Ausha Recognized As One Of The ‘Best Workplaces For Women’

Since its creation, Ausha  has been actively committed to supporting women and recognizing their essential role in the podcasting industry.

In 2020, the company joined the ‘One in Three Women’ network, which aims to raise awareness and combat violence against women. In March 2023, Ausha also became the official partner of ‘Women and Podcasts’ network, the first influential network in France that promotes women professionals in the podcasting field.

With only 30% of podcasters in the US being women, supporting and amplifying women’s voices remains an ongoing mission for Ausha.

With a score of 99.100 for gender equality within the company, Ausha provides an inclusive and fair environment for its employees.

In a society where women are often underrepresented, Ausha celebrates the representation of women in pivotal roles within the startup, challenging stereotypes and fostering their career progression.

“At Ausha, we firmly believe that every voice matters. In mainstream media, women are often underrepresented and their voices are overlooked. That’s why they’ve turned to podcasting, where they’ve fond more freedom to make their voices heard. It was a no-brainer for us to support them – not only through our external initiatives but also within our own company. It’s a value we uphold and defend every day. That’s why we’re particularly proud to receive this recognition today.” – Jennifer Han, Chief Marketing Officer at Ausha.

In addition to this recognition for its commitment to women, Ausha is also honored to be featured in the ‘Best Workplace for Tech’ ranking.

This distinction highlights the company’s ambition to provide an environment where technology professionals can thrive and fulfill their full potential. In an ever-changing industry landscape, Ausha takes pride in cultivating a great work environment.

Ausha Launches A New Sub-Brand Dedicated To Branded Podcasts – Ausha PRO

Over the past two years, the number of branded podcasts hosted on Ausha has increased tenfold. This list includes both large organizations and smaller ones: Metlife, EDF, Bouygues Telecom, Dior, Decathlon, UNESCO, and more.

The podcast hosting and marketing platform, Ausha, has unveiled a new sub-brand specifically designed for professional creators of branded podcasts: Ausha PRO. The objective of this new offering is to meet the specific needs of professionals by providing dedicated features and services.

“Brands have very different needs compared to independent podcast creators. That’s why we created Ausha PRO, offering exclusive features and services that effectively address the challenges faced by branded podcasts. We are dealing with features that effectively address the challenges faced by branded podcasts. We are dealing with expert and demanding Marketing and Communication teams who are looking for cutting-edge marketing technologies and require a higher level of responsiveness. However, they often need guidance in the realm of podcasting, which they may be less familiar with. This is where our expertise in Podcast Marketing comes into play and proves particularly valuable.” – Jennifer Han, Chief Marketing Officer at Ausha.

Ausha PRO includes all of Aisha’s essential features (unlimited hosting, streamlined distribution, promotional materials, social media management, Al etc.), as well as new services specifically created to empower brands:

  • Enhanced support from experts who provide training, audits, advice, and guidance through video, phone, or email.
  • Reinforced branding through advanced customization of all promotional materials offered by the Ausha platform.
  • Collaborative management of the platform with multi-user access.
  • Platfom configuration and episode distribution completed in-house by Ausha staff.

In addition to these new services, Ausha PRO also offers new technical tools specifically designed for business: a channel page, SSO integration, simplified payment methods and more.

“Ausha is THE hosting platform. It is super user-friendly and comprehensive, offering tools for managing social networks and monitoring statistics. Additionally, the entire team is friendly, available, and highly professional.” – Emmanuel Rudowski, Communication & Public Engagement at UNESCO.

To learn more about the Ausha Pro plan, contact their team of experts or visit the website

Ausha Offers Podcasters a Social Media Promotion Tool

After recently adding the ability to create multi-format Video Clips and add custom CTA’s to all its marketing materials, Ausha now offers podcasters the Social Media Manager. A powerful tool to boost the promotion of your podcast on all social networks.

Social networks are one of the most important level of discoverability for the promotion of podcasts. Because this is how listeners discover new podcasts and how they start the word-of-mouth (which is, you know it well, the key for a new podcast).

For this reason, Ausha has developed a powerful and innovative model to create, plan and publish its communication on social networks.

Until now, podcast creators had to pay services like Buffer or Hootsuite to be able to create their posts in advance and schedule them on social networks. Now, they don’t need to go through an additional service because Ausha is connected to Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Ausha’s new module makes it possible to add media to each new publication (custom Video Clip, link to the episode or the show’s website) and to schedule an unlimited number of posts on all social networks, independently of the publication of a new episode.

In addition to being able to create and schedule posts, Ausha displays data that will allow podcasters to measure the success of their communication.

For each publication, they can now analyze the number of impressions, the number of interactions and the engagement rate of their audience, directly from Ausha.

“Our goal at Ausha is to help podcasters find their audience and we sincerely believe in the power of marketing to grow a podcast,” explains Maxime Piquette, CEO of Ausha. “That’s why we’re developing tools to help podcasters promote their show. Our Communication Module will evolve in the coming months with new and more innovative features. Our new Social Networks tool that we have just developed is one of the first steps.”