Radio Public Partnered with Súbela Podcast

Radio Public announced their partnership with Súbela Podcast. The announcement was posted on Medium and written by Jake Shapiro (co-founder of Radio Public, PRX, and more). The same post can be found on the Radio Public website.

So we are excited to announce our partnership with Súbela, the leading digital radio and podcasting platform of Chile, the country with the fastest growing podcast audience in the world. Since 2011, Súbela has provided Latin American listeners with fresh new audio, and their music and talk programming received over two million downloads across their ten shows last year.

This partnership happened, at least in part, because Jake Shapiro has known Felipe Heusser for a long time. Felipe Heusser is the co-founder of Súbela.

To kick off this partnership, Radio Public has made their first podsites in Spanish. There are 30 of them.

You can browse some of Súbela’s podcasts including:

Gimlet Seeks a Producer of Every Little Thing

Gimlet Media is looking for an experienced producer to join the team at Every Little Thing. It is a full-time job based in their Brooklyn, New York, office.

Gimlet Media tells stories through audio. Our roster of podcasts includes critically-acclaimed shows like Reply All, StartUp, Crimetown, Homecoming, and The Nod. We have top editorial, sales, and business teams that work together to create experiences that help listeners better understand each other and the world around them. We are looking for ambitious, curious, talented, and kind people to join our team.

Every Little Thing is a podcast that answers your burning questions. Some examples of questions include: ARRRR pirate peg legs really a thing? Who invented the Cha Cha Slide? How old is Winnie the Pooh?

The person selected for the role of Producer will be involved in every stage in making Every Little Thing stories come to life – from selecting listener questions, to booking guests, writing scripts and creating assemblies. The ideal candidate has a journalism background, experience identifying and booking the best guests, and an ear for a good story.

For more details about what the Producer will do, and what Gimlet Media is looking for in an applicant, please visit the website where the job is posted. You can apply for the job from that website.

Castbox Announced Waze Integration

Castbox announced its integration with Waze, the community based app owned by Google. The new integration gives drivers an easy way to listen to their favorite podcasts on Castbox while navigating to their destination with the Waze app.

As podcasting becomes a natural extension of consumer’s daily driving habits, Castbox is providing a safer, more intuitive way for listeners to consume spoken audio content during their drive.

“The beauty of podcasts is that listeners can engage in other activities while fully immersing themselves in the content they love, which makes it the perfect medium for daily commutes and long drives,” said Renee Wang, founder and CEO of Castbox. “Our integration with Waze lets us keep our listeners continuously engaged in their favorite shows while ensuring a safer, more enjoyable journey.”

The new feature was built by Waze Audio Kit, a developer toolset that allows partners like Castbox to fully integrate their apps with the Waze Audio Player. By making it effortless to play Castbox on Waze and run Waze on Castbox, Castbox is giving listeners a continuous podcasting experience before, during, and after their driving commutes.

“Our partnership with Castbox expands our mission to strengthen the Waze ecosystem by integrating with apps and services that complement and enhance the driver experience,” said Adam Fried, Head of Global Partnerships at Waze. “We’re pleased to be working with Castbox to give our users more ways to enjoy their favorite audio content while they’re on the road.”

Google and PRX Revealed Round Two of Podcast Creator Program

Google and PRX have revealed the teams chosen for their second round of the Google Podcasts creator program. Variety reported that Google and PRX received thousands of applications to the program from more than 100 countries.

PRX revealed the Round Two for the Google Podcasts creator program:

37 Graus (“37 Degrees”) – from Sãn Paulo, Brazil: Named for the average temperature of the human body, and intended to convey both science and human warmth, 37 Graus is a reported Portuguese-language podcast that tells stories behind Brazil’s iconic landscapes and events.

Sarah Azoubel (Co-Creator, Host, and Producer) is a Brazilian biology PhD turned science journalist and audio producer Bia Guimarães (Co-Creator, Host, and Producer) is a Brazilian journalist and audio producer with a master’s degree in Science and Cultural Communication.

City of Women – from Bangalore, India: Discover how Bangalore’s women navigate their working lives and the city through hyper-local tours of their workplaces, neighborhoods, communities, and favorite places to go for fun – because each woman draws her map differently.

Samyuktha Varma (Producer and Host) is a writer and researcher with a longstanding interest in how challenging topics are communicated to broader audiences. Radishika Viswanathan (Producer and Host) is a development researcher an podcaster whose interests lie at the intersection of development research, policy, and communication.

Cocktails & Cancer with MJ and Dani – from West Orange, New Jersey & Queens, New York. This immersive mix of social and cultural commentary and storytelling shapes the journey of two best friends after a breast cancer diagnosis to inspire and empower black women to have real conversations about cancer.

Michelle “MJ” James (Co-Host) and Danielle “Dani” Brown (Co-Host) have worked in media and entertainment for 20+ years. Dani was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and is now three-years cancer-free.

De Eso No Se Habla – from Madrid, Spain. This Spanish-language show, whose title translates to “We Don’t Talk About That,” maps stories deliberately omitted from everyday discourse – because they hurt too much, because they endanger the status quo, or because we don’t even have the words to talk about them.

Isabel Cadenas Canñon (Creator, Host and Producer) is an independent audio producer and writer).

Her Stage – from Beirut, Lebanon. Discover the underground life of Beirut as this Arabic-language narrated documentary uncovers a hidden world where differences are celebrated, activism is brewing, and the feminine is being set free.

Rhea Chedid (Producer and Host) is the founder of a Beirut-based podcast production company. Afeef Nessouli (Producer and Host) is an American-Lebanese news producer and journalist.

Un periódico de ayer – from Bogatá, Columbia. A Spanish-language, narrative-driven podcast, “Yesterday’s News” is about the personal toll of history and how public issues can shape our most private moments.

Juan Serrano (Host and Lead Producer) is a lawyer, journalist, non-fiction book author and producer of various podcasts. Miguel Reyes (Producer) is a lawyer, writer, and producer. Daniel Díaz (Audio Designer) is a musician, copywriter and animal lover.

Werk It 2019 Offers Scholarships

Werk It 2019 will take place at The Theater at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, California, October 3-4, 2019. They are offering scholarships.

It is a women’s podcast festival. Werk It is for women+ in all stages of their careers currently working in or hoping to break into audio and digital media.

Although Werk It focuses on women, they encourage podcasters and podcast fans who identify as genderqueer, non-binary, or other who feel inspired by what Werk It is doing to join in at the festival and be a part of the community.

Werk It offers a limited number of scholarships in order to ensure a robust mix of participants including students, freelancers and nonprofit employees who would otherwise be unable to attend. Scholarships cover conference registration but not travel expenses.

The scholarship application period for Werk It 2019 is now open. Scholarships are made possible with support from Spotify. The deadline for scholarship applications is July 15, 2019.

Before applying, it is wise to take a look at the criteria. Successful scholarship applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

Core Mission: The Werk It Festival was established to support early- and mid-career women+ in the field of audio.

Financial need/Employment status: The scholarship fund was specifically designed to support students, freelancers, and nonprofit employees. Consideration will also be given to those applicants who demonstrate the need for assistance in the narrative portion of the application.

Diversity: Werk It aims to support and elevate diverse voices in podcasting. Our hope is that the scholarships will create a cohort of attendees that are as professionally and geographically diverse as possible. Priority for scholarships is given to first time Werk It attendees and applicants whose perspectives are currently underrepresented in podcasting.

Narrative: A successful scholarship application will have a clear statement of purpose that demonstrates how attending Werk It will offer both career development and training as well as community impact.

PRX Seeks a Community Manager for PRX Podcast Garage

PRX is looking for someone passionate about storytelling and community engagement to run the PRX Podcast Garage at its newest location in Washington, D.C.

The PRX Podcast Garage is a community recording studio, classroom, and event space that supports new voices in podcasting and public media. In 2016, PRX opened the first PRX Podcast Garage in Boston, Massachusetts to support the work of local audio producers and storytellers. The facility now runs more than 100 events and workshops for a year – serving over 2,500 participants – as well as a professional recording studio. Most importantly, the Podcast Garage is a welcoming community for new audio makers to get inspired, collaborate, and create.

The PRX Community Manager will work closely with the Podcast Garage team. There is also a lot of autonomy to imagine and implement ideas. The job is customer-focused. People come and go throughout the day, so the PRX Community Manager will need to provide hospitality. The PRX Community Manager must be someone who has a demonstrated commitment to equity and inclusivity with a passion for supporting new voices in media.

This application closes on Sunday, July 14, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. ET. It is a full-time position, Wednesday through Sunday, based in the heart of D.C.’s creative community. For more information, and to apply for this job, please visit the website where the PRX Community Manager want-ad is posted.

Podcast Movement Released its 2019 Conference Schedule

Podcast Movement 2019 will take place from August 13 – 16 in Orlando, Florida. The conference schedule has been released. It features over 100 keynote lectures, breakout sessions, and panel discussions.

There are some things scheduled on August 13 before the conference starts. One is called “Podcast Guest Speed Networking – Session 1”. Another is called “Podcast Guest Speed Networking – Session 2”, which takes place in the afternoon. Both require pre registration. The rest of the things offered before the conference begins don’t require pre registration.

There is a “Check In / Registration Party” that starts at 3:00 p.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. Ignite Podcast Movement starts at 7:00 p.m. and ends at 9:00 p.m. The PM 19 Kick Off Party starts at 9:00 p.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m.

I recommend you visit the Podcast Movement 2019 website and scroll through the multitude of keynote lectures, breakout sessions, and panel discussions that will happen during Podcast Movement 2019. Several things will be going on at the same time, so you may want to plan ahead. You cannot be everywhere at once, after all.

In addition, there is an Expo Hall that will open up for several hours each day during Podcast Movement 2019. In general, the Expo Hall portion of conferences tend to have vendors selling items and services that are relevant to the main topic of the event. There’s no way to know what you will find in there unless you go in and wander around.

On Friday, August 16, 2019, Podcast Movement 2019 will end with a PM 19 After Party.

iHeartMedia Seeks a Producer/Editor/Engineer

iHeartMedia Inc. is seeking a talented editor, engineer, and audio content producer to assist in podcast production for the Los Angeles division of the iHeartMedia Podcast Network. Applicants should first and foremost have a feel for timing and the coherent delivery of information, and be able to assemble seamless, highly listenable edits of long format voice-only content, on often-tight deadlines.

Applicants should have at least a basic background in audio engineering, and be comfortable recording and editing audio in Pro Tools.

This is an information-based medium, so an ideal candidate will also have a fundamental base of intellectual curiosity, be up on current events and culture, and be able to perform effective and efficient research on a wide range of topics, and know how to assimilate and deliver those ideas in a coherent way.

They want someone who is “personable, responsible, and professional”.

Responsibilities include:

  • Records, edits and contributes to development of content for podcasts.
  • Possesses recording expertise in both studio and field environments.
  • Collaborates with hosts and other vertical teams to achieve the highest standard of assets and deliverables for the company.

To find out more about about the Producer/Editor/Engineer position, and to apply for it, please visit the iHeartMedia website where the job is listed.

Triton Digital Acquires Omny Studio

Triton Digital announced that it has acquired Omny Studio, the Melbourne-based enterprise podcast technology and hosting company. The Omny Studio brand will continue as Triton’s podcast-facing technology suite, and Omny CEO Sharon Taylor, along with the company’s staff, will join Triton Digital.

Omny Studio has built its business by serving hundreds of enterprise clients including some of the largest radio groups in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. The company offers its radio and podcast clients hosting, easy capturing of broadcast audio for on-demand, editing tools, auto-transcription, analytics, and monetization.

Triton Digital has been the face of Omny Studio sales and marketing for the past two years, and the two companies have executed business collaborations serving a global range of clients as diverse as the Brazilian radio network Jovem Pan, Emmis Communications, Salem Media, and an exclusive reselling arrangement in North America.

Triton Digital’s acquisition of Omny Studio is closed after this announcement was made. Financial details are not disclosed.

Omny Studio announced that it had been acquired by Triton Digital. Omny Studio wants users to know that it is not going anywhere. Your audio has never been safer and Omny’s service and features will only improve and develop as they continue to strive to lead the industry in the coming months and years.