Acast Seeks a Customer Success Manager

Acast is seeking a Customer Success Manager. It is a full time position at Acast in Los Angeles, California. In the want-ad, Acast describes itself this way: “We are a flat organization that supports a culture of autonomy and respect, and find those with an entrepreneurial spirit and curious mindset thrive at Acast.”

As a Customer Success Manager (CSM) you will be joining our Global Customer Success team to become the “first contact” for many of the interactions we have with our Podcast customers. In this role, you will play an integral role in shaping the customer experience we provide, by helping our content creators (our Podcasters) get the most value out of the Acast platform and monetization services we provide. We want all our Podcasters to rave about our service and to recommend Acast to the highest level!

You can:

  •  Navigate and gain a deep understanding of Acast’s platform and products so as to create a fantastic support experience for new and existing podcasters
  •  Build great relationships with Acast’s Podcaster partners and become their trusted expert on platform and support requests and other general business and product inquiries
  •  Connect with a wide-range of customer types, from non-technical to more technical advances
  •  Oversee all support communication channels, including email support, phone support, social media and live chat
  •  Contribute to product backlog by logging issues, bugs, and feature requests when applicable
  •  And more!

    Competencies and Characteristics include:
  •  Bi-lingual English and Spanish required (tri-lingual including French, Swedish, or German a bonus!)
  •  A genuine interest in podcasting and digital audio content
  •  Experience using customer/tech support technology
  •  Logical thinking
  •  Unrivaled problem-solving skills
  •  Experience of basic HTML and/or code structuring
  •  Strong Excel skills – preferably intermediate
  •  And more!

To learn more about Acast’s Customer Service Manager position, visit the Acast website where the want-ad is located. There is a button at the bottom called “Get more details. Acast is also seeking a Senior Customer Success Manager in Australia, and a Customer Success Manager in France.

Audioboom Renewed Unnamed Podcast for 24 Months

Audioboom announced a contract renewal of “one of Audioboom’s most popular entertainment podcasts” for 24 months. For whatever reason, Audioboom didn’t actually include the name of the podcast. From the press release (which was posted on January 24, 2019):

The board of Audioboom, the leading global podcast company, is pleased to announce that the Company has renewed an exclusive sales and distribution contract with one of Audioboom’s most popular entertainment podcasts for 24 months, which includes the opportunity to work with the content partner on further podcasts projects together. Over the past year this podcast has been downloaded more than 140 million times, and during 2019 Audioboom sold more than 98% of the available advertising inventory against this podcast.

The Company’s content funding guarantee facility announced on 17 June 2019 with SPV Investments Ltd (the “SPV”) – a special purpose vehicle owned equally by Michael Tobin, the Company’s Chairman and Candy Ventures sarl, the Company’s largest shareholder – will be used to provide a guarantee of US $1.75 million in relation to this contract renewal…

There is more to this announcement from Audioboom, but none of made it clear to me what podcast Audioboom is referring to. Personally, I do not understand why the name of the podcast that Audiboom identifies as its “most popular entertainment podcast” would be referred to in such a vague way. We are left with nothing more than speculation about what podcast that might be.

HuffPost’s List of Best Podcasts of 2019 Caused Confusion

HuffPost, like several other websites, created their own List of Best Podcasts of 2019. HuffPost’s list included some very interesting podcasts, some of which I have heard of, and others that were new to me. There is nothing wrong about the list itself. It is very straight-forward.

HuffPost’s Best Podcasts of 2019 included:

  •  Headlong: Running from Cops – Dan Taberski
  • 1619 – The New York Times, hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones
  • Underunderstood – Billy Disney, Adrianne Jeffries, Regina Dellea, John Lagomarsino
  • Tell Them, I Am – KPCC, hosted by Misha Euchph
  • We Share the Same Sky – for USC Shoah Foundation, hosted by Rachael Cerrotti
  • Scattered – New York Public Radio, hosted by Chris Garcia
  • Julie, or the Unwinding of the Miracle – Pineapple Street Media, Julie Yip-Williams
  • Nice Try! – Curbed, hosted by Avery Trufelman
  • Dolly Parton’s America – WNYC, hosted by Jad Abumrad

On January 15, 2019, the Underunderstood Twitter account tweeted: “In December, we were on Huffington Post’s Best Podcast of 2019 list. Yay! But there’s a twist. Now their “authorized content management agent” wants us to pay $1,995 to “use the HuffPost Best Podcasts of 2019 logo and accolade” on our website.”

The tweet included two screenshots. One shows an email from PARS International, congratulating Underunderstood on making HuffPost’s list. Part of the email says: “Use the HuffPost Best Podcasts of 2019 logo and accolade in all of your advertisting and marketing campaigns, including on your website and in owned and paid social media.”

There was a link included which appears to lead to a page with more information. The screenshot of that page showed that a Promotional Licensing Package would cost $1,995. The term of the package would end on 12/31/2020. Winning podcasts were required to purchase this package.

Lydia Polgreen, Editor in Chief at HuffPost, replied to Underunderstood’s tweet. “Hello! Obviously we are big fans of your podcast at HuffPost. That’s why chose you as one of our faVeis in 2019! We were unaware this kind of outreach was happening; we have addressed the issue with our third-party licensing agent, and apologize for the miscommunication.”

Lydia Polgreen also tweeted: “HuffPost would of course be happy and flattered if you chose to celebrate the recognition of being on our list of best podcasts of 2019 in any way you choose. My email is on my bio if you have further questions.”

It seems to me that the confusion has been cleared. It’s good that HuffPost took action and made it clear to PARS International that they did not want anyone being charged to use the HuffPost Best Podcasts of 2019 logo. This may not have happened if Underunderstood hadn’t mentioned it on social media.

Podcast Movement 2020 Announced Evolutions Keynote Speakers

Podcast Movement 2020 has announced some of the Keynote Speakers for Podcast Movement Evolutions. The event will take place at the Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles, California, on February 12-15, 2020.

The Keynote Speakers are:

Bob Pittman – Chairman & CEO, iHeartMedia
Hernan Lopez – Founder & CEO, Wondery
Conal Byrne – President, iHeartPodcast Network
Lory Martinez – Founder CEO, Studio Ochenta
James Altucher – Host & Author, The James Altucher Show
Misha Euceph – Podcast Host and Producer “Tell Them I Am”

There will be more Evolutions Keynote Speaker announced between now and February.

Podcast Movement Evolutions will also have an Expo Bonus Stage. It is open to everyone, regardless of which of the three ticket types you register for. The Bonus Stage in the Evolutions Expo Hall will have sessions going all day, every day, February 13-15, 2020. Visit the Podcast Movement Evolutions website for more details.

Speaker Submissions are now open for Podcast Movement 2020, which will take place in Dallas, Texas, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel on August 5-8, 2020. Podcast Movement encourages you to consider submitting your ideas for a presentation. Last year, they had over 800 submissions. You can apply to speak by reading over a Call for Proposals and then filling out an application.

PodFest 2020 has Mini Cons

PodFest 2020 has a bunch of Mini Cons on different topics. These mini-conferences are included with a PodFest ticket (some with a nominal additional cost). The Mini Cons are part education, part like-minded meetup, and 100% designed to make you feel empowered and ready fo the full PodFest experience. Check the PodFest 2020 schedule to find out when each Mini Con will be held.

The Mini Cons are:

Sports PodCon: The first international event specifically designed for sports, esports and gaming podcasters, broadcasters and video content creators. The goal is to unite sports, esports, and gaming professionals and video content creators to share experiences, create new opportunities, network with fellow creators and help them take their careers to the next level or get it started!

Audio Drama Con: A gathering of creators from all aspects of the segment of podcasting that has taken hold of a listening audience craving – and finding – enjoyment from original content across specific genres (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller). AudioDramaCon brings together talent, producers, sound designers, editors, and other industry pros who are at the core of this breakthrough on-demand audio.

Military Creator Con: Brings various facets of the military community together with audio and video content creators for top-level education and connections to facilitate a level of learning and relationships that will raise your profile and expand your reach. This specialty focus will feature targeted programming for those who are part of the military community, alongside individuals who are leaders in the exploding medium of podcasting.

Women in Podcasting: A half-day conference showcasing some of podcasting’s greatest female minds. Panels and sessions will be covering technical how-tos as well as overcoming fear, doubt, and finding your voice.

PechaKucha: PechaKucha’s 20×20 presentation format shows your 20 chosen images, each for 20 seconds. In other words, you’ve got 400 seconds to tell your story, with visuals guiding the way. PechaKucha means “chit chat” in Japanese. Each year PodFest chooses a select group of people to present their ideas and stories in this format, and the result is really very aw-inspiring to watch.

Podcasting 100 (for beginners): Consists of lessons in branding, obtaining great guests, what’s needed for a launch, how to dream big, and more.

The Business of Podcasting:
At some point in everyone’s career, the question arises: Can I make money doing this? We are proud and happy to tell you, yes. There are many different ways to make money podcasting, and this mini-conference is going to showcase quite a few.

Megaphone Hires David Cohn as Head of Sales

Megaphone announced the appointment of David Cohn as Head of Sales. Cohn joins the leadership team with a focus on driving Megaphone’s unique landscape and boosting digital and integrated sales strategies.

“David has a fantastic track record not only for digital and integrated advertising sales, but also building and keeping relationships with agencies, brands, and sellers,” said Brendan Monaghan, CEO of Megaphone. “He’s a huge asset and will look to guide our sales team in big moves in the New Year.”

Cohn has been in the media business for more than 20 years, with 18an experience in digital. His career started with Paid Programming, then TV Spot Sales which ultimately evolved to integrated and digital. Most recently, Cohn held the title of Senior Director of National Sales with WarnerMedia where his accounts exceeded $20mm.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Megaphone team,” said Cohen. “This team has created such an innovative product for serious podcasters and advertisers, I hope to bring to the table deeper cross strategies for growth and podcast monetization.”

Cohn is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and currently resides in Westchester NY, with his wife of 20 years, Nicole, and three children.

Megaphone is a US-based podcast technology company that provides hosting and ad-insertion capabilities for publishers and targeted ad sales for brand partners.

The Global Awards are Back for 2020

The Global Awards with are back for a third consecutive year and have revealed each category’s longlist and the news of a brand-new category Best Podcast.

All Global’s radio stations including Capital, Heart, Classic FM, Smooth, Radio X, Capital XTRA, Gold and LBC will come together to celebrate the biggest stars of music, news and entertainment at The Global Awards 2020 with The prestigious ceremony takes place on one huge night in London on March 5th at Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo.

The Global Awards 2020 with categories reflect the music, programs, podcasts and news aired on Global’s radio stations and the Global Player app. The public and a panel of industry experts will vote for their favorite artists across genres in a host of popular categories.

New to The Global Awards 2020 with is the Best Podcast category, which will be voted for by the public. The longlist for the category includes podcasts from David Walliams (David Walliams’ Marvelous Musical Podcast), Stacey Solomon (Here We Go Again with Stacey Solomon), Adam Buxton (The Adam Buxton Podcast) as well as My Dad Wrote A Porno, Full Disclosure with James O’Brien, Dear Joan and Jericha and Today In Focus.

See all the nominees and vote now at or by downloading Global’s world class entertainment hub – the Global Player app – and selecting ‘Global Awards’ in the bottom menu.

Tickets for The Global Awards 2020 with will go on sale at the end of January.

Spotify Seeks a Podcast Producer – Owned Channels

Spotify is seeking a Podcast Producer – Owned Channels. The position is listed under Content / Content Marketing, and is located in New York.

This job demands a mastery of the audio and podcasting medium, a creative spirit, as well as a well-organized mind for juggling and delivering on multiple initiatives. You must be able to take a whisper of an idea and work with our creative partners to help grow it into a story. That means turning brainstorms and big picture ideas into larger narrative arcs, music choices, compelling stories and podcast episodes. This role is responsible for supporting the production and overall delivery of multiple episodes a month.

Responsibilities include:

  •  Create plans for how a new show or season will look, sound, be structured, and formulate how each episode will come to life.
  • Handle day-to-day production tasks, including (but not limited to): Set deadlines, clearly communicate those deadlines and keep the team on track towards its goals
  • Work with and manage both internal and external talent, guests and hosts
  • Pitch episode ideas, and handle all pre-interview, interview, reporting, recording, and writing of stories and scripts
  • Identify, hire and manage additional producers, both freelance and fulltime positions, as well as editors, production managers, and audio engineers as needed
  • Perpetually remain up-to-speed on the latest news in the entertainment, technology and podcasting space
  • And more!

    Requirements include:
  •  3+ years of experience making audio stories, ideally in radio, podcasting, and/or editorial space
  • Strong ability to structure a compelling and unique audio story, both editorially and technically (ProTools experience required
  • Experience working on a tight production schedule and translating ideas into action, with the ability to manage your own time, stakeholders and accountabilities in a collaborative, fast-paced environment
  • Ability and preference to travel as frequently as a story or episode requires
  • Creative and motivated self-starter with a hands-on attitude and tireless work ethic
  • A deep love for podcasts, entertainment and presentation skills
  • And more!

For more details, please visit the Spotify website where the job listing is posted. It is possible to apply for the job through that website.

Australian Podcast Awards Announces Plans for 2020

The Australian Podcast Awards announced their plans for 2020 as they continue to reflect the growing Australian podcast sector. Firstly, the event will be moving from May to a date in early November, with the awards opening for entries at the end of July 2020.

Founder Dave Gertler said about the changes, “As we enter our fourth year, it is clear that podcasting still has plenty of room to grow – and so we’ll be delivering an even bigger ceremony and want to be even more representative of Australia’s audio makers.”

As the number of entries has grown, the 2020 event will have an expanded independent panel of judges with Sophie Harper, host of Not By Accident, joining the Awards as their first Chair of Judges.

Sophie says: “The Australian Podcast Awards has quickly become one of my favorite nights of the year. It’s an opportunity to recognize, and importantly, to discover the incredible, world-class work being produced in Australia and listened to here and around the word. I can’t wait to hear more of what’s being produced this past year, and to work closely with a diverse and diligent panel of judges to make sure we can celebrate the very best of Australian podcasting across every category.”

As well as a whole range of judged categories, the APAs will also be developing the Listeners Choice’ category, that will allow any Australian to easily vote for their own favorite podcast, for free. The Awards are keen to reflect the huge breath of Australian podcasting from individuals to radio companies, publishers to startups and every other flavor of podcasting in between.