AdLarge Adds Headspace Studios To Sales Portfolio

AdLarge announced that Headspace Studios, the multi-platform production studio within Headspace, has joined the company’s podcast portfolio. Expanding content focused on mental health, wellness and mindfulness, Headspace’s podcast collection joining AdLarge’s Sales Portfolio includes Dear Headspace, Radio Headspace, and Sunday Scaries.

Dear Headspace, a first of its kind for the industry, allows individuals to submit questions about various common challenges, including relationships, grief, family, and starting their meditation journey, with episodes releasing every Tuesday. Radio Headspace is a daily mindfulness microcosm that encourages listeners to pause, reflect, and explore our shared human experience and how to live up to our limitless potential, co-hosted by Headspace’s popular mindfulness and meditation teachers. Sunday Scaries by Headspace, led by mindfulness and meditation teacher Dora Kaman, helps listeners reframe their anxiety and approach the work and school week with a positive outlook through weekly mini-meditations every Sunday.

All of the Headspace shows are available in-app and anywhere you listen to podcasts.

To learn more about these shows or others in the AdLarge portfolio, reach out to sales

About AdLarge

AdLarge Media is an industry-leading independent ad sales company connecting audio publishers, brands, and audiences. Founded in 2011, the diverse audio portfolio at AdLarge reaches over 200 million listeners globally across all audio platforms. The AdLarge team is composed of top industry experts in podcasting, radio, and streaming, with ad clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to emerging DTC brands.

Founders Cathy Csukas & Gary Scholfeld were named two of the “Top Leaders in Radio” in 2021, and Csuaks has consistently been named one of the “Most Influential Leaders in Radio” by Radio Ink.

AdLarge also continues to receive industry recognition for the Annual Podcast Buying Guide which provides an in-depth evolving medium. Since entering in 2013, AdLarge has maintained a top ranked position with Neilsen’s RADAR Network Ratings. Committed to the highest standards of customer service, team up with them from anywhere at

About Headspace

Headspace is your lifelong guide to better mental health. We make mental health support accessible to everyone, no matter their background or experience. Through our flagship Headspace app, we provide mindfulness tools for everyday life, including meditations, sleep casts, mindful movement and focus exercises. 

Our enterprise offerings combine this experience with a human-centered model of care, with coaching, therapy, psychiatry and EAP services under one roof. Our team of experts ranges from mental health clinicians to Emmy award-wining producers and data scientists, working together as one to help millions of people around the world be healthier and more productive. To learn more, visit

Podcasters Are The Most Trusted Media Personalities Among US Consumers

Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, released the results of a new research study that shows podcasts are a highly trusted medium among US consumers. According to the study of US consumers, 64% of podcast listeners actively seek out podcasters and create time for their content – the most of any other tested media personality – making the time spent with podcasts highly engaging and intentional.

These findings come at a time when trust in the US media has hit an all time low, with half of Americans reported to believe that national news organizations deliberately mislead them, according to research from Gallup and the Knight Foundation. In this era of skepticism and misinformation, podcasters are emerging as the trustworthy figures of the media industry.

In fact, according to Acast’s research, half of podcast listeners trust podcasts, the most of any other tested medium. The second most trusted is YouTubers, with 44% of YouTube consumers saying they trust these media personalities. Notably, with YouTube emerging as a leading platform for podcast consumption, many of these sought-after YouTube personalities are also podcasters.

“Trust in US media has been deteriorating in recent years as a result of socio-political unrest and conflicting coverage by new outlets on the same events. As US consumer have lost confidence in traditional media, they have increasingly turned to podcasters as a source of truth,” said Acast Director of Research and Insights Tommy Walters. “During times of hardship and uncertainty – like the start of the pandemic and the beginning of the war in Ukraine – at Acast we have consistently seen audiences flock to podcasts for deep conversations and analysis over clickbait headlines. When it comes to product endorsements, we have also seen audiences be more trusting of podcaster recommendations than any other form of media.”

For advertisers, podcasting is ripe with opportunity as US consumers say they seek out podcasts above all other media personality types when looking for product endorsements. According to this study, 75% of podcast listeners say they have listened to a podcaster for a product endorsement, compared to the 62% of social media users who have sought out social media creators and just 55% cable viewers who have considered cable TV personalities.

Importantly, this study also revealed that podcasters give quality product and brand endorsements. According to the research, 73% of US consumers who have acted on a podcast endorsement said the podcaster gave a good endorsement and they were happy with what they received.

Latin Podcast Awards 2023 Announces Exceptional Winners Recognized For Podcasting Excellence

The Academy Awards for Latino Podcast proudly presented the highly anticipated Latin Podcast Awards 2023, showcasing an array of extraordinary winners who have redefined the landscape of podcasting.

A celebration of cultural diversity, the Latin Podcast Awards (LPA) honored outstanding creators from Latin America, Spain, and the United States. Surpassing fierce competition from global contenders including Germany, Argentina, and Canada, these trailblazing winners have left an indelible mark on the industry, captivating audiences with their masterful storytelling an captivating narratives.

The recipients’ monumental achievements were commemorated with the presentation of the distinguished chrome microphone trophy, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to podcasting brilliance.

The Winners

  • Podcast of the year: Cuentos infantiles con La Tia Botas

From: La Tia Botas

Hosted by: Omny Studio

  • REV of the year: More Than a Movie: American Me

From: My Cultura and iHeartPodcasts

Hosted by: Omny Studio

  • Bilingual: Seedcast

From: Nia Tero

Hosted by: Buzzsprout

  • English: A Little Bit of Everything With Me!

From: Angelica Vallecillo Goncalves

Hosted by: Spotify for Podcasters

  • REV International: LA NÓMINA

From: Luis Regalado

Hosted by: Spotify for Podcasters

  • REV USA: Shoot the Messenger –Espionage, Murder & Pegasus Spyware

From: PRX & Exile Content Studio

Hosted by: PRX

  • REV Mexico: Sacred Scandal – La Luz Del Mundo

From: My Cultura and iHeartPodcasts

Hosted by: Omny Studio

  • REV Multinational: The Best Soccer Podcast In the World

From: My Cultura and iHeartPodcast

Hosted by: Omny Studio

  • International Martes de Calidad – BBVA
  • Honduras: Archivos Enigma

From: Hondupod Studios

Hosted by: Podbean



Hosted by: iVoox

  • Puerto Rico: ¡Nos Cambiaron los Muñequitos!

From: Cristóbal Colón

Hosted by: Libsyn

  • Spain: El diario de Iryna

From: OndaCero

Hosted by: Atresmedia

  • United Kingdom: Perfiles e Influencias: libros, autores y cultura

From: Paola Moreira

Hosted by: Omny Studio

  • USA: Cuentos infantiles con La Tia Botas

From: La Tia Botas

Hosted by: Omny 

  • Best Video: The Rick H. Show

From: Rick Hierro

Hosted by: Megaphone

  • Best Male: Escuela del Podcast

From: Academia de Premios del Podcast Latino | Academy Awards for Latino Podcast

  • Best Female: Decretum Podcast

From: Susi Cabello

Hosted by: Spotify for Podcasters

  • REV Business:  LA NÓMINA

From: Luis Regalado

Hosted by: Spotify for Podcasters

  • REV True Crime: Shoot the Messenger –Espionage, Murder & Pegasus Spyware

From: PRX & Exile Content Studio

Hosted by: PRX

  • * REV Society & Culture: Transportista: Who Murdered Captain Coral?

From: My Cultura and iHeartPodcasts

Hosted by: Omny Studio

  • Art: La Pizarra con Nicky Mondellini

From: Nicky Mondellini

Hosted by: Simplecast

  • TV & Film: Terrores Nocturnos

From: Jorge Torrealta

Hosted by: Spotify for Podcasters


From: Rodrigo Llop

Hosted by: Soundcloud

  • History: Historiografía Mexicana | Episodios de la historia de México

From: Historiografía Mexicana A.C.

Hosted by: Blubrry

  • Health & Fitness: Cómo recuperarse de una separación o divorcio

From: Inma Gonzalez

Hosted by: Spotify for Podcasters

Audacia Announces Partnership With Podcast Network Asia

Audacia, a global advertisement marketplace connecting publishers, advertisers, and customers across premium audio environments announced that it has entered into an agreement with Podcast Network Asia to represent its Podcasts in Asia. PNA premium podcasts, combined with Audacia’s expertise in the JAPAC market, will streamline podcast inventory connections, making premium podcast content more easily accessible to advertisers.

With ad spending in the Digital Audio Advertising segment in Asia projected to hit US$2.15bn in 2023, this collaboration will allow further opportunities for clients to connect with an increasingly engaged audience. 

Podcast Network Asia will also be the official representative for Audacia Audio in the Philippines allowing local advertisers to buy a mixture of both local and international audio content making their offering even more enticing to local brands in the Philippines. 

“The Podcast demand across JAPAC right now is booming, we’re receiving hundreds of briefs from clients looking to partner with premium podcasts across the region,” says Kym Treasure, CEO and founder of Audacia. “Investment is flowing in and we always knew that the Philippines had to be a part of our regional strategy as there is so much demand from this country.”

“Since Audicia’s launch in 2022, the immediate interest in JAPAC from advertisers and publishers across the globe has exceeded our expectations. Our latest collaboration with Ron and his team is a formidable partnership that cements our position as Asia’s premium audio network. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will present to our clients.”

“We’re very excited to work with Audacia to help podcasters in Southeast Asia more access to monetization which is sorely needed in the region,” said Ron Baetiong, CEO & Founder, of Podcast Network Asia. “With our experience in building the infrastructure needed for podcasters to thrive in the Southeast Asian ecosystem, podcasters and clients will now have a top-notch option in bridging the monetization gap in the region with Audacia.”

About Audacia

Audacia is a global advertising marketplace connecting publishers, advertisers, and customers across premium audio environments. It is the only independent, full-stack, digital audio advertising platform providing a full-service global solution. Audacia, visit 

About Podcast Network Asia

The biggest podcast network in Asia, Podcast Network Asia (PNA), offers a wide range of premium podcasts for brands to sponsor. It’s newest product, Podmachine, is an AI-powered system that helps podcasters reach their fullest potential with minimal cost.

Veritonic Revolutionizes Advertising Insight With Brand Lift Measurement For Baked-In Ads

Veritonic, the industry’s comprehensive audio analytics and research platform, announced that clients can measure the performance of embedded or ‘baked-in’ audio ads via pixel-based brand lift measurement upon listener exposure to the ad. Unlike other audio measurement providers, Veritonic’s industry-leading brand lift solution does not rely on forced exposure approaches for the measurement of embedded ads, providing clients with transparent, and unparalleled insight into the true impact of baked-in ads.

Veritonic’s diversified approaches to audio measurement provides clients with a significant advantage, enabling them to measure and glean actionable insights around the performance of baked-in ads, OTA, and low-impression campaigns, and more accurately and confidently. 

“Veritonic’s Brand Lift study helped us confirm our performance campaign was also helping to improve our brand metrics,” said Thad Smith, Global Lead, Employer Brand at Indeed. “The Veritonic team’s collaboration on methodology with our Brand Science and Growth team helped give us confidence in the results and enabled us to move forward quickly with additional planning for audio channels.”

Veritonic’s built-for-audio measurement solutions including Brand Lift and Attribution allow advertisers to leverage a single pixel to gauge full-funnel performance, including reach, impressions, CTA efficacy, and more. 

“As the audio and podcast advertising landscape continues to evolve, it’s critical that advertisers have the measurement data they need to support the ongoing evolution of their audio strategies,” said Scott Simonelli, Founder and CEO of Veritonic. “We strive to provide our clients with full-funnel, apples-to-apples, measurement for all of their audio endeavors, and the measurement of baked-in audio ads on actual exposure is a critical component of that commitment.”

The exclusive provider of independent and holistic audio data and analytics, the Veritonic platform is supporting the audio strategies of leading brands, agencies, and platforms around the world. For more information about Veritonic’s advanced audio measurement capabilities, visit or contact

About Veritonic

World-renowned brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms rely on Veritonic’s comprehensive audio research and analytics platform to research, test, and measure the ROI of their audio assets and campaigns pre-market, in-market, and post-campaign. The resulting insight enables clients to gain confidence in their audio investment, mitigate risk through optimization, and increase their return as they engage with compelling audio experiences.


Rank Higher In Podcast Search Results With Ausha’s New PSO Control Panel

According to The Podcast Host, 40% of podcast listeners search for a podcast directly on their listening apps. Among them, 58% type the topic into their into their app’s search bar, and choose from the results. This highlights the significant role that search plays in helping people discover podcasts. Ausha, the leading podcast marketing platform, is pleased to introduce a groundbreaking solution: the PSO Control Panel.

Choosing the right keywords for your podcast’s metadata is crucial.

While website creators have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) down to a science, the world of podcasting, even with similar search bar logic, hasn’t been explored as much when it comes to optimization.

Figuring out the murky algorithms that help people find your podcast has become a big deal for creators.

Apple Podcasts says that podcasters can get more eyes (or ears) on their shows by integrating keywords in their metadata, choosing the most spot-on keywords for their show, and racking up good ratings.

Introducing Podcast Search Optimization (PSO).

Much like SEO websites, PSO is all about optimizing your metadata to boost your podcast’s visibility in search results. It’s not just about using keywords but knowing how to strategically integrate them to enhance your show’s discoverability and reach a larger audience.

In a nutshell, PSO is becoming an indispensable skill for podcasters who are serious about growing their audience and making their content findable. 

But here’s one thing: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Ash introduces a groundbreaking solution – the PSO Control Panel

A select group of 100 Ausha users will be the first to try out this innovative tool to optimize their rankings.

Ausha plans to open the PSO Control Panel for all Ausha’s users by the end of the year.

Stay tuned for more PSO news by registering to our mailing list.

About Ausha

Ausha stands as a leading force in the realm of Innovative Podcast Marketing. Founded in France in 2018 and making its mark in the U.S. since 2022, Ausha provides an all-in-one platform that simplifies every facet of podcast marketing.

From seamless hosting and distribution across major global directories to advanced promotional tools backed by AI, Ausha is the go-to platform for over 11,000 podcasters worldwide. 

Always at the cutting edge of technology, Ausha is committed to empowering podcasters to grow their audience. Beyond our tech expertise, Ausha is proud to be a “Great Place to Work” and is dedicated to various social and environmental causes. Learn more at

Talkhouse X Backyard Ventures Expand Relationship

Talkhouse, a Webby-Award-winning first-person media company and outlet for musicians, actors, filmmakers, and others in their respective fields is thrilled to announce the expansion of its ongoing partnership with Backyard Ventures, a dynamic advertising company specializing in podcast marketing and partnerships. 

Building on their successful collaboration, Talkhouse and Backyard Ventures proudly introduce a new podcast from Brooklyn-based cook, writer, and author Alison Roman, titled Solicited Advice. The podcast is launching with distribution and revenue support from Talkhouse and Backyard Ventures handling sales and brand partnerships.

Solicited Advice is set to join Talkhouse’s esteemed lineup of shows, offering a platform for genuine conversations on various topics. With Backyard Ventures leading the advertising efforts, this addition to the Talkhouse family is assured to resonate deeply with both creators and listeners.

The extension of the partnership with Backyard Ventures highlights Talkhouse’s dedication to providing high-quality content and innovative advertising solutions. Backyard Ventures’ proven expertise in finding long-term, like-minded partners plays a pivotal role in amplifying the reach and impact of the shows the two work on together, including What Had Happened Was, How Long Gone, The Screenwriting Life, and Solicited Advice with Alison Roman. 

The newest addition to the influential roster, Solicited Advice is hosted by Alison Roman, the cook, writer, and New York Times bestselling author of Sweet Enough, Nothing Fancy, and Dining In. The weekly program is described as a discussion between Roman and “a special guest who, like her, enjoys giving and/or receiving advice. Together they’ll answer questions from live and recorded callers, covering everything from cooking to modern dating, awkward neighbor interactions, how to order a martini with confidence, and more.

About Backyard Ventures

Backyard Ventures is a boutique premium partnerships business based out of Austin, TX. BV launched in 2019 with a focus on podcast partnerships and now services 125+ clients across Podcasts, YouTube, and Newsletters. Some notable BV clients include Ryan Holiday, renowned author know for his insightful books on stoicism, with The Daily Stoic and The Daily Dad, Cal Newport, professor and author recognized his ideas on productivity, with Deep Questions with Cal Newport, Mark Divine, former Navy SEAL commander and best-selling author, with The Mark Divine Show, and many other distinguished clients.

About Talkhouse

Talkhouse is a Webby-Award-winnning first-person media company and outlet for musicians, actors, filmmakers, and others in their respective fields. It’s podcast/film/tv division Talkhouse Creative Studio has become a leading platform and go-to partner for artist-first first-person storytelling. 

In addition to breakout series like Björk: Sonic Symbolism, Gold winner for Most Innovative Audio Experience at the 2023 Signal Awards, and How Long Gone – whose hosts Chris Black and Jason Stewart were just named to Variety’s New Power of New York list, and can be seen live at LA’s EL Ray on November 11th. NYC’s Webster Hall on December 2nd, and Boston’s Wilber with Kevin Moray on December 8 – the network’s roster includes an acclaimed array of culture-centric conversation-based shows. 

In 2022, listeners spend nearly 200 million minutes with podcasts such as Jokermen, Kimbra’s Playing With Fire, Listening, Santigold’s Noble Champions, SHEROES, Sing For Science, Talkhouse Podcast, That’s How I Remember It with Craig Finn, Aquarium Drunkard: Transmissions and more, with brand new editions, return seasons and other exciting developments to be announced soon.


Social Impact Leader & Osiris Media Co-Founder RJ Bee Named Executive Director Of Heritage Radio Network

The Board of Directors of Heritage Radio Network (HRN) has named RJ Bee as its next Executive Director. Bee’s appointment follows a national search led by Koya Partners, the executive recruiting firm focused on mission-driven leadership. As Executive Director, Bee will lead all aspects of HRN, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit media organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of farmers, chefs, servers, activists, and entrepreneurs working to improve the food system. Founded in 2009, HRN has provided more than 80 podcasts with a diverse array of hosts and topics.

“RJ’s experience creating outstanding content that inspires audiences and builds community makes him the ideal choice to be HRN’s next Executive Director”, said Liza Hamm, Chair of NRN’s Board of Directors. “His passion for HRN and his entrepreneurial spirit will help drive a new wave of growth and impact for HRN and for the broader food system.”

RJ is the co-founder of Osiris Media, the largest independent podcast network focused on music. As co-founder, Bee led a team of 15 audio music industry professionals in all aspects of content creation, revenue generation, and organizational development. Under his leadership, Osiris has grown to reach hundreds of thousands of fans per month.

In addition to his work at Osiris, RJ served as Senior Vice President of Hattaway Communications, leading day to day operations at the firm, including client service, business development, strategy and operational leadership. At Hattaway, he led the design and execution of communications strategies for such mission driven organizations as City Year, the Ford Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and USAID. In collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, he also created the Storytelling for Good platform, a multi-year initiative to enhance the storytelling capacity of advocates working on a range of issues around the globe, including agriculture and food issues.

Most recently, RJ has served as Director of Operations for Global Situation Room, a public relations firm specializing in thought-leadership and crisis communications strategies, including issue advocacy campaigns, podcast and content creation, and event planning.

“I couldn’t be more excited by the chance to lead HRN in this next chapter,” said Bee. “I’ve long admired HRN’s podcasts. There’s never been a more important time to elevate the voices, issues, and forces shaping our footways and food systems, and I look forward to working with the HRN community to grow our reach and our impact in the years ahead.

Podchaser Brings Radio’s Relied-On Airchecks Feature For Podcast Advertisers

Podchaser, the podcast industry’s intelligence engine, announced Airchecks to provide advertisers with a deeper understanding of podcast ad campaigns. More specifically, Airchecks leverages a sophisticated machine learning algorithm to identify keywords and patterns in the audio waveform. These transcriptions and insights are then made available to media buyers and planners to not only confirm that their ad ran across the intended podcast, but also to quickly understand the brand positioning and representation within the ad by the podcaster to help inform current and future campaigns.

For advertisers, airchecks have long been a staple of radio campaigns and have become a relied upon source for measurement as well as planning. As the podcast landscape continues to mature from increased investments, advertisers are still lacking scalable and standardized measurement to inform their continued spend. In fact, according to Nielsen, nearly half (49%) of global marketers plan to increase their spending on podcasts over the next year but only 44% are extremely or very confident in being able to measure return on their investments. Now, with Airchecks, advertisers using Podchaser Pro have access to even more insights that enable them to forge connections with these tuned-in audiences.

“Podcast advertising is reaching such scale that many brands are now buying across hundreds or even thousands of podcasts at a time. The industry has been calling out for a scalable way to discover and track these. With Airchecks, our Podcaster Pro users are able to quickly discover, listen to, and learn from podcast ads through voice transcription technology,” said Bradley Davis, CEO of Podchaser. “Having access to this data is not only a powerful validation tool for in-progress campaigns, but also yields crucial insights for planning future campaigns.”

Airchecks is currently in beta across the top 5,000 podcasts and is the latest feature to be added to the Podchaser Pro suite of podcast data, insights, and planning tools for advertisers and media planners. Podchaser Pro also includes powerful insights on audience reach, listener demographics, brand safety, and much more.

This news comes on the heels of Podchaser’s recent Predictive Demographics launch, which is an industry-first predictive language modeling capability that users AI to analyze the language spoken within a podcast to predict the age and gender of its likely audience.

To learn more about Airchecks and Podchaser Pro, please visit or email Cole Raven at