Bitcast Partnered with Podcast Notes

Los Angeles based social podcasting platform Bitcast has announced that they have partnered with Podcast Notes for the launch of a new iOS app that lets listeners “Magically Clip, Collect, and Share the best moments in Podcasts”.

Positioned as a new paradigm in social audio, Bitcast combines podcast clips with user generated audio in order to create a new and novel listening experience.

“Unlike the recent wave of live audio startups, Bitcast was designed to capitalize on the potential of asynchronous audio” explains founder Marcus Sonoma, “by allowing podcast fans and podcasters to seamlessly clip and share specific moments in podcasts. We have already begun to see podcast clips emerge as an incredibly new medium; one that consistently spurs on numerous important discussions on the platform.”

Beyond serving as conversation starters, podcast clips have proven to be a killer solution to the well known podcast discovery problem. “The most interesting application of podcast clips, however, is what happens when you organize them into playlists, i.e. ‘the best clips about x…’ this format of passively consumed content is something we’re keenly exploring, especially with the recent proliferation of smart speakers.”

Notably, when asked about Bitcast’s partnership with Podcast Notes, Marcus said it was a “no brainer” for both companies. As the overlap was “too obvious to ignore.” “Podcast Notes has grown a loyal audience by expertly summarizing key takeaways from the world’s best podcasts. We hope to take that one step further by creating an entire social ecosystem for those summaries to be shared and gain lives of their own.”

“We were compelled by Marcus’ vision for where clipping can go and are thrilled to partner with Bitcast as a perfect complement to what we’ve done over the past 5 years capturing and sharing podcast knowledge” – Cyd Falkson, CMO of Podcast Notes.