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Acast, Tonny Media Partner In The Netherlands

Tonny Media, one of the Netherlands’ most significant independent podcast production companies, will now reach a global audience and advertisers through Acast’s marketplace.

Acast’s work with Tony Media comes shortly after its official launch in The Netherlands and its partnership with Meer Van Dit announced in November 2022. Gaining prominence in a market that has proven to be ripe for podcasting – already working with brands such as Alpro, Discovery+, Just Eat and Klaviyo – Acast plans to continue to collaborate with further advertisers and Dutch content throughout 2023.

Megan Davies, Managing Director, International at Acast, said: “The Netherlands is a mature market that we’ve sold podcast advertising in for a long time. Now that we’re partnering with premium content producers and generating connections with podcasts loved by thousands of Dutch people, we’re creating fresh momentum with advertisers in the region and further afield. Giving this content a global state is our focus and we couldn’t be happier to facilitate this for Tonny Media.”

Titus van Dijk, founder of Tonny Media, said: “Utilizing Acast’s expertise in global podcasting and its creation of innovative technologies means that together we can do so much. As one of the largest podcast production companies in the Netherlands, we’re looking forward to partnering with Acast. We plan to create and share more great podcasts for all sorts of audiences in 2023. And with Acast, our ambition is to help not just our podcasts, but also the podcast market in the Netherlands grow further to reach a much wider audience.”

For more information on advertising with Tonny Media, please email international@acast.com.

Acast Lauches Keyword Targeting In Podcast Advertising

Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, has announced the addition of Keyword Targeting to the Acast Marketplace, unlocking more contextual opportunities for advertisers and increased revenue for creators. The new proprietary capability follows Acast’s launch of Conversational Targeting earlier this year and is the second of several books to be released from the suite.

Despite macroeconomic uncertainties and shrinking marketing budgets globally, podcast advertising remains a growing industry and is still forecasted to surpass $4 billion in value by 2024 in the U.S. alone. With advertisers continuing to flock to the space, Acast’s insights and innovation-led approach creates opportunities for brands to scale their messages across its network of 88,000 shows.

Now with Keyword Targeting, advertisers can align their message with the most contextually relevant content spoken being about within an episode. This significantly increases targeting relevance, reduces wastage, and results in a more contextually relevant advertising experience for listeners.

Take for example, a guest and host of a comedy podcast record an episode about cooking disasters in the kitchen. By using advanced speech-to-text transcription technology combined with artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Acast can now identify key words and phrases spoken within that episode. This effectively enables an advertiser, for say, a new cookbook or perhaps kitchenware utensils, to reach new audiences by targeting contextually relevant conversations within shows that may be from a completely unrelated category.

Not only does Keyword Targeting enable more precise, privacy-safe targeting than ever before for brands, as the technology evolves it will be further incorporated into Acast’s existing brand safety capabilities.

“We’re on a mission to ensure advertisers can be as contextually relevant – and effective – as possible in podcasting. With Keyword Targeting brands can be part of the immediate conversation, whether that’s a minor calendar event, breaking news story, or even something as quirky as an interviewee’s favorite meal,” said Chris Wistow, Acast VP of Advertising Product. “Furthermore, Acast podcasters of all sizes will benefit, with Keyword Targeting surfacing new shows to advertisers who might previously have made decisions based on podcast category alone.”

As the latest development in Acast’s mission to revolutionize controversial targeting in podcast advertising, Keyword Targeting can be bought either directly or programmatically. Both Keyword Targeting and IAB Category Targeting, which launched earlier this year and enables advertisers to target on the episode level, are now available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch, with more languages to be added in the near future.

Acast is a global leader in podcast advertising the works with more than 2,400 advertisers each year. Some of the biggest brands partnering with Acast include Amazon, State Farm, Macy’s Ikea, Klarna, Alta, and more.

Acast And Amazon Music Enter Agreement For Ad-Free Podcast Listening

Amazon Music and Acast have entered into an agreement to deliver ad-free podcasts for Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers.

Amazon Music has purchased all the ad inventory across thousands of Acast podcasts, and as a result, listeners will be able to access those podcasts ad-free on Amazon Music. Ad-free listening to Acast podcasts on Amazon Music will result in revenue for Acast podcasters.

The agreement enables Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers to stream Acast podcasts without ads globally through the Amazon Music app, available via the listeners device of choice – including smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac, Fire TV, and Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Echo. Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers will be able to use Amazon Music to listen interruption-free to thousands of Acast shows, at no additional cost.

“This is an exciting deal and we look forward to partnering with Amazon Music. Monetization in the podcasting space has diversified massively in recent years. This deal opens up an additional channel to increase revenue and improve our sell-through rates based on our large ad inventory of Acast Marketplace. We will probably see more opportunities opening up in the industry going forward,” said Ross Adams, CEO at Acast.

“I am extremely excited that our Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited customers can now listen to the fantastic selection of Acast podcasts ad-free, and at no additional cost. I’ve long been a fan of many of these podcasts and can’t wait to dive in. I look forward to our new relationship with Acast,” added Craig Strachan, Head of Podcasts, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Amazon Music.

The partnership opens up a new revenue channel for Acast, and at the same time, it diversifies the revenue stream for Acast creators. Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can stream the podcasts ad-free on Amazon Music starting now.

Acast Launches Advertiser-Owned First-Party Data Targeting Solution

Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, today announced that for the first time ever in podcasting, advertisers can leverage their own first-party data to target high-value audiences across the Acast Marketplace.

According to research, 88% of marketers say that collectors first-party data is a priority, and brands that use first-party data for key marketing initiative see an uplift in revenue of nearly three times when compared to those that do not.

Despite the immense value of first-party data, until now brands have not had the ability to leverage these insights into podcast advertising due to the inherent scarcity of user identifier data signals across the medium.

Similar to connected TV, the podcast advertising ecosystem is a data scarce environment, with limited availability of user identifiers for inventory addressability. This has created challenges for advertisers to target podcast audiences with the same strategies they often use across other forms of media.

Acast has now solved these challenges by developing an industry-first identify graph tailored for podcasting. Through a combination of IP address, as well as other unique listening consumption signals, the Acast identity graph will enable advertisers to onboard their own first-party data and to find and match their high-value audience segments across the Acast Marketplace, creating new ways to target relevant audiences who consume podcasts.

The new Acast identity graph and advertiser first-party data onboarding solution is now available in Acast’s US and Australian markets for both direct and programmatic buys.

“We’ve created a bridge between the media buyer and podcast content supply that effectively enables brands to use the first-party insights they already have to serve more relevant ads in podcasts. It’s a massive first for the industry that not only drives revenue for brands, but creates a more enjoyable experience for listeners and ultimately increases monetization potential for podcasters – which is at the heart of everything Acast does,” said Global Head of Ad Innovation Elli Dimitroulakos.

Acast’s first-party data solution comes to market as advertisers continue to prepare for the anticipated death of the cookie and restrictions on use of mobile identifiers, which will require them to rely on their own first-party data. For podcasting specifically, this solution is particularly well-times as Wall Street analysts have recently projected the podcast advertising market to triple in value, reaching $6 billion by 2026.

The news of Acast’s first-party data targeting solution comes on the heels of the company debuting second on Podtrac’s inaugural Sales Network Ranker, which was announced last week. As a leader in podcast advertising, Acast works with more than 2,400 advertisers each year. Some of the biggest brands partnering with Acast include Amazon, State Farm, Macy’s, Ikea Klarna, Ulta, and more.

For more information on first-party data targeting please contact sales@acast.com.

Playmaker Scores Partnership With Acast

As the 2022-23 NHL season kicks off, Playmaker Capital Inc. – the digital sports media company that delivers authentic content experiences through its own portfolio of sports media and technology brands – is entering a new season of its own through a major new partnership with Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company.

Playmaker has identified its podcast network as key to its content offering and has recently welcomed new members to its team of on-air talent, including Caroline (Salame) Szwed and Dean “Boomer” Molberg. The partnership with Acast will catapult Playmaker’s podcast business and expand the reach of its portfolio of more than 20 shows, which at present include acclaimed series like Daily Faceoff Live, Canucks Conversation, World Soccer Talk, Barn Burner, and many more.

Per the deal, Acast will support ad sales for Playmaker’s podcast network using its novel advertising technology. Acast will also host, distribute, and promote Playmaker’s podcasts widely, making them accessible to audiences across all players, platforms, and geographies.

As the fourth largest digital media group across the Americas, Playmaker creates content that reaches hundreds of millions of sports fans every month across a variety of channels. Its growing podcast content holds huge value both in Canada and beyond, where podcasts have massive value for brands looking to rally sports fans every month across a variety of channels. Its growing podcast content holds huge value both in Canada and beyond, where podcasts have massive value for brands looking to rally sports fans.

A recent study Acast conducted with Nielsen found that 43% of Canadian podcast listeners trust podcast hosts when they endorse products or services, and also found that 42% of Canadian podcast fans say they develop a more positive opinion towards brands that advertise on the shows they listen to.

“Acast is the ideal partner to increase the reach and monetization of our lineup of shows as we look to facilitate a more meaningful connection between sports fans and the brands we partner with,” said Jake Cassaday, Playmaker COO. “The team at Acast is ready and excited to support our growth, and it’s exciting to formally announce this partnership at a pivotal time as the sports calendar ramps up.”

Brands including Amazon, DAZN, PointsBet, DoorDash are already advertising across Playmaker’s podcasts using Acast’s technology.

Acast Releases First Ever Research On Podcast Listening Habits In Asia

Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, has released the first ever research on podcast listening habits in Asia. The report – Sounds Smart Asia 2022 – reveals why people in Asia are listening to podcasts, how and when they’re listening, and the opportunity for podcast advertising in the region.

Acast commissioned Attest to survey people in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan, aged 18 or over, who listen to podcasts at least once a week. The research focused on three key areas: consumption, engagement, and receptivity.

The findings reveal:

Podcast listening is increasing. 81% of podcast listeners in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan now listen daily or weekly.

The majority (90%) of listeners finish all or most of a podcast episode, and 70% say they’re most focused when consuming podcasts than other media – including TV streaming (64%), social media (60%), and commercial radio (51%).

Podcasts form a considerable part of listeners’ media consumption, with people listening for seven hours on average each week. When asked where they listen, 64% said relaxing at home, 44% said when in transit or while commuting, 30% said while working, and 19% said while running errands.

Considering the content being listened to, more than half (51%) of respondents said their go-to podcasts are for entertainment purposes, with relaxation close behind (49%). Listeners also want to learn something new (23%) and avoid screen time (20%).

Podcast advertising is already making an impact in Asia, with nearly three-quarters (71%) of respondents saying they’ve action after hearing ads on a podcast, while a third (33%) also said they’ve searched to more information about a product or service.

Meg Davies, Managing Director, International at Acast, said: “We believe that Sound Smart Asia is the first ever podcast-specific research in Asia, and the results really underpin just how significant podcasting has become here. Since our launch in Singapore earlier this year, we’ve witnessed the popularity of podcasts among listeners and advertisers skyrocket.

“We know there’s a great opportunity in Asia – especially when considering the journey of our other, more advances markets – such as Sweden, the UK, and the US – and firmly shows that momentum is building. Now is the time for creators and advertisers to get involved.”

Acast Prepares For Profitable Growth – Intends To Reduce Workforce

Acast AB (publ), the leading podcast platform and pioneer in the open ecosystem for podcasts, improves the path to future profitable growth by reviewing its organization with the intent to reduce its cost base. After an intensive period of product development and investments, focus will shift towards the creation of profitable growth in line with the company’s updated financial goals – which were presented in the report for the second quarter. The cost reductions imply a decrease of the current workforce by approximately 15 percent.

“Our strategy is based on bringing together advertisers with podcast creators via our platform and delivering the absolute best podcast offering. We have been working hard for several years to develop our product to enable a seamless process for onboarding of new podcasts, as well as developing market leading advertising targeting within episodes, which is now bearing fruit. We will continue to prioritize long-term investments in both market operations and product development, but with an organization that is adapted to a new phase for the company,” says Ross Adams, CEO of Acast.

In connection with the report for the second quarter, Acast presented new financial targets, which means that the company brought forward the goal of reaching positive EBITDA in 2024 instead of sometime during 2024-2026.

“In our last report, we made it clear that we have reached a turning point where we, from the current market situation, will gradually improve the EBITDA margin to profitability in 2024. This is mainly driven by the fact that we are leaving a period of heavier investments behind us, and at the same time see that we can increase our internal efficiency significantly without compromising on the quality of our delivery,” says Emily Villatte, CFO and deputy CEO of Acast.

In light of the above, Acast will initiate deliberations during September.

On October 4, Acast welcomes analysts, owners and investors to a webcast capital market update where the company’s strategic agenda for the next few years is to be presented. More information and an invitation will be published shortly.

Acast+ Now Supports One-Time Payments

Acast has expanded its Acast+ monetization options to allow podcasters to recieve one-time payments, in addition to recurring subscriptions. This new functionality gives podcasters added flexibility in the paid-for content they can offer their listeners through Acast+ – opening up possibilities such as one-off episodes or series, without requiring listeners to commit to ongoing payments.

Acast+, which fully launched in January 2022, allows podcasters to offer premium, exclusive benefits to paying subscribers – from ad-free streams to early access, bonus episodes and more. With the addition of one-time payments, Acast+ now supports creators with even more ways to monetize both new and existing content.

One-time payments are perfect for creators looking to test their audience’s appetite for premium content, podcasters whose shows are seasonal in nature, and those who want to create evergreen content – such as limited series or one-off episodes. This feature also enables podcasters who aren’t ready to commit to an always-on subscription offering to still earn revenue from paid-for content – an option especially important for creators who take holidays or artistic breaks.

Stacey Goers, Senior Manager, Product at Acast, said: “Since we launched Acast+, podcasters have been asking for a more flexible entry point – especially to trial Acast+, without needing to commit to creating bonus content for long term – and, with one-time payments, we’re able to give it to them.”

“We look forward to seeing podcasters launch new offerings using one-time payments. Whether you have a health podcast and want to launch a companion audio course, or want to package together your interview podcast’s greatest hits, one-time payments can really be whatever a podcaster wants them to be.”

Acast+ is generating new revenue streams for podcasts of all sizes, across the globe. Success stories have included thousands of subscribers signing up the Swedish documentary podcast, Sorry, Everything Went To Hell, and Ireland’s weekly The Tommy, Hector, and Laurita Show. This July, podcast heavyweights WTF with Marc Maron, Shagged. Married. Annoyed, and, RHLSTP with Richard Herring have also unveiled their own Acast+ tiers.

Acast+ allows podcasters to make money from podcast subscriptions and premium content, enabling them to develop closer relationships with their audience. Fans can listen to this content in nearly any podcast app they choose and enjoy additional benefits like Q&A’s and members-only communities. To learn more and to launch your Acast+ subscription now, go to http://acast.com/podcasting/start-podcasting.

Podchaser Makes It Difficult For You To Remove Your Podcast

As you may have heard, Podchaser has been acquired by Acast. It is entirely possible that your podcast – or some of its episodes – has been sucked into Podchaser without your knowledge or permission. I recommend you check on that.

I found Shattered Soulstone, the podcast that my husband and I have been working on for years, on Podchaser. Neither one of us was contacted by Podchaser when they decided to grab not only our episodes but also the data it generates.

In an article written by Paul Sawers (TechCrunch) he wrote:

…While Podchaser will continue as a separate brand and business once the acquisition closes, Acast said that it plans a “deep integration” of Podchaser’s data, giving its customers “authoritative, structured, metadata.” Indeed, while Podchaser is a consumer-focused platform in terms of how it aids discoverability, it’s also a utility for advertisers and marketers, as it allows them to find the most suitable podcasts to sell their wares to. Targeted advertising will play an important part of the fast-growing podcasting industry, and its partly why Acast is bringing Podchaser under its wing — Podchaser delivers additional data points spanning demographics, consumption, reach, and “favorability”.

Personally, I don’t want Podchaser to grab the data from my podcast and hand it over to advertisers – for the advertiser’s benefit. I don’t want Podchaser to collect data about my listeners, who have never given Podchaser permission to track them.

There is an Help article on Podchaser titled: “Requesting Removal of Podcasts from Podchaser”. The line under that title says: “Can I delete my podcast from Podchaser?”

The Help Desk person wrote this: “Podchaser is the world’s most comprehensive podcast database that strives to present an accurate representation of podcast information past and present. This visibly allows podcasters big and small to gain new listeners and monetization opportunities.”

It also says: “If you would like to request the removal of your podcast, please fill out this form”. (The word Form has a link attached).

I filled out the form, and waited, but nothing changed. Another problem appeared. In order to remove your podcast you have to “claim” it as the owner. Doing so does not allow you to remove your podcast. I think it’s there to annoy podcasters in the hopes they will give up trying to remove their podcast from Podchaser.

One option is to allow Podchaser to access your Twitter account and let you log in that way. I highly recommend you DO NOT allow it to access to any of your social media accounts.

The image above says: Authorize Podchaser to access your account?

This application will be able to:

  • See Tweets from your timeline (including protected Tweets) as well as your Lists and collections.
  • See your Twitter profile information and account settings
  • See accounts you follow, mute, and block
  • Follow and unfollow accounts for you
  • Update your profile and account settings
  • Post and delete Tweets for you. and engage with Tweets posted by others (Like, un-like, or reply to a retweet, etc.) for you.
  • Create, manage and delete Lists and collections for you
  • Mute, block, and report accounts for you

I found this to be incredibly troubling! It sounds like if you give Podchaser access to your Twitter account – you pretty much lose control of your Twitter. There’s another thing like this if you want to give Podchaser access to your Facebook account.

I ended up making an account on Podchaser, in the hopes doing so would make it easier for them to hear me. It doesn’t. Instead, I got sent emails about their latest updates, etc, – which is not at all what I want.

When this didn’t work, and days of waiting for a response from Podchaser, my husband Shawn (editor of Shattered Soulstone), had to create his own Podchaser account, claim the show, and then fill out another form requesting that Shattered Soulstone to be removed. There is a spot on the form that asks: “Why do you want your podcast removed?” He wrote: “Don’t want to contribute to your data harvesting business.”

That was on July 30th. We are still waiting to have the show removed from Podcaster. There has been no follow up at all, for either of us. Podchaser may have originally added Shattered Soulstone from a public API. But, they should honor requests to have shows removed.