Focusrite Pro Launches “The Focusrite Pro Podcast” at NAB 2019

Expanding upon its status as a thought leader in Audio-over-IP and related technologies, Focusrite Pro is launching a new podcast at the NAB Show. With a new episode released twice a month, The Focusrite Pro Podcast will focus on Focusrite Pro products, case studies, user stories, interviews with industry leaders, discussions amongst Focusrite Pro teams, and more.

The inaugural episodes – together known as “The NAB Series” – will be recorded live at the Focusrite booth (C2052) at the NAB show in Las Vegas, and visitors can witness the taping live in person. Visit the booth for more details.

The podcast will be hosted by Simplecast and will be available on the Focusrite Pro website as well as through conventional podcast distributors (Google, iTunes, Spotify, etc.). An interview-style program, the show will feature different hosts from the Focusrite Pro team, depending on the topics and their particular areas of expertise.

Guests will include audio and IT professionals from the markets that Focusrite serves, editors of publications, industry peers, and even Focusrite employees talking amongst themselves. Produced entirely in-house, the podcast will employ key Focusrite gear used in the production process, including the RedNet X2P 2×2 Dante audio house interface.

Dan Hughley, Focusrite Marketing Manager, will serve as Executive Producer of the show. He remarks, “Focusrite is looking to draw upon our expertise as thought leaders in the Audio-over-IP space with this podcast. We want a way to interact with clients and potential clients surrounding the technology and solutions we provide, and this podcast has been designed to suit that need.”

Anchor Now Integrates with Snapchat

Anchor announced that you can now share Anchor podcast episodes and profiles right to a Snapchat story, which will link back directly so anyone who sees your story can immediately listen in their preferred podcast app.

Tap “Share” from any episode or Anchor profile page, and you will see the Snapchat logo come up as one of the sharing options. This will open a new Snapchat story, with custom sticker and swipe-up feature that deep-links to the podcast. You can add a photo, caption, additional stickers… anything that makes it your own!

After the story is posted on Snapchat, your friends can swipe up to see the option to listen to that podcast episode on any platform where your podcast is available. The podcast will open right in their selected app.

Anchor says that sharing your episode everywhere you possibly can is one of the best ways to grow your audience. Anchor plans to add more ways to do that.

Spreaker’s Podcast Monetization Program Launched on Spotify

Spreaker announced that they have expanded their Monetization Program to Spotify. Spreaker has enabled it for all of their Pro podcasters to use.

If you are already using Spreaker’s Monetization program you don’t need to do anything to start seeing the benefits of the addition of Spotify. All your ads will now be available to your listeners on Spotify.

Now that Spotify has been enabled, it means that Spreaker monetizes podcasts on all the podcast listening platforms. Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and any other popular platforms. Plus, monetization is also enabled across the whole Spreaker platform, therefore the podcast is also monetized when user listens on the Spreaker website, apps, downloads the episode or listens with the embedded player on your website.

To start using Spreaker’s Monetization Program, all you need to do is enable it. Add the slots (pre-, mid-, or post-rolls), and you will start to earn. There is no need for you to develop something like a specific Spotify monetization strategy or find sponsors on your own. Spreaker will take care of it all.

If you don’t have Spreaker’s Monetization Program enabled, you can do it now by accessing the Spreaker CMS, clicking on the Monetization option, and checking and accepting the Terms of Service.

Apple Seeks a Data Scientist for Apple Podcasts and Media Products

Apple Podcasts is seeking a Data Scientist to join a team passionate about Data Science & Analytics for Apple Media Products (AMP) covering Apple Podcasts.

This role will involve working with Internet-scale data across numerous product and customer touch points, undertaking in-depth quantitative analysis and building models to drive product and strategy.

Dive deep into large-scale data to uncover trends and identify key insights that will propel the Apple Podcasts product and content strategy. Craft how to best monitor, measure and understand product and business performance. Collaborate with business, marketing, finance and executive teams to generate regular presentations for C-level. Partner with other Apple organizations on data gathering, data governance, evangelizing key performance indicators and democratizing data. Your creative problem solving will be utilized daily.

Key Qualifications include:

  • 3+ years of experience in a Data Scientist or Data Analyst role, preferably for a digital publishing or digital subscription business. Domain knowledge in the podcasting space is a plus.
  • Strong proficiency with SQL-based languages. Experience with large scale analytics technologies such as Hadoop and Spark preferred.
  • Familiarity with Python or R and data visualization tools such as Tableau for full-stack data analysis, insight synthesis and presentation.
  • Experience using relevant statistical packages to build predictive/ML models and knowledge of A/B test experimentation design.

Visit the Apple website where the Data Scientist job is listed for more information about qualifications, education and experience required, and to submit a resume.

ShoutOut Live Third Annual Festival will be in London

ShoutOut Live is pleased to announce the third annual ShoutOut Live Festival. It will take place in London on May 18, 2019. Early Bird Tickets are available now.

This year ShoutOut Network is pleased to announce the third annual ShoutOut Live Festival: Content is Queen Podcast Festival. This year’s theme focuses on developing the next generation of podcaster (#GenerationPodcast). Hosting some of the UK’s finest female voices, the festival will create a space to celebrate podcasting and its power to highlight the intersectional experiences of all women in the UK’s broadcasting industry. It’s the UK’s first and only women’s podcast festival, taking place on Saturday 18th May at Huckletree in Shoreditch.

Speakers for this year’s event will be announced “very soon.”

The Agenda for the event has been released:

Talks and Panels:

  • Industry Overview: What’s Pushing Podcasting Forward?
  • Show Me The Money! The Ultimate Guide to Funding Your Podcast
  • How Did She Do It? The Secret Sauce Behind My Podcast Success

Accelerator Workshops:


  • How to Find Your Audience
  • How to Find Your Voice (Mic Training)
  • How to Launch a Successful Podcast


  • Gripped! Simple Storytelling Techniques
  • Follow the Story – Audio Journalism Best Practice
  • How To Script An Audio Drama


  • Developing Comedy Podcasts
  • Creating Proposals For Podcast Commissions
  • Develop Your Idea Into A Serialized Podcast

Pandora Announces Voice-Enabled Ads Powered by Instreamatic

Pandora announced an agreement with, the platform for voice-enabled ads that allows media companies and advertisers to measure, manage, and monetize audio content by utilizing interactive voice AI technology. The two companies made an agreement to test interactive voice advertising.

Instreamatic explained how their voice-enabled ads work:

One of Instreamatic’s capabilities is voice AI that harnesses natural language understanding (NLU), enabling customer conversations to go far beyond “yes or no” interactions. Instreamatic’s AI functionality is also designed to study, interpret, and understand user intent, and continuously refines this understanding through deep learning mechanisms.

In this way, the platform continues to learn and increase its vocabulary and predictive power. By anticipating intent – sometimes even before the user speaks – the platform is built to iteratively improve both consumers’ ad experiences and the performance of ad campaigns.

In addition, Instreamatic’s technology enables each interaction to be carefully measured in order to deliver meaningful ad metrics that inform campaign strategy and drive ad spend decisions.

TechCrunch reported that Pandora’s new voice ads will allow listeners to respond by speaking aloud – either to get more information about the product being advertised, or to skip the ad if it’s not of interest.

The beta test of Instreamatic’s platform for voice-enabled ads will launch sometime later this year.

Vox Seeks an Executive Producer of Recode News Podcast

Vox is looking for an executive producer for the Recode News Podcast. It is a full-time position based in New York City.

Recode is launching a first-of-its-kind, thrice-weekly podcast to explain the most important tech news of the week. Grounded in Recode’s personality and authority, the show will deliver in-depth stories on how technology is changing everything. We simply can no longer escape the future hurtling toward us, which is why understanding the technologies shaping our lives – and the companies creating and profiting off them – is fundamental to understanding the world we live in and the way we live in it.

What you’ll do:

  • Establish daily editorial agenda in consultation with staff
  • Create daily program rundown
  • Set assignments for show staff and freelancers
  • Work with producers and host to facilitate on-time delivery of high-quality stories and segments
  • Work with host on script and oversee host tracking
  • Provide final editorial sign-off on each day’s show
  • Coordinate with engineers on booking and use of studios and production equipment
  • Facilitate regular evaluation and feedback of show’s format, structure, and sound with show’s staff
  • Establish a culture of experimentation, lead evolution of the show’s sound over time
  • Set objectives for audience growth in conjunction with senior leaders
  • Assist’s Executive Editor and Vox Media’s EP of Audio with staff recruitment and hiring as needed
  • Oversee the show’s budget, staff scheduling, and staff evaluation

Take a look at the website where the Recode News Podcast Executive Producer want ad is posted. It includes information about what they want to see on your application.

Beyerdynamic Creator Bundle Pairs DT 240 PRO and DT 770 PRO with FOX Microphone

Beyerdynamic, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and conferencing products, announces Creator Bundles, combining the FOX USB-C Studio Microphone with professional headphones DT 240 PRO and DT 700 PRO.

Beyerdynamic’s Creator Bundle features the Fox USB paired with the DT 240 PRO, a mobile stereo headphone for monitor and recording purposes. The DT 240 PRO features clean, deep bass, vivid mids, and defined highs.

Designed to provide studio quality in an environment, the DT 240 PRO’s high noise attenuation prevents the penetration of ambient sound, making it an ideal product for producers, podcasters and filmmakers. Featuring a lightweight, yet rugged design, the DT 240 PRO is built with a padded headband and soft, replaceable earpads for a comfortable fit.

The Creator PRO Bundle pairs the FOX with a studio legend, the DT 770 PRO, which is recognized as the most frequently used studio headphone in the world. The DT 770 PRO is a closed, dynamic headphone with exceptional sound quality, long term comfort and accurate performance.

The DT 770 PRO is the perfect monitoring headphone for recording studios, post production, and broadcasting studios. Built with a low mass coil and diaphragm assembly, the DT 700 PRO produces a transient performance for the most demanding professional and audiophile applications. The DT 770 PRO features a carefully tailored frequency response to highlight natural and balanced sound, meanwhile, it’s soft earpads and adjustable earpieces creates unparalleled listening comfort.

Beyerdynamic’s FOX USB-C Studio Microphone is a high-quality, 24-bit, 96k Hz professional microphone. FOX USB-C boasts a cardioid polar pattern with a pressure gradient operating principal. Featuring a large-diaphragm condenser capsule, FOX USB-C is designed for vocals, dubbing, and musical instruments, including acoustic guitars, amplifiers, grand pianos, string instruments, wind instruments, drums and percussion.

FOX USB-C includes an integrated headphone output to allow listening in real-time, with zero latency monitoring. The sensitivity of the microphone can be adjusted from loud to quiet sound sources through the gain-switch. FOX USB-C is compatible with Mac and Windows PC to create a flexible recording solution for studio and home recording.

Slate Seeks Podcast Producers

Slate is hiring two podcast producers. One position is for a Narrative Podcast Producer, and the other is for a Business and Technology Podcast Producer.

Here are some details about the Narrative Podcast Producer position:

Slate is looking for an experienced podcast producer to help them make future seasons of their smash hit Slow Burn and other scripted narrative shows.

The person we’re looking for has a keen grasp of all aspects of storytelling. They can identify the best tape from hours of interviews, and spot what’s missing while the interview is still in progress. They’re happy spending hours scouring news archives for the perfect clip. They can move adroitly between booking, recording, editing, project managing, and troubleshooting. They can track and integrate notes from multiple sides and turn around careful, sensitive edits and mixes on tight deadlines. The position can be located in Brooklyn, New York, or Washington, D.C.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work with writer-hosts to tell compelling stories in audio
  • Find archival footage and negotiate with rights-owners for licenses
  • Arrange interviews and oversee recording sessions, sometimes over remote connections
  • Edit and score recordings quickly and sensitively

Here are some details about the Business and Technology Podcast Producer position.

The person we’re looking for is a deft and speedy audio editor and adept booker and guest-wrangler. They have a sense of what works and what doesn’t in audio, an interest in technology, business and journalism, and a wealth of ideas. Ideally they’d have experience with and insight into both conversation-driven and scripted shows.

Responsibilities include:

  • Book guests, schedule and run recording sessions, edit, and mix complete episodes of some of our biggest podcasts
  • Work with writer-podcasters to bring scripted shows from conception to release: booking, recording, managing tape, editing, scoring, mixing
  • Work with editors and hosts to develop formats for new shows

For more details about either of these positions, visit the Slate websites where the job listings are posted.