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Construction Companies Launch Radio Show and Podcast

Jack Cox, president of Halfacre Construction Company, and Jeff Charlotte, president of J.E. Charlotte Construction Corp., have announced that they are launching a radio show called Business Spotlights with Jack and Jeff. Listeners will be able to stream the audio online.

Halfacre Constriction Company is located in Sarasota, Florida. It is the area’s oldest, most established, locally owned and operated private commercial construction company. J.E. Charlotte Construction Corp. is located in Venice, Florida. It is among the top 50 contractors on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The Business Spotlights with Jack and Jeff radio show will broadcast weekly on Sarasota’s News Radio 1320 AM, 1450 AM and 103.9 FM every Tuesday from noon – 1 p.m. Listeners can stream the audio online every Tuesday at  Each show will be archived on the website for podcasting after it has aired each week.

The first radio show will air on June 6, 2017. It will highlight the state of Sarasota County Schools with BJ Ivey, Sarasota County’s 2017 teacher of the year, and Superintendent Todd Bowen.

Ricochet Adds More Podcasts

Ricochet is a website for conservatives. The goal of Ricochet is simple: to provide the best center-right conversation on the planet. Ricochet has added more podcasts to the Ricochet Audio Network.

In a press release posted on the Ricochet website, Ricochet announced that The Weekly Standard and The Washington Examiner podcasts will be joining the Ricochet Audio Network.

Beginning May 1st, The Weekly Standard’s The Daily Standard podcast and the Washington Examiner’s Examining Politics Daily will be available on the Ricochet Superfeed and on, along with the popular pop-culture podcast, The Sub-Standard.

Examining Politics is a daily podcast from The Washington Examiner. It includes the hottest stories of the day and features talents like Byron York, David Drucker, Sarah Westwood, Phil Klein, Susan Ferrechio, Tim Carney, and Emily Jashinsky. In addition, Thursday is Salena Zito’s “Main Street Meets the Beltway,” produced in conjunction with Sirius XM radio.

The Daily Standard describes itself on iTunes as “Your conservative source for analysis of the news shaping US politics and World events”. It is hosted by Michael Graham who leads an all-star roster of the best conservative thinkers including: Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, Stephen F. Hayes, Andy Ferguson, Jonathan Last, and more. The Daily Standard podcast comes from The Weekly Standard.

The Sub-Standard is also from the Weekly Standard. It is hosted by Jonathan Last, Sonny Bunch, and Vic Matus. The podcast is “a nerdcast for fans of films, videogames, pop culture, and general geekdom.” New episodes are posted every Thursday before noon.

No Need to Panic Over “Death” of MP3 Audio Format

mp3 logoIt’s generally accepted that podcasting began to truly coalesce into a recognizable medium in late 2004. Considering the timeframe, it’s no surprise that mp3 became the most popular choice for audio encoding of podcasts. Other formats were definitely available. But mp3 files were a ubiquitous part of the digital-music revolution that had taken place in the years leading up to podcasting’s beginning. Due to its widespread use by consumers, mp3 was an obvious choice for podcasters to use when encoding their shows.

Every few years, one group or another would make some noise about how podcasting needed a “better,” or more “modern” format for encoding audio. Despite those efforts, nothing came around that worked as a true replacement for mp3.

Fraunhofer, the German technology company that’s held patent and licensing rights for the mp3 format for decades, recently announced that its mp3 licensing program was terminated:

On April 23, 2017, Technicolor’s mp3 licensing program for certain mp3 related patents and software of Technicolor and Fraunhofer IIS has been terminated.

We thank all of our licensees for their great support in making mp3 the defacto audio codec in the world, during the past two decades.

In its statement, Fraunhofer noted that there are more advanced audio codes available today, like AAC. This statement led to a chorus of “mp3 is dead!” cries from the tech press. Marco Arment, developer of the popular podcast app Overcast, took to his blog to shoot down the notion that the mp3 format was now over:

MP3 is no less alive now than it was last month or will be next year — the last known MP3 patents have simply expired.

So while there’s a debate to be had — in a moment — about whether MP3 should still be used today, Fraunhofer’s announcement has nothing to do with that, and is simply the ending of its patent-licensing program (because the patents have all expired) and a suggestion that we move to a newer, still-patented format.

The “mp3 is dead” meme began to resonate at such a high pitch that Fraunhofer came back a few days later to clarify what its original statement actually means:

…does this mean that mp3 is really dead now, as we have read often in the last few days? Of course not! mp3 is a phenomenon, which changed our way of consuming music forever, and is very much alive in 2017.

The licensing program coming to an end is due to the fact that the last patent included in the program expired. In no way does that mean that the usage permit ends. The only ones deciding on the “death” of mp3 will be the users, who might switch to more modern audio formats at some point, such as AAC, which is included in almost every smartphone today.

It seems inevitable that some other format will eventually eclipse mp3 for both music and spoken-word audio. But that day is not yet upon us. If you’ve been concerned about this news and contemplating a format change for your show, relax! MP3 is likely to still be here for quite some time.

#2PodsADay is a 30-Day Campaign to Promote Independent Podcasts

2PodsADay logoSeparating signal noise can be a challenging task in the internet age. There are so many outlets producing various types of media that it’s impossible for any one person to keep up. With an estimated 300,000 currently active shows, podcasting is still somewhat small in comparison to other digital mediums. But 300,000 of anything is more than one person could hope to process. That’s why it’s helpful for podcast listeners when someone steps in to provide a little guidance.

That’s just what podcaster Josh Hallmark is doing with his #2PodsADay project. #2PodsADay highlights two independently-produced podcasts, handpicked by Hallmark, and features them on the #2PodsADay website. The #2PodsADay campaign began earlier this month, on May 15th, and will run for 30 days until June 13th.

In a recent article on the campaign, Hallmark explained his inspiration for the #2PodsADay campaign:

When Josh Hallmark, the host of Our Americana and The Karen and Ellen Letters, started podcasting a year ago, he didn’t realize how hard it would be— both to produce a show, and to gain an audience. “It is very much a 1 percent industry,” he says. “ You go onto iTunes and everyone that’s featured is people who are associated with networks that have tons of money and tons of leverage. It’s really hard if you’re an independent podcaster to break through that.”

To keep track of the #2PodsADay campaign, click the website link above, join the campaign’s Facebook group or follow the campaign on Twitter.

Blubrry Launches ‘Turnkey’ PowerPress Sites Deluxe Podcast Publishing Service

Blubrry logoThere might be as many different podcast hosting/publishing platforms these days as there are podcasts. This kind of competition is good for podcasters, and for the podcasting space overall, as it provides lots of different options for creators. Blubrry, one of the industry’s longest-running providers of podcasting services, recently launched its PowerPress Sites Deluxe service, which the company is describing as a “turnkey” solution for podcast publishing:

PowerPress Sites Deluxe is a full turn-key solution for podcasters and includes hosting, statistics, and a managed WordPress website. The Deluxe option includes additional WordPress templates, themes, plugins and most importantly, the ability for podcasters to use their own domain for their website. Domains are purchased separately and are added to the site during setup.

PowerPress Sites Deluxe is the second stage in the rollout of Blubrry’s PowerPress Sites service that was first announced in the summer of 2015. The “PowerPress” part of the PowerPress Sites name might sound familiar to many podcasters, as the service relies on Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin to create podcast RSS feeds. Prior to the launch of PowerPress Sites, podcasters had to run self-hosted WordPress installations along with the PowerPress plugin in order to create a fully functional podcast site. A PowerPress Site is also a WordPress site that comes with PowerPress built-in. The big difference is that all PowerPress Sites are fully hosted and managed by Blubrry. That means things like security, updates, and backups are all handled directly by Blubrry.

The new Deluxe version of PowerPress Sites specifically offers:

The Deluxe Site is for podcasters who may want to use their own domain and those wanting enhanced Search Engine Optimization / Discovery with an SSL certificate. It includes the most popular plugins and multiple site templates, as well as a variety of themes to choose from.

A Blubrry media hosting subscription is required in order to use the PowerPress Sites service.

Disclosure: Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane is Executive Editor of Podcaster News and I work part-time with the Blubrry support team.

Instrument Builder Moniker Guitars Launches Podcast

Moniker Guitars podcast artMusicians spend a lot of their time listening to audio. And while a lot of that listening time is probably devoted to music, even the most devoted music consumers have to sometimes take a break. That’s why it’s a smart move when companies that provide products and services geared towards musicians get into podcasting. That’s exactly what Austin, TX-based instrument builder Moniker Guitars has done with the launch of its new podcast.

Moniker Guitars explained its thinking behind the podcast in a recent e-mail blast:

We’re excited to bring you Episode 1 of the Moniker Guitars podcast. And just like Star Wars: Episode 1, we have our own version of Jar Jar Binks, producer and engineer Rick King of King Sound Studios. Just kidding Rick!

Kevin and Steve from Moniker sit down with Rick to talk about his amazing studio, King Sound, in Peducah KY (where?!), and his approach for recording bands such as Hit The Lights, Alta View and many more.

Moniker Guitars seems like a natural fit for producing a podcast. It’s somewhat surprising that more musical instrument and/or audio equipment companies aren’t producing their own.

The Moniker Guitars podcast can be found thru the link at the top of this article. The show is also listed on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and Stitcher.

TV Show Based on Startup Podcast Releases First Trailer

Alex IncStartup, the podcast that documented the beginnings of podcast production house Gimlet Media, has reached a new level of notoriety. TV show Alex, Inc. will air this fall on the ABC network. The TV show gets its namesake from main character Alex Schulman, who is based on Startup host and Gimlet Media cofounder Alex Blumberg.

Alex will be portrayed by Zach Braff (Scrubs, Garden State). The show’s cast also includes Tiya Sircar (Star Wars: Rebels), Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), Elisha Henig, Audyssie James, and more.

Braff will also have a hand in the writing and production of Alex, Inc. The show’s first trailer definitely makes Alex, Inc. look more like a sitcom than a documentary series. Anyone familiar with Startup will recognize certain elements that have carried over to the TV show from the podcast. And of course, there are plenty of things in the trailer that have been embellished for the sake of comedic TV.

Major television networks (including ABC) are in the midst of their advertising upfronts for the Fall 2017 broadcast season. No word yet on how much interest has been generated by Alex, Inc. Regardless of the show’s potential success, it’s still a banner moment for podcasting to have a primetime TV show based on a podcast. Time will tell if Alex, Inc. sets off a trend or goes down as a novel idea.

Seattle PodCon is Crowdfunding for Planned December Dates

PodCon logoIt takes a lot of resources to put on a successful podcasting conference. And by “resources,” I mean “money.” That’s why the organizers of Seattle PodCon, planned for December 9th and 10th of this year, are raising money thru crowdfunding to get their conference off the ground.

PodCon is the brainchild of YouTuber and podcaster Hank Green, Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor of Welcome to Night Vale, and podcast producer Travis McElroy:

They wanted there to be a place where people got together to really just /get into/ podcasts together for a couple days. That’s going to include discussions of what is oh-so right about podcasts, but also some of the issues we have to face. It’s going to include live performances and mashed-up podcasts. It’s going to feature podcasters from tons of genres including fiction, news, science, comedy, drama, crime, interview and more.

We just love this stuff, and we want to celebrate it.

The producers of PodCon are still working on getting all of the details together for the conference. So far, they’ve confirmed live podcast recordings of the shows Dear Hank and John, My Brother My Brother and Me, and Alice Isn’t Dead (a separate, ticketed production of Welcome to Night Vale will be held adjacent to, but not automatically included with PodCon). The conference will also host panel discussions and workshops that will cover a wide range of podcasting topics.

PodCon has currently raised 16% (just shy of $50,000) of its $300,000 flexible crowdfunding goal. Contributors can gain access to PodCon with a $90 contribution. A remote access pass can be had for a $25 contribution. Remote access attendees will receive a special podcast feed that will contain recordings of many of the events happening at PodCon.

To learn more about PodCon and contribute to the Indiegogo campaign, click the link at the top of this article.

Parsec Awards 2017 is Seeking Podcast Nominations

The Parsec Awards are a celebration of speculative fiction podcasting. They are seeking nominations for the 2017 Parsec Awards. The nomination period is now open and will continue through June 1, 2017.

The Parsec Awards were founded by Mur Lafferty, Michael R. Mennenga, and Tracy Hickmen in 2006 to celebrate Speculative Fiction Podcasting, under the banner of Farpoint Media. Podcasts shows are nominated by fans, and finalists are chosen by a yearly steering committee. Those finalists are then voted on by an independent panel of judges from outside podcasting.

You can nominate a podcast for the 2017 Parsec Awards. Make sure that podcast is appropriate for the Parsecs. Choose the general category that the podcast best fits into. Make sure that the podcast you want to nominate has not already been nominated.

The Categories are:

  • Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Novella Form)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Long Form)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Story: Large Cast (Short Form)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Story: Large Cast (Long Form)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Video Story
  • Best Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast
  • Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team
  • Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (Specific)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (General)
  • Best Podcast about Speculative Fiction Content Creation
  • Best Fact Behind the Fiction Podcast
  • Best Speculative Fiction Comedy/Parody Podcast