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Audioboom Launched AdRip

Audioboom announced the launch of AdRip – a new proprietary tech tool that helps podcast creators monetize back catalog content.

AdRip – available to podcasters within Audioboom’s hosting and distribution platform – automates the removal of live read advertising, historically embedded into the podcast, without the need to re-edit or republish the show.

AdRip replaces the embedded advertising with ad-breaks, creating new inventory that can be remonetized through Audioboom’s sales channels every time an episode is listened to in the future.

Audioboom’s creator network receives more than 91 million downloads every month, with back-catalog content – episodes that have left the first sales window – making up more than 50% of that consumption. Podcasters using AdRip will now have an easy way to capture new revenue from their old episodes.

“AdRip will significantly increase the value that creators are able to realize from their work,” said Stuart Last, CEO Audioboom. “They can benefit from the proven performance of live read advertising, while ensuring they continue to generate revenue from their work in the future through the automated updating of that advertising.”

AdRip launched in July of 2021 for creators in Audioboom’s premium network.

ARN’s iHeartPodcast Australia Signs with Audioboom for Two More Years

ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia announced it has extended its commercial partnership with leading podcast creator Audioboom for a further two years.

Of the partnership, Audiobook’s CEO, Stuart Last said, “ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network has delivered exceptional commercial opportunities for our podcasts and we are pleased to extend our partnership. We are looking forward to continuing to work together to create opportunities for brands in Australia to reach our diverse audiences.”

ARN’s Head of Audio Corey Layton said, “This is a great day for the iHeartPodcast Network as we continue to strengthen our offering as Australia’s #1 podcast publisher. Our partnership with Audioboom gives brands access to some of the world’s most compelling and popular content, from the true crime thrills of Casefile to the entertaining No Such Thing As A Fish as part of our diverse podcast slate.”

The partnership announcement comes as March data released today from the Australian Podcast Ranker shows iHeartPodcast Network Australia remains Australia’s #1 podcast publisher – holding the #1, #2, #4, #6 and #8 most popular podcasts in the country. Audioboom’s Casefile, which is part of the iHeartPodcast Network, remains in the #1 position ahead of Stuff You Should Know at #2 and The Kyle & Jackie O Show at #4 on the Australian Podcast Ranker.

The iHeartPodcast Network holds nine of the top 20 most popular podcasts in Australia: Life Uncut with Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne, She’s on The Money, No Such Thing As A Fish, Jase & PJ, Morbid and The Mindset Mentor.

Audioboom Announced Strategic Partnership with MAPP Media

Audioboom announced a strategic partnership with MAPP Media to expand podcast monetization in the UK. MAPP Media will monetize Audioboom’s impression-based inventory, delivering new value through scaled Dynamic Ad Insertion opportunities to a portfolio of more than 8,000 podcasts.

Audioboom’s podcasts are downloaded more than 12 million times each month in the UK, and the network publishes some of the UK’s biggest podcasts, including No Such Thing As A Fish, F1: Beyond The Grid, The Cycling Podcast, and Wafflin’.

MAPP Media’s sales platform will deliver revenue through a second window sales model, while Audioboom’s in-house team will continue to focus on the premium model of high engagement, embedded, host reads. The combined strategy will optimize advertising revenue and create maximum value for Audioboom’s original podcasts and production partners.

“Audioboom is the market-leader in premium podcast advertising, and now through our partnership with MAAP Media we can deliver even more value to our podcasters in the UK,” says Stuart Last, Audioboom CEO. “MAPP’s ability to generate scalable revenue will drive value to creators of all sizes, as well as optimizing our rich archives.”

The partnership with MAPP Media will enable Audioboom to further expand its roster of UK based podcasts by providing more robust revenue opportunities to independent producers and key talent.

“With our long running experience in the audio space, Mapp are excited to bring this new opportunity to the forefront of our offering, connecting up the world’s leading brands with some of the biggest podcasts in the UK” says Nathan Warner, MAPP Media Managing Director.

Audioboom Renewed Unnamed Podcast for 24 Months

Audioboom announced a contract renewal of “one of Audioboom’s most popular entertainment podcasts” for 24 months. For whatever reason, Audioboom didn’t actually include the name of the podcast. From the press release (which was posted on January 24, 2019):

The board of Audioboom, the leading global podcast company, is pleased to announce that the Company has renewed an exclusive sales and distribution contract with one of Audioboom’s most popular entertainment podcasts for 24 months, which includes the opportunity to work with the content partner on further podcasts projects together. Over the past year this podcast has been downloaded more than 140 million times, and during 2019 Audioboom sold more than 98% of the available advertising inventory against this podcast.

The Company’s content funding guarantee facility announced on 17 June 2019 with SPV Investments Ltd (the “SPV”) – a special purpose vehicle owned equally by Michael Tobin, the Company’s Chairman and Candy Ventures sarl, the Company’s largest shareholder – will be used to provide a guarantee of US $1.75 million in relation to this contract renewal…

There is more to this announcement from Audioboom, but none of made it clear to me what podcast Audioboom is referring to. Personally, I do not understand why the name of the podcast that Audiboom identifies as its “most popular entertainment podcast” would be referred to in such a vague way. We are left with nothing more than speculation about what podcast that might be.

AudioBoom Raised More Funding

There has been an update in the continuing saga of audioBoom and Triton Digital. Audioboom has managed to raise funding in an effort to secure its operational capital.

Previously, the deal between the two companies was that audioBoom would buy Triton Digital for $185 million in a reverse takeover. Later, it was reported by Radio Ink that “due to insufficient funds, that deal is off and audioBoom is in jeopardy of shutting down.”

RAINN News provides an easy-to-understand explanation of a May 25, 2018, filing on the London Stock Exchange website regarding audiBoom. The company was able to raise 500,000 GBP from an existing investor. The investor is Candy Ventures. Nick Candy is the 90% shareholder of Candy Ventures.

The loan from Candy Ventures is in convertible notes. The announcement says the loan is “pending the completion” of audioBoom’s “current equity fundraise, which is being undertaken to provide additional working capital, investment in additional podcasting content and other growth initiatives.” The deadline to convert the loan notes is set at June 30, 2018.

The Deal Between Audioboom and Triton Digital is Off

Earlier this year, Audioboom bought Triton Digital for $185 million dollars in a reverse takeover. Now, just a few months later, that deal has ended. I haven’t been able to find a direct announcement about this from either Audioboom or Triton Digital. That being said, there are other articles out there that have additional information about what happened.

Radio Ink reported: “Due to insufficient funds, that deal is off and Audioboom is in jeopardy of shutting down.”

Radio Ink also reported that Audioboom was now looking for new funding so it can invest in additional podcasting content and for working capital. In addition, Audioboom now owes Triton Digital a “Break Fee” of just under $1 million, which must be paid by June 13, 2018.

Radio and Television Business Report reported: “With the dissolution of the Triton deal, Audioboom CEO Rob Proctor remains in his role.” The article also included quotes from Rob Proctor. The most significant portion of those quotes is the following:

“The further reduction in the number of smaller, unsustainable podcasts on our platform will allow us to further reduce our monthly operating costs. Overall, Audioboom continues to run a tighter, more compact operation, which will ultimately lead to a stronger more vibrant business.”

The wording in that quote from Audioboom CEO Rob Proctor appears to be making some of the podcasters who have their podcasts on Audioboom a bit nervous. Will their show be considered “smaller” and “unsustainable”? Will their show be among the podcasts Audioboom wants to reduce?

If your podcast is on Audioboom, and you are anxious about what may happen to your show if Audioboom is unable to obtain new funding, it might be time to make a change. Start looking at other companies that host podcasts just in case you have to find a new home for your show.

Audioboom Buys Triton for $185 Million

In case you missed it, Audioboom bought Triton Digital in February of 2018 for $185 million dollars. This was done as a reverse takeover – which is defined as a takeover of a public company by a smaller company. InsideRadio described this situation as “a major shakeup in the digital audio industry.”

Audioboom is a podcasting platform. They have a team to help podcasters make the most of their content. Audioboom builds tools to host, monetize, and distribute a podcaster’s show. Triton Digital is the global technology and services leader to the digital audio and podcast industry.

InsideRadio reported on February 13, 2018, that Audioboom was buying Triton Digital in a reverse takeover. Under the proposed deal, Audioboom will buy the share capital of Triton Digital’s parent company, Triton Digital Canada, Inc., for $185 million. The combined company will be renamed Triton Digital Group.

Triton CEO Neal Schore will be named president and CEO of the combined company, while Audioboom CEO Robert Proctor is named executive director. Triton CEO Mark Rosenbaum will become executive VP and CFO.

The purchase is subject to shareholder approval. It is also contingent upon Audioboom raising around $215 million in new shares to fund the deal, and on executing a share purchase agreement. I assume that if the deal falls apart, we will likely see news of that somewhere online.

AudioBoom Introduces New Wave of Original Shows

AudioBoom, a global podcasting platform, has announced a new wave of original and co-produced content to its network, featuring a mix of shows in genres such as true crime and society and culture.

In addition, audioBoom will release the second seasons of listener favorites, including:
* The 45th
* Blank Check
* Deliberations
* InBox
* It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey
* Mission To Zyxx

Upcoming audioBoom podcasts include:

Night Call (debuts February 5, 2018) Tune in as Grantland writer Molly Lambert, Drunk History storyteller Tess Lynch and New York Magazine film critic Emily Yoshida keep you company on “lonely nights and strange days,” chatting about everything on their minds, whether it’s pop culture, internet culture or even half-baked conspiracies.

You can leave a message on the Night Call hotline and get their advice on life, love and everything in between – even the coming apocalypse.

Empty Frames (debuts February 6, 2018) One of the most mind-boggling, unsolved art heists of our time involves nearly half a billion dollars of works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Degas, Manet, and more, lifted from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum on Saint Patrick’s Day in 1990 by two men dressed as police.

Join Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri (producers and co-hosts of hit true crime podcasts Missing Maura Murray and Crawlspace) as they take a deeper look into the case, exploring the most interesting theories and the socioeconomic impact of this unsolved mystery.

Mafia (debuts February 7, 2018) Host Fleet Cooper takes a journey into the underworld of organized crime, exploring the rise and fall of the most notorious mobsters in history. Each episode delves into the rise and fall of another famous mobster – from Charles “Lucky” Luciano and John Gotti, to Donnie Brasco, “Bugsy” Siegal and Dutch Schultz.

Empty Frames, Mafia, and Night Call join Casefile, Undisclosed, No Such Thing As A Fish, Astonishing Legends, and other top podcasts on the audioBoom platform.

AudioBoom is Adding a Subscription Fee

AudioBoom announced that can no longer provide accounts for free. Current users who have been enjoying ad-free channels at no cost will be asked to pay a $9.99 monthly subscription fee starting October 2, 2017.

It is time for podcasters who have audio on audioBoom to make some decisions.  Stay with it and pay a subscription fee?  Or move your audio elsewhere.

The new subscription includes:

  • Publish up to 5 episodes per month
  • Up to 10,000 plays per month per episode
  • RSS feed compatible for distribution via podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, GooglePlay and Stitcher, TuneIn, etc.
  • Advanced analytics
  • Embeddable Players for your website and social media integration

Those who want to add additional podcasts can visit their audioBoom dashboard and follow the instructions to purchase subscriptions for additional podcasts at $9.99 per month each.

What happens if you exceed 10K plays per month? “Your account will continue to work as normal, though audioBoom reserves the right to move you to a bespoke subscription plan or a free, advertising supported, account by a certain date.” If you decline to take up that offer, your account will become private and you will no longer be able to upload new content.

However, your RSS feed and web embeds will continue to work for a period of 1 month, and after 36 months, your account will be deleted (including your old podcasts and your RSS feeds). AudioBoom recommends that you arrange for the redirection of your RSS feeds, download your old podcasts and back them up elsewhere, before that period expires. You can contact audioBoom support for help in redirecting your RSS feeds to any new podcast provider.

What if you don’t want to pay for a new subscription and instead choose to do nothing? In that situation, audioBoom states “If you take no action, then after 2nd October 2017, you will no longer be able to upload new content and your account will become private.”

AudioBoom will enable distribution of your existing content for one month so that all your RSS feeds and web embed continue to work for that period. After 36 months from August 30, 2017, your account will be deleted (including your old podcasts and your RSS feeds).

The changes audioBoom made to their Terms have already gone into effect (on August 30, 2017). Some of the changes include information regarding their subscription fee.

Their Content Policy now states: “We value your voice, but we also need to restrain any abuses that could threaten our ability to provide our services and the freedom of expression it encourages.” All podcasts that you upload to audioBoom must comply with the Content Policy.

If you currently have an audioBoom account, more details about the new changes will appear immediately after you log in. As for me, I chose to delete my audioBoom account (after downloading the few pieces of audio I put there) because I haven’t used the service since 2010. Those who are very active on audioBoom have a choice to make: pay for a subscription, or move your audio elsewhere before October 2, 2017.