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Patreon Acquired Kit

Patreon powers membership businesses for creators of all kinds. Kit is a community to discover, discuss, and get interesting products – grouped into kits – for activities like traveling, Djing, cooking, cycling and more. Patron has announced that they have acquired Kit.

It appears that the acquisition could result in something on Patreon that would make it easier for creators to sell physical merchandise. Exact details have yet to be revealed.

One of the most effective ways creators build a growing and sustainable membership is by selling merch. Patrons want something personalized, a physical artifact to connect them to the creator – and the more unique the better. But today, merch is unnecessarily painful for creators; we’ve talked to heaps of creators who spend time stuffing envelopes, researching the lowest prices on shipping, and take endless trips to the post office. We want to make merch easy. A simple solution empowering creators to easily add merch to their membership business, and connect deeply with their biggest fans.

Kit launched a little over two years ago with a simple idea: to help people discover the products worth getting – and create a new kind of experience where your creativity and expertise actually earn you money. Patreon says that the creators of Kit have “built a beautiful product in”.

Kit posted a blog about the acquisition, in which they state they are going to work on Merchandise, creating features that give creators a simple way to deliver their products to their members. Kit says it will continue to be available to Kit users while they transition over to Patreon.

What does this mean for podcasters who use Patreon? That’s not entirely clear, yet. The Patreon blog about the acquisition ends with: “Together with Kit, we’re going to make it simple by inventing a way to fulfill automated “merch for membership” that will help creators stop stuffing envelopes and get back to full time creation.”

AudioBoom Raised More Funding

There has been an update in the continuing saga of audioBoom and Triton Digital. Audioboom has managed to raise funding in an effort to secure its operational capital.

Previously, the deal between the two companies was that audioBoom would buy Triton Digital for $185 million in a reverse takeover. Later, it was reported by Radio Ink that “due to insufficient funds, that deal is off and audioBoom is in jeopardy of shutting down.”

RAINN News provides an easy-to-understand explanation of a May 25, 2018, filing on the London Stock Exchange website regarding audiBoom. The company was able to raise 500,000 GBP from an existing investor. The investor is Candy Ventures. Nick Candy is the 90% shareholder of Candy Ventures.

The loan from Candy Ventures is in convertible notes. The announcement says the loan is “pending the completion” of audioBoom’s “current equity fundraise, which is being undertaken to provide additional working capital, investment in additional podcasting content and other growth initiatives.” The deadline to convert the loan notes is set at June 30, 2018.

Plex is Now Featuring Podcasts

Plex announced that one if its most requested features is now available on Plex: Podcasts! With rich metadata and tons of features, like On Deck, personalized recommendations, variable speed playback, a customizable home screen, offline mode (coming soon), and so much more, you can now enjoy a robust podcast-listening experience on Plex.

The new Podcasts feature on Plex is available in beta on Android, iOS, Roku, and Web (no Plex Media Server required). Best of all, the Podcasts feature is free for all users.

Here at Plex, we like to use every part of the media and hate it when good content goes to waste. That’s why we’re adding support for the incredibly rich and diverse body of content that is Podcasts. We love the scrappy, two-people-and-a-mic nature of this ecosystem. It’s egalitarian, fanatical, and sometimes just a little rough around the edges, but we think it’s a perfect complement to the rest of your Plex diet.

Here are a few of the features:

Rich Search and Discovery: Plex’s machine learning team has built a sophisticated system which delivers personalized recommendations for new podcasts.

Personal Podcasts: Once you’ve found your podcasts, you can add them to “My Podcasts” on your home screen. Once there, they’ll act much like a show in your personal TV libraries, with features like On Deck to make podcast binging easy.

Enhanced Player: Plex upgraded the players inside their mobile apps and the web app to allow for variable speed playback, as wells as quickly skipping backwards or forwards.

More great features are coming soon, including OPML, importing, and offline podcast support for Plex’s mobile apps.

Academy of Podcasters Reveals 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

The Academy of Podcasters is a group of influential contributors to the podcast community who come together every year to vote on the winners of the annual Academy of Podcasters awards. These contributors are also in charge of voting annual inductees into the Hall of Fame. The Academy of Podcasters has revealed their 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees.

Chemda Keith and the Girl
Keith Malley– Keith and the Girl
Best known as hosts of the comedy podcast Keith and the Girl, Keith Malley and Chemda have been putting out daily shows since March 2005. Many of today’s top podcasters credit KATG as being pioneers that got them into the podcasting world!

Dave JacksonSchool of Podcasting
Dave Jackson is an award-winning podcaster who has been podcasting since 2005, and has been the host of nearly a dozen different podcasts over the last decade. Dave is best known as the host of School of Podcastingwhere he has helped thousands of new and experienced podcasters to launch their shows and become better hosts.

Father Roderick VonHögen – The Daily Breakfast
Father Roderick VonHögen is a Roman Catholic priest from the Netherlands who works as a new media broadcaster and television presenter of programming related to Catholicism and pop culture. He is best known for starting the Star Quest Production Network, the leading Catholic podcasting platform, in 2005, and as the host of The Walk and The Daily Breakfast.

Grant BacioccoThe Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
Grant Baciocco is a content creator and performer who is on the forefront of all things new media. In 2004 he created the popular, family friendly podcast, The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, which has been releasing episodes ever since.

Pamela GayAstronomy Cast
Dr. Pamela Gay is an astronomer, writer, and podcaster who uses new media to engage people in science and technology. She is best known as the host of Astronomy Cast where each week she takes listeners on facts-based journeys through our Cosmos.

Reggie Ossé Aka Combat Jack – Loud Speakers Podcast Network & The Combat Jack Show
Reggie Ossé (July 8, 1964 – December 20, 2017) was a hip hop music attorney, executive, founding partner of the Loud Speakers Podcast Network, and host of the podcast The Combat Jack Show. He was also the host of Gimlet’s MOGUL.  Ossé will be inducted posthumously this summer in Philadelphia.

Scott Johnson – Frogpants Studios
Scott Johnson is a cartoonist, illustrator, designer and podcaster. In 2008, Johnson launched FrogPants Studios, an illustration and audio production company, and has since put out over a dozen different podcasts, including the award winning Film Sack, and The Morning Stream.

Apply for the Audio Podcast Fellows Program

The Audio Podcast Fellows Program at Stony Brook Southampton offers a year of advanced, hands-on training to introduce students to the most current information on every aspect of audio podcast production, from storytelling and writing, to audio editing and sound, to marketing, production, and distribution.

During their year, Fellows work on a variety of shows with our production partners, while producing a portfolio including a podcast pilot that is ready to take to market. Admission is selective and limited to 12 Fellows.

Throughout the program, students will take advantage of two Stony Brook classroom and recording locations: The newly renovated David Rakoff Studio on the Southampton campus, and in Manhattan, the Center for Creative Writing and Film at 535 Eight Avenue, near Penn Station. The program will include field trips to conferences, live recordings/shows, and studios around the city. Accepted students will have the opportunity to work in a studio on other podcasts as well as their own.

WSHU Public Radio is a production partner of Stony Brook Southampton. WSHU Public Radio will broadcast podcast excerpts and interview hosts on the air, creating widespread awareness among public radio listeners. The podcasts will also be featured on WSHU’s website and promoted via on-air announcements, social media, and e-newsletters, offering an extraordinary opportunity to reach and build a new York and Connecticut audience.

Those interested in applying for the Audio Podcast Fellows Program can apply online. Applications are being accepted now and admission is on a rolling basis. Completed applications will be reviewed in the order in which they were received.

Anchor Introduces Mobile Importing

Anchor announced that you can now build podcast episodes in Anchor using audio from any app on your phone. This new feature is called Mobile Importing.

Anchor says that one of the biggest feature requests they get from podcasters is that they want to be able to manage their episodes entirely on the go, without being tethered to their computer for things like uploading.

The new Mobile Importing feature provides what podcasts have been asking Anchor for.

To pull in audio from other apps, just tap the “Import” button in your Library and browse files stored on your device or in the cloud (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) You can also share audio files to Anchor from any app on your phone!

Anchor has some suggestions on how to use this feature:

  • Make a theme song in GarageBand
  • Import an mp3 from an email attachment
  • Access your edited audio files from Dropbox
  • Make use of those hundreds of voice memos you’ve been recording.

In addition, Anchor users can now access all of their historical Anchor content in one convenient place: The Library tool. Easily re-use the same intro for multiple podcast episodes, pull in the interview you captured on the go last week, or do a callback to a hilarious moment from a previous episode.

Winners of the 2018 British Podcast Awards

The British Podcast Awards have been created to highlight the best podcasts of the year, all made in Great Britain. It was established in 2017. The winners of the 2018 British Podcast Awards have been announced.

You can find a link to, and a logo of, all of the winning podcasts on the British Podcast Awards website. Many categories named a Gold, a Silver, and a Bronze winner. I’m including the Gold winners from each category here.

Podcast of the Year 2018: Griefcast– Cariad Lloyd

Listeners’ Choice Awards 2018:Kermode &Mayo’s Film Review –Somethin’ Else for BBC Radio 5Live

Podcast Champion 2018: Helen Zaltzman

Family – Gold: Once Upon a Time In Zombieville –Bigmouth Audio [for BBC Radio Scotland]

Best Culture Podcast – Gold: The Two Shot Podcast – Thomas Griffin and Craig Parkinson

True Crime – Gold:The Assassination – Owen Bennet-Jones & Neal Razzell [for BBC World Service]

Branded Content – supported by Muddy Knees Media – Gold: The Discovery Adventures – Land Rover

Best Comedy– supported by Podiant – Gold: Beef & Dairy Network Podcast – Benjamin Partridge

Fiction – Gold: Imaginary Advice – Ross Sutherland

Smartest Podcast – Gold: The Allusionist –Helen Zaltzman

Represent – supported by Twitter – Gold: Carousel Radio – Davot, Fran, Ewan, Jonny and Sam

Best Radio Podcast – supported by UK Radioplayer – Gold: Short Cuts – Falling Tree Productions for BBC Radio

Best New Podcast – Gold: The Tip Off –Maeve McClenaghan

Sport – Gold: Fight Disciples – Fight Disciples

Acast Innovation Award – Podcast Pingback –Aiir

Best Interview – supported by ipDTL – Gold: Griefcast – Cariad Lloyd

Current Affairs – supported by – Gold: The Foreign Desk – Bill Leuty, Joleen Goffin and Andrew Muller [for Monocle]

International Award – Gold: Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel – Audible

Entertainment with Sony Music’s 4thFloor Creative – Gold: Griefcast – Cariad Lloyd

Most Original Podcast – supported by Audible: The Discovery Adventures – Land Rover

Parcast Adds Great Women of Business Podcast

Parcast is the premier podcast network focused on creating scripted, story-driven programming that is engaging, informative, entertaining. They have added the Great Women of Business podcast. The trailer is available now.

The wage gap. The motherhood penalty. The glass ceiling. From Coco Chanel to Mrs. Fields, Julia Child to Martha Stewart, business-savvy women have fought sexism all the way to the executive suite. Every Tuesday, Great Women of Business spotlights inspiring careers, savvy decisions, and catastrophic failures. Each episode tells a different woman’s story, and teaches the business principles they used to find success.

Great Women of Business is a Production of Cutler Media and part of the Parcast Network. The first episode of this twelve episode series premiers June 5th. The Trailer is out, and can be listened to on the Parcast website, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Tunein, and Stitcher. Midroll is currently seeking advertisers for the Great Women of Business podcast.

Vanessa Richardson is the host of Great Women of Business. She is also on two other Parcast hits: Serial Killers and Historical Figures. She is joined by Molly Brandenburg, co-host of the chart-topping Conspiracy Theories.

The Deal Between Audioboom and Triton Digital is Off

Earlier this year, Audioboom bought Triton Digital for $185 million dollars in a reverse takeover. Now, just a few months later, that deal has ended. I haven’t been able to find a direct announcement about this from either Audioboom or Triton Digital. That being said, there are other articles out there that have additional information about what happened.

Radio Ink reported: “Due to insufficient funds, that deal is off and Audioboom is in jeopardy of shutting down.”

Radio Ink also reported that Audioboom was now looking for new funding so it can invest in additional podcasting content and for working capital. In addition, Audioboom now owes Triton Digital a “Break Fee” of just under $1 million, which must be paid by June 13, 2018.

Radio and Television Business Report reported: “With the dissolution of the Triton deal, Audioboom CEO Rob Proctor remains in his role.” The article also included quotes from Rob Proctor. The most significant portion of those quotes is the following:

“The further reduction in the number of smaller, unsustainable podcasts on our platform will allow us to further reduce our monthly operating costs. Overall, Audioboom continues to run a tighter, more compact operation, which will ultimately lead to a stronger more vibrant business.”

The wording in that quote from Audioboom CEO Rob Proctor appears to be making some of the podcasters who have their podcasts on Audioboom a bit nervous. Will their show be considered “smaller” and “unsustainable”? Will their show be among the podcasts Audioboom wants to reduce?

If your podcast is on Audioboom, and you are anxious about what may happen to your show if Audioboom is unable to obtain new funding, it might be time to make a change. Start looking at other companies that host podcasts just in case you have to find a new home for your show.