RadioPublic Introduces Paid Listens

Is your podcast too small to be considered attractive to advertisers? Does your podcast focus on a niche group that advertisers don’t know what to do with? RadioPublic might have a monetizing solution for you. RadioPublic has introduced Paid Listens.

Jake Shapiro is the Co-Founder of RadioPublic. He explained why RadioPublic was introducing Paid Listens in a post on Medium. In short, RadioPublic believes creators should be paid for their efforts. They are building a marketplace and committing themselves to bringing on brands, advertisers, and sponsors that were previously inaccessible to the majority of podcasters.

With Paid Listens, we are changing the equation by guaranteeing payments to podcasters on RadioPublic, whether you have ten listeners or ten thousand.

Here’s how it works: podcasters make ad-free episodes available in their feeds, we place ads on our platform that bookend each episode and we pay participating podcasters for every listen on the RadioPublic apps for iOS and Android at a $20 CPM.

This might be a good opportunity for smaller podcasters who want to make money from their podcast, and who are willing to have RadioPublic place ads at the start and at the end their episodes. RadioPublic says it is fine for podcasters to keep “shout-outs, and obligatory grant-funding or crowdfunding messages” in your podcast. But if there are ads you have sold in a given episode, Radio Public may not count that towards your Paid Listens.

To start, RadioPublic is offering a $20 Paid Listen rate per thousand listens, or an equivalent of a $20 CPM. They acknowledge that the Paid Listens rate could go down or up, and make it clear that it is their goal for it to go up.

When you reach $25 worth of Paid Listens you are eligible for a payout. That amount equals 1,250+ listens on RadioPublic. There is a helpful slider tool at the bottom of the RadioPublic page that you can use to discover how much earnings per year your podcast could make from Paid Listens. If that sounds good to you, it is possible to sign up for Paid Listens on the RadioPublic website.

Teacher Removed from Classroom After Her Podcast was Discovered

Podcasters need to be aware that what they say on a podcast could, potentially, cause them to lose their job. Such is the case with a teacher in Florida who was removed from the classroom after a HuffPost article revealed that she was host of what several news sites are describing as a “white nationalist” podcast.

Dayanna Volitch was a social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Florida. At the same time, she was hosting a white nationalist podcast and using the pseudonym “Tiana Dalichov”.

The podcast is called Unapologetic with Tiana Dalichov. When I searched for it on Apple Podcast, I got a little pop-up that said “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store”. It no longer appears on Stitcher or Soundcloud.

Some of the episodes are, at the time I am writing this post, still available. Interestingly, the top of the TuneIn page includes a link to a website called Remso Republic, which brings up a 404 when I tried to search for Unapologetic with Tiana Dalichov. The Twitter account connected to the podcast no longer exists.

HuffPost reported that in the podcast “Tiana Dalichov” and a guest “railed against diversity in schools” and argued that science had proven that certain races are smarter than others. She also agreed with her guest’s assertion that more white supremacists need to infiltrate schools and become teachers.

HuffPost reported that the teacher “boasted about bringing her white nationalist beliefs into the classroom and hiding her ideology from administrators. She said when parents complained to the school’s principal about how she is injecting political bias into the classroom, Volitch lied to the principal and said it was not true.”

On March 4, 2018, the Citrus County School District posted the following statement:

The main thing that podcasters should take from this example is that one cannot truly be anonymous, forever, on the internet. HuffPost discovered that teacher Dayanna Volitch was “Tiana Dalichov” after finding a writing website that promoted the writing of the pseudonym.

The bio on that website include the age, city, and photo of Dayanna Volitch. HuffPost compared that photo to the photo of the teacher on the school’s website. In addition, “Tiana Dalichov” mentioned on the podcast that she was a teacher.

Nerdist Podcast Rebranded as ID10T

Earlier this month, Chris Hardwick announced the end of an era for Nerdist podcast. It has been rebranded as ID10T with Chris Hardwick, and will no longer be affiliated with Nerdist Industries. Instead, the ID10T with Chris Hardwick podcast will become part of the ID10T company that Chris Hardwick launched to sell collectible goods and host live events.

There is a rather lengthy description of ID10T with Chris Hardwick on iTunes:

I am Chris Hardwick. This podcast used to be called Nerdist. Now it is not. It is still basically just me talking about stuff and things with my two nerdy friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira when they’re available, and usually someone more famous and smarter than all of us.

Swearing is fun, so we still do that occasionally. I hope you like this new iteration which is the same as before, but if a name hangs you up unhealthily I’m sure you will not hesitate to unfurl your rage not only in the ‘reviews’ section but also now on all the various social media platforms that have popped up since we started in 2010, effectively murdering blogs.

Hollywood Reporter interviewed Chris Hardwick about the rebrand. The Nerdist Podcast launched in February of 2010 and became the basis for Nerdist Industries, which built up a network of podcasts (and more). Nerdist Industries sold to Legendary Entertainment in 2012.

Chris Hardwick’s contract with Legendary Entertainment expired in 2017. He retains full ownership of The Nerdist Podcast and its library of episodes. But, Legendary Entertainment owns the name Nerdist. This explains the need for rebranding the podcast’s name, while keeping the content and style listeners have been enjoying.

The new name, ID10T, looked familiar to me. The About page on the ID10T company website reminded me of the meaning. “ID10T is a joke IT code that essentially means ‘user error’” You can probably work out how this code would be pronounced.

Content Stagecoach: The Booth Junkie

Click Here to See a Larger Image...Humans have been traveling since – well, since Humans popped up, and what our collective travel experiences indicate is that there’s always something new to learn about. Time to Climb Aboard the Content Stagecoach and learn about new content!

We as podcasters are literally  GEAR JUNKIES. From the Podcaster that buys every new “thing” to the podcaster that WANTS to buy every new thing to the guy that HAS bought everything and it sits waiting in boxes in the basement – we are addicted to gear contemplation and acquisition. One of the most-focused cravings for is when anyone says or reads the word MICROPHONE. Ahh, microphones, the true luscious taste of digital sin, bitter the taste – that triggers visions of our available funds in a variety of all-too-limited bank accounts.

I recently had my Heil Fin microphones (used in our voiceover booths and The Podcast Bug) serviced and while putting a short polish on them, I was surfing through YouTube’s growing listing of digital libraries and – oh – whats this? A microphone review, for those interested in utilizing mics for voiceover. Very interesting…

After having clicked the fun image of a guy with a a couple of akin mics who also had wild hair, i clicked the proverbial “Play” button and what lept out of the speakers in my West studio was…

The Booth Junkie - In This Case: $50 Mic VS $1000 Mic...The Booth Junkie

In this particular episode, the host Mike greeted us all, put on his appreciative, crown-like  headphones and began detailing the always-fun-to-watch-people-hate “Blue Yeti USB Microphone” that is not only a good deal but a good starter, entry-level microphone that I myself have drop-shipped to people for interviews, live music collection and a number of other capture missions over the years. Without getting into too much depth, the bottom line is that I think the Yeti has become an easy target and for the most part is a shat-upon viable, variable tool that gets the job done fast for a very fair price and let’s you be “up and running.” Still, the Yeti has legitimate quirks and viable feature sets…

..and here was The Booth Junkie going over them all, with focused detail, clear experience in the realm of audio collection (in particular, voiceover) and an engaging voice that isn’t just seasoned, but FUN. Those of you that take in as much audio “listening” as I do in lieu of say radio or music will know the value of a good voice, but also – a personality. Mike DelGaudio (wait a minute, the guy has the word AUDIO in his name? Seriously? Yes, seriously) delivers a variety of details, perspectives and KNOWLEDGE that educates even someone that thinks they “know it all” when it comes to audio intake. There’s another facet of Mike’s gallery and it’s that there is FUN, yes, but also play. There’s a small, subtle dance being done between the capture of the content, the visuals that you get but also in the text’d dialog on screen. It’s a treat to be sure and one that leaves you satisfied as the episode goes by because it makes you wonder which mic it is you’re actually listening to because – I mean, we know, right? We know which mic is which right? Riiight?

While there are a number of episode styles in his library, one that captured my attention was his overall microphone review of a HUGE and growing number of mics. What’s also clear is Mike’s zeal in learning more about how the various mics (that both companies and other “Booth Junkies” themselves can loan to him to test) is his natural delivery of opinion, thought and not “THIS PRODUCT SUCKS”, regardless of the experience or happenstance. It’s all engaging, filled with well-paced content that makes you want to continue listening to more while glancing now and again to see what a short silence or “about-to-guess-about-something” phrase flip will deliver for the viewer. Inside another microphone comparison video (the $50 mic VS. the $1000 mic), Mike shares a divine process and nugget at the end that is something I’d LOVE to share here to explain how exemplary it is but hell – then why wouldn’t YOU go check it out, right?

The Heil Fin Microphone - Is Heading Booth Junkieward!The last nugget that should showcase my interest in Mike in general is one I can’t wait to share a follow up article about. Mike’s listing of microphones he’s put to the test and in digital voice-capturing battle is missing a KEY element. A shiny weapon that I myself have had as a sidearm in all of my studios for the last 12 years poised in all battles for podcasting and voiceover conquest. An always available tool that turns heads, collects bright sound and ushers in reviews, education and perspectives of all kinds. The Heil Fin microphone – is in-bound to Mike in the friendly East-coast-based confines as we speak for yet another engaging focus online. I. Can’t. Wait. It’s almost as if I am – addicted – to what he’s going to say? Where’d I put that mishapen’d spoon and rubber tube?

Turning to the digital pages that comprise YouTube.Com content today is a ROUGH road, but for those of us who like gear, let me confirm one thing: If you’re looking or detail about audio, in particular microphone-captured audio, by a guy named DelGaudio, with fun, engaging attitude that makes you send gear host-ward, then I have the PERFECT subscription to feed the poison stream of GEAR ADDICTION, and it’s right over here – you know the Booth – with the Junkie in it.

Tell him that Mike Wilkerson sentcha’.

Booth Junkie on YouTube
Mike DelGaudio – Voice Actor Website

Strutting Your Stuff – With the Right Microphone Strut…

You might think that holding your own is easy in the world of podcasting and for many of you – you’d be right. One thing to realize however is that one cannot – in most cases – hold their own MICROPHONE when it comes to effective podcasting.

In the last 13 years of podcasting, what I’ve learned the most from is necessity. From the reasonably el crappo gaming headsets my original co-host and I started with, to the super-impression-making microphone booms that allow me to capture content inside my Podcast Bug (a 1974 Custom Super Beetle with a Recording Studio Built into the Front of it), being able to address the mic is vital to podcasting success.

The Podcast Bug - a 1974 Custom Super Beetle with a Recording Studio Built Into It - Head-turning Portable Recording Platform!Discussions will erupt during the time it takes for you to read this article on a variety of online discussion forums that ask the question, “I need to get a mic boom, but I’m looking for something cheaper.” Without question, cheaper methods exist. From bungee cords + studio lamp, to propped-up clamp lamp remnants to the several cadillac-level booms that are available – you’ll find something that fits your budget, patience and “you’ve gotta’ be kiddin’ me” level.

The First Question to Ask: Why Do I Need a Mic Boom?

The Talent Bay at 2GuysTalking HQ - St. Charles, MO USAAre you a table thumper? Can’t get past the incessant knee-donk that destroys all podcasters hope of initial, edited-less podcast capture? Can’t figure out how to hold the paper and not have the “I am holding paper” sound capture along with your vocals? How cool am I going to look while I record? There’s a myriad of questions and answers for everyone but when it’s all said and done, I have one recommendation – that has been in place since the fall of 2005…

The Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Boom: In addition to having a name that will leave anyone you tell it to weak in the knees, the construction of these struts is simple, strong, and after having tried 3-4 different times in a variety of studio environments over 13 years, they are what I’ve chosen to feature in my different studio efforts.

The Original 2GuysTalking Podcast Network Studio - St. Louis, MO USA Circa 2005The Heil Sound PL-2T’s were featured in my original home-studio, my first, second, and 4th public commercial studios and are also featured inside my “Podcast Bug.” The clean lines, that allow for attached promotionability provide the strongest, most-dependable moving parts and confidence. Additionally, they offer the best options for attaching microphones of all kinds. While we feature the Heil PR-40s and Heil “FIN” microphones that fit as a matter of course into the booms, we’ve had guest voiceover artists that are accommodated easily with their general configuration.

The 2GuysTalking West Studio - Voiceover Booth - St. Louis, MO USAThe Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Boom is also featured inside our existing voiceover booth making for yet another incredibly diverse environment that the Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Boom shines.

What kind of booms do you use? What have you tried in the past? Tell me more about what you’re doing when it comes to “holding your mics” in the comments section below and let’s create the best, online source for microphone boom discussion available!

What are You Building? Contemplating Legacy, and Taking in Death…

Death. It is the end of all things. The ultimate equalizer. The instant reality pill.

For those that live on, it is an instant “perspective” moment that initiates review, alterations to checks and balances (or lack thereof) and often is a seed point for thought-provoking articles – just like this one.

Death, or even the threat of it, impacts us all differently. In the news this morning, was mention of Podcast Movement’s Keynote Speaker Kevin Smith’s brush with a “Widow-Maker” heart attack while performing the first of 2 comedy shows last evening. Needless to say, as an also 47-year-old and chubby podcaster, it definitely hits home. Death has also hit home with meteor-like punch this last year for me in that my Mom died suddenly in May 2017, and shortly after the first of the year, my Pop also died suddenly. Their deaths and Kevin’s near-miss create a completely different atmosphere literally in that you breathe differently after the knowledge of these events impact you.

The Parents of Mike Wilkerson - Podcaster - Renee' & Fred Wilkerson -- Circa 2017

“What does all this have to with Podcasting, Mike?”, I hear all of you asking. Well, it’s really straight-forward for me.

We can all Google “Podcast” and probably spit out the almost-paragraph mantra that refers to a “digitally stored electronic file”, sure. But for me podcasting is way more than something so cold and bland.

Podcasting is Captured Perspective.

In the vein of my parents, My family and I benefit in that my Mom has a variety of songs that she recorded over her life that I have still to this day, as well as some fun video that continues on and will, for generations long after she, I and others in our family are gone. They live on inside a digital library that I’ve created and made customized access to for my daughter, her friends and whomever else we choose to share them with. In my Pop’s case, we had the pleasure of interacting to create a series of foundational lessons for me and anyone else who listens – as a series of podcasts inside his OWN program, Fast Freddie’s Castle of Common Sense. Each of these focuses on a different subject and provide me, and anyone who listens with the morals, centering-thoughts and perspective that made him the man that he was, that were direct pieces of making me the man that I’ve become. His sense of humor. His want for people to understand his viewpoint. Even some (reasonably terrible) singing and limericks are all part of a forever-effort that are all encapsulated inside a series of electronic, on-demand files that you can listen to anytime you want – day or night – forever.

In my own case, over the years I’ve brought on the people that make television and feature film offerings, and the real-life professionals that can talk intelligently about what you see on each of those offerings. You’ll learn what’s real, the stuff that “kinda’ works” and what’s a completely Hollywood-generated fantasy effort. Sprinkle in an always-strong educational element of ensuring that quality is delivered in return when you convey your time, money and effort to television and movies and well – I too have delivered opinions, information and education of all kinds that will long outlast me.

A Few of the Man Programs of MIke Wilkerson - The 24 Podcast, Perspective Reviews, WhatCopsWatch, 2GuysTalkingStarWars and More...

That’s Podcasting.

The collection of their memories, our viewpoints on our listening to them, and the ability to share those perspectives with others?

That’s LEGACY.

Which brings me back to the main focus of why we’re here today.

What are YOU creating inside your podcasting efforts? Do you go back to listen to your previous programs? Are they educational? What do they share about you? Did you like what you’d shared? Will people learn something valuable about you or your efforts when they’ve completed their listening session? Did you share the perspectives of others, perhaps professionals around you during your programs? What, when YOU ARE GONE, will be left online digitally to become YOUR legacy?

Kevin Smith Shares his Thoughts on His Life...

I’ve enjoyed many of the in-depth, deep-dive dissections that Kevin Smith has provided in the past. The breakdown of his all-too-short-and-rare visits with Prince are beyond epic. Many of his detailings of today’s modern filmmaking efforts with Fatman on Batman co-host, Mark Bernardin, offer insight that I just know that I will not capture from another outlet. They include outstanding “what if they…” storylines, possible character arcs and industry stories that really do fall squarely into the “LOVE” category.  That being said, I have a terrible dislike for his propensity to swear incessantly (sure “we all do it” and “it’s what his audience wants”, alright, alright), refer to oral sex and stroking the high hard one (and then offering a regular mime-session of “bathing in the heavenly love juices”) that serve as a multi-faceted minefield in prelude to listening to eventually find the golden points of discussion mentioned above.

When it’s all said and done, the question remains:

What are You Building?

Collectively, we can all plop down in front of the mic, smash a palm into the record button, collect the general jackassery and publish all you want or – you can choose to create something that takes your future availability to LEGACY status.

Which one will you set a course for? Disagree with me about my viewpoints on Kevin’s offerings?

Let’s talk about it inside the comments section now!

The Perspective of a New PodcasterNews.Com Writer…

Mike Wilkerson - Features Writer, PodcasterNews.ComGreetings from the friendly confines of St. Louis! My name is Mike Wilkerson and I’ve been podcasting since 2005, and have grown my initial interest in sharing details about the hit Fox show “24”, into a Podcast Network now spanning 54 different programs, an army of hosts and a lifetime of memories and experience that continue to build to this day. Let me start my introductory article here by asking everyone a question?

What is YOUR perspective?

What perspective are you trying to share with an audience as a podcaster or as someone who works in the podcast industry?

Perspective, to steal from a favorite movie, is what drives us. It fuels everything we do, from the life habits we have, to the relationships we engage in, to the way we end up sharing our lives (or not) after we’re long gone. The bottom line though is that perspective varies from person to person. Let me explain.

Podcasting is Captured Perspective…

I am a former Certified Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf and for more than a decade, I’ve already had every conversation that everyone here is reading has had – they just weren’t my conversations. From baby birthing, to job interviews, to divorce proceedings, to criminal arrests, to funeral arrangements – I’ve had a taste of them all as an Interpreter. That being able to “jump into someone’s life, interact, learn and jump back out” was incredibly alluring and still is. Podcasting for now an even longer time has allowed me to continue to feed that thirst for knowledge, information and perspective, across a wide variety of people, industries and skill sets. The value that perspective provides all of us is even more distinctive and valuable than your fingerprint. While your fingerprint can identify you outright, your perspectives (indeed, a collection of them, say, online in blog, vlog or podcast form) will continue to educate, entertain, inform and extend your ability to share you and your knowledge long after you’re gone.

That’s Legacy, and it’s something we should all have an interest in leaving when we’re gone.

Over the last 12+ years, I’ve been fortunate enough to start with a single program, be the host across a variety of programs, grow our podcast program library exponentially, build 6 different terrestrial commercial Podcast Recording Studios, create a Voiceover Academy and Staff, a Podcast Editing Academy and Staff and usher in sponsors of all kinds to programs of varying sizes, shapes and skill sets. I can’t WAIT to share many of my own perspectives, those of the professionals I work with and more as I continue offering engaging perspectives about all-things podcasting.

The collection and sharing of experience is what will be the main focus of my writings here across a variety of topics, technologies, processes and more.

What’s YOUR perspective?

What is it that YOU do in life as a professional and how can I learn more from you to grow my database of perspectives? Connect with me via the comments below and help me grow more vital and educational nuggets to share with everyone in the podcasting industry!

Be sure to connect with Mike to Share Your Perspectives!
— Mike Wilkerson on Facebook
— Mike Wilkerson on LinkedIn
— Mike Wilkerson on Twitter

Nominations for the Podcasters Hall of fame are Open

The Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame was started in 2015 to honor those who paved the way for podcasters, and the podcast industry, of today. Since then, there have been almost 20 individuals who have been inducted into the Podcasters Hall of Fame. You can help decide who will be inducted this year.

Podcast Movement 2018 will be continuing the tradition of inducting podcasters into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. The podcast community plays a meaningful role in who will be inducted into the this year’s Hall of Fame class of 2018. Nominations are open now, and will end on February 28, 2018.

The podcaster you nominate must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Have been involved with podcasting for at least 10 years, either as a podcaster or an active member of the podcast industry.
  • Have promoted the art of podcasting over those 10 years.
  • Done things to make podcasters better off because of their contributions and involvement.
  • Be thought of highly by their podcasting peers.

There is a form you must fill out in order to make a nomination. Again, all nominations are due by February 28, 2017.

The form asks for your email address, your name, and the name of the person you want to nominate. It also asks you to provide a link to the person’s personal or company website, and to their podcast (if applicable). Be prepared to list how long that person has been in podcasting. Provide the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame with details about why you think that person belongs in the Hall of Fame.

The top six nominees will be announced as the 2018 Class of the Podcast Hall of Fame. This year, the Hall of Fame Ceremony will be its own event, taking place on Monday, July 23, the night before Podcast Movement kicks off.

Voxnest Provides a New Professional Solution for Your Podcast

Voxnest has a podcasting-focused mission that is driven by a diverse team of tech founders and podcast and media industry veterans. Voxnest has recently acquired Spreaker and BlogTalkRadio.

Voxnet offers a complete set of podcasting tools that can each be integrated into your own professional production process. These tools – Dynamo and the soon-to-come Hive and Cortex – help audio publishers of all grades, from indie podcasters to major media networks, monetize, manage, and track content.

Podcasting is a new media, and we’ve created Dynamo in order to change the game by giving audio publishers the ability to monetize via a new approach to dynamic ad insertion.

With Dynamo, publishers can choose to place ads throughout all their episodes at pre-, mid- and post-roll spots. They can even choose segments to target so that audiences only ever hear ads that correspond to the topics they’re listening to. Furthermore, these spots will refresh with every play, updating with new demo- and geo-targeted ads.

Dynamo works just like Google Adsense. It can be adapted to your content and process, no matter the volume of your production outcome.

Indie publishers can start bringing in profit via their distributed episodes without having to migrate to a different hosting platform. Meanwhile, your content’s quality will stay intact. You can manage the kinds of ads that appear throughout your episodes and choose target segments related to your topic.

Commercials publishers can break into the largest podcast marketplace and maximize revenues by selling your remnant inventory. In addition, you can retain your current production workflow. Dynamo easily integrates with any setup and works side-by-side with your publishing schedule.