able to entertain and inform so many people around the world for all this time. Orlando’s appearance on our 150th episode is a great culmination and representation of everything Innovation Crush stands for – ideas, creativity, entertainment, and a little bit of ‘how-to,’” said host Chris Denson.

The monumental episode comes on the heels of a new production partnership with the SAE (School of Audio Engineering) Institute, and only days before a series of live “Crash Courses” at SXSW 2017, hosted by Walmart’s Spark Lounge.

Innovation Crush brings together some of the best entrepreneurial minds to share their commentary and ideas with a large community of listeners and creators,” said Hernan Lopez, founder of Wondery. “Wondery is proud to congratulate Chris on this fantastic benchmark.”

The 150th episode of Innovation Crush with Orlando Jones will become available today, March 7, 2017, and can be found on iTunes, iHeart, Soundcloud, and everywhere else podcasts are available.

Enter the British Podcast Awards

The British Podcast Awards was created to highlight the best podcasts of the year that were made in Great Britain. The deadline for entering your podcast is March 6, 2017.

The British Podcast Awards hold a competition to showcase the best podcasts of the year. They welcome all podcast makers to enter: from big brands to bedroom publishers, charities to comedians, anyone who is helping to build an industry in which we can all be proud.

It is the only British podcast-only competition decided by independent judges. Nominees will have their shows featured on, as part of an exclusive podcast series showcasing all the categories.  It costs £15 per entry (plus PayPal fees).

To enter, your podcast must have been made in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. You must have created at least six episodes of a single podcast between January 2016 and December 2016. The deadline for entry is Monday, March 6, 2017. Entries should be in English. Audio must have been available to download via RSS within qualifying period.

You have to enter (up to) 4 clips – as a single MP3, up to a maximum of 15 minutes – that best describes the work that you do. You can also submit background information and/or tracklisting.

Categories include:

  • TV, Film, Games & Books
  • True Crime
  • Branded Content – the best examples of advertiser-funded podcasts
  • Comedy
  • Fiction – incorporating drama, readings, and all post truths
  • Smartest – general knowledge and fact-based fun
  • Represent – podcasts that reach audiences that traditional media fail to reach
  • Best Radio Podcast supported by UK Radioplayer
  • Best New Podcast
  • Sport
  • Interview
  • Current Affairs
  • Entertainment with Maple Street Studios
  • “Other” (AKA Most Original Podcast)

AudioBoom Partners with iHeartRadio and Spike TV

AudioBoom announced two strategic partnerships – with iHeartRadio and with Spike TV – demonstrating the company’s continued growth and focus to provide users with the ability to make content far-reaching, as well as deliver interesting and engaging audio content.

Through its collaboration with iHeartRadio, iHeartMedia’s all-in-one digital music, podcasting, and live-streaming radio service, podcasters who use audioBoom’s platform to host and distribute on-demand audio content will now have the option to reach iHeartRadio’s 95 million registered users.This partnership will provide an avenue for increased visibility, as well as audience and revenue growth.

Separately, through its branded content partnership with Spike TV, audioBoom is producing a roundtable podcast discussion dedicated to Spike TV’s upcoming six-part series, “TIME: The Kalief Browder Story,” featuring the hosts from popular true crimes podcasts including Undisclosed, Up & Vanished, Truth & Justice and Actual Innocence.

Los Angeles Podcast Festival Announces 2017 Dates

This is the sixth year of the L.A. Podcast Festival.  It will take place in the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles for the weekend of October 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2017. Several podcasts have been already been confirmed.

The L.A. Podcast Festival will be held in the Historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel. The Biltmore’s ballroom has hosted the Academy Awards in the 1930s and ’40s. The theme of this year’s L.A. Podcast Festival is “Truth, Laughter & Lies at the Historic Biltmore”.

Tickets for the L.A. Podcast Festival are on sale now. Two tiers of tickets will be available – a limited number of discounted Early Bird tickets at $99 + fees, and full-price tickets are $149 + fees.

The following podcasts have been confirmed and will be at L.A. Podcast Festival:

  • BertCast
  • WTF with Marc Maron
  • My Favorite Murder
  • Ca$hing In with T.J. Miller
  • The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds
  • Comedy Film Nerds
  • The Mental Illness Happy Hour
  • The Jackie and Laurie Show
  • The Dork Forest with Jackie Kashian
  • We Hate Movies

Additional talent will be announced in the coming months. This year’s L.A. Podcast Festival will feature live presentations of comedy podcasts (along with a few other genres).

A new feature this year is the launch of Podcast Pros, the podcast industry conference within the festival. Growing out of the panels at its past festivals, Podcast Pros will feature intimate conversations with podcast business luminaries, panels, and industry data analysis, while delivering this information with Podfest’s entertaining spirit.

Those who have been to previous L.A. Podcast Festivals will enjoy the return of the participatory Podcast Lab, the exclusive space for emerging podcasters to set up their gear and invite performers to participate in interviews and Saturday night’s All-Star Stand-up Comedy Podsmash.

HowStuffWorks Partners with AdsWizz

HowStuffWorks is an award-winning source of unbiased, reliable, easy to understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works. AdsWizz is the leading global digital audio advertising solution provider. HowStuffWorks and AdsWizz have partnered to connect adversing to the HowStuffWorks podcasts.

HowStuffWorks announced that it will bring dynamic advertising to its expansive podcast library, doubling new advertising inventory for its existing and future portfolio of leading brand partners. Powered by AdsWizz, the partnership is intended to strengthen the value of podcast advertising for brands, while maintaining an inherently intimate listening experience.

HowStuffWorks’ 12 podcast brands have amassed over 650 million downloads in the last eight years, and garner over 29 million downloads every month. With an evergreen podcast library of more than 6,000 episodes totaling over 3,000 hours of listening time, combined with dynamic ad insertion technology, HowStuffWorks is now uniquely positioned to provide a new level of scale to brands seeking to enhance their digital advertising across all platforms.

This technology partnership reinforces HowStuffWorks’ commitment to curated, live-read ad integrations that foster a personal connection with listeners.

AdsWizz has built a suite of solutions dedicated to bringing advanced advertising capabilities and extending this one-to-one experience by creating and implementing unique listening experiences informed by listener information like location, content preferences or user profile.

DirtCast is the Newest Podcast from Jezebel

Jezebel has announced the launch of their second podcast. It is called DirtCast, and it is from Jezebel and Fusion Media.

About a month ago, Jezebel launched their first podcast, Big Time Dicks.  The podcast was inspired by a similarly named Jezebel column, “Big Time Small Time Dicks”. Big Time Dicks brings listeners on an in-depth look at the laws and lawmakers that are intent on harming people on the local, state, and federal levels.

DirtCast is Jezebel’s second podcast (and the first done by Jezebel and Fusion Media Group). DirtCast is a weekly pop-culture breakdown that is based on a Jezebel column called “Dirt Bag”. The show is hosted by Bobby Finger and Madeline Davies. They break down the biggest celebrity stories, play funny games, and interview PR experts and novices alike.

New episodes will launch weekly. At the time I am writing this blog, there is a “Welcome to DirtCast” episode and two official episodes.

In Episode 1, Bobby Finger and Madeline Davies talk about Johnny Depp’s rumored debt and wine collection, the questionable choice of casting Hollywood conservatives Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn in a Blue Lives Mater movie, and whether or not Rose and Jack would have stayed together if Jack hadn’t died at the end of Titanic.

Later in the same episode, the hosts are joined by Rob Shuter of Naughty Gossip (which offers celebrity gossip). Rob Shuter worked as a PR rep for Jennifer Lozpez, Diddy, and Jessica Simpson.