Auby is Seeking Podcast Enthusiasts

Auby, a young startup with big ambitions, is on a mission to change podcast discovery. They are looking for people who are as passionate about podcasts and as excited to make a positive impact on the community as they are. Auby is seeking Podcast Enthusiasts.

…Most podcast directories are like old school video rental stores with basic categories. With over 800,000 active podcasts and over 54 million podcast episodes, there must be a perfect podcast for you, but the question is, how do you find it?

At Auby, we are looking to solve that with a podcast discovery platform personalized to the user. We’re tackling the cold start problem for new podcast listeners by curating podcast episode suggestions based on who the person is and their listening habits.

About You:

Super passionate about podcasts! You live, breathe, sleep podcasts. Whenever your friends talk about something, you suggest a podcast episode to listen to related to it. The idea of creating a listening list of your favorite podcast episodes to share sounds like a blast.

What You’ll Be Working On:

What you already naturally do! Recommend favorite podcast episodes and help categorize/curate them. This time, you will be contributing to the Auby database so we can share your favorite podcast episodes with the rest of the world.

Reasons to Work with Auby:

  • Connect with others in the podcast community!
  • Flexible schedule: options to work remotely or in-office in Los Angeles (post pandemic)
  • Possibility of getting hired for a full-time job (we will be hiring a podcast expert for Auby down the road and will pick from one of our podcast enthusiasts).

To apply for this job, and to find out more about it, please visit the Auby website where the job is listed. Auby did not mention what this job will pay, or whether the position will be for a full-time employee, a contract worker, or something else.