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Blubrry Introduces New Account Sharing for Podcasters

Blubrry Podcasting introduces account sharing. One of their most requested features is now available: allowing for additional users and permissions for each show. The ability to share publishing or stats access with other team members, co-hosts, and sponsors is now live. This new feature is handy to podcasters, and now anyone with a Blubrry account and podcast can ad additional users to their show.

In the past, Blubrry recommended using a shared email account for the Blubrry login, but they are happy to have remedied that situation with a more sophisticated solution.

Podcasters can share their podcast with anyone they’d like with a simple email invitation. For example, if you have a podcast editor that you want to allow to upload the finalized episodes, you can add Publishing permissions and exclude the statistics. On the other hand, if you have a sponsor who wants to be able to view the statistics regularly, but keep them away from the episode files, set them to Statistics only. There are easy-to-manage scenarios in which Blubrry’s three permissions settings can benefit you and your team.

Each user must create a Blubrry account but doesn’t need to sign up for any services. Once accepted, the shared podcast will be added to their account with permissions set by the podcast account owner.

You can find the account sharing in the sidebar when logged into the dashboard. Head to ‘Show’ and then ‘Sharing’ to manage your users and permissions. You can manage users and their permissions from the same menu.

Permissions include:

Publishing and Statistics: Full access. Users can publish your episode files and access the statistics, including exporting data.

Publishing: They can publish your episodes but not access the statistics section of the Blubrry dashboard.

Statistics: They can only access the statistics section of the Blubrry dashboard.

Invitations are sent via email and expire after 10 days; a new invite must be sent if expiration occurs. If the invitee does not yet have a Blubrry account, they’ll be prompted to create one (using the same email address as the invite). They can then follow the prompts to accept or decline the invitation.

If a user has declined, modifying the permissions will not send a new invitation. It’s best to remove them and send a new invitation. There is no need to send a new invite if you change permissions.

Professional hosting customers who have no limit on the number of users they can share per show or the overall network. All other account owners are capped at five additional uses per show.

Again, this is free and available to all Blubrry users. Even if your using Blubrry statistics, you can now share them with whomever you want.

Blubrry Announces New Advanced Hosting Plan Changes

Next week, we’ll be upgrading the storage limits of all Advanced Hosting plans. In a continued effort to provide additional value to our offerings, we decided to reward our advanced users with more storage overall.

This means we will be discontinuing our no-fault-overages allowances. Effective Tuesday, March 15, 2022, the advanced users will have a higher monthly quota available, and standard users a strict 100MB allowance. This does not mean that users cannot reach out to the support team and request a small one-time bump when they have a larger than expected or an additional episode that month.

If you’re not familiar with our plans, our Advanced Hosting plans not only offer more storage but also include our Advanced Statistics and domain mapping. You can read more about those here.

The new storage options will be helpful to any podcaster who produces a video podcast or is focused on extremely good audio quality. Based that, you could increase your encoding rate with the new storage limits. Our new advanced plans offer a minimum of six hours of content at standard encoding rates each month.

Hosting Plan Charges

$20 – 250MB —> 400MB

$40 – 400MB —> 800MB

$80 – 1,000MB —> 1,600MB

“Additional storage allows a podcaster more flexibility with their schedule and episode length. This bump helps with both quality and quantity,” said CEO Todd Cochrane. “We have made numerous announcements over the past six months and will continue to make advancements on our website and tools for podcasters growth in 2022.”

Blubrry Podcasting Releases New Podcast Audience Survey Platform

Blubrry has improved its podcast audience survey questions and moved the results to its new audience statistics section on the podcaster dashboard. The listener survey is available to all Blubrry podcasters and is used to gather demographic information about a podcast’s listeners. Often, a missing data set for podcast creators, Blubrry’s surveys are meant for hosts to regularly ask their audience for this feedback.

Podcast audience growth can be achieved by correctly utilizing listener data. In its push for making audience growth easier, Blubrry has updated the survey questionnaire and how the results are displayed to the podcaster – now within the new audience section of the podcast statistics in the dashboard.

Podcasters can find the survey link in the audience section of the podcaster statistics dashboard and easily share it with their followers. The quick, 12-question survey includes information on age, listening habits, show likes and dislikes, and the ability to leave a private or public (social media) comment about the show.

The updated survey is available now, with results available via CSV export. A graphical summary of the listener survey results will be within the audience tab of the podcast statistics section in the coming weeks. Podcasters can use this – along with podcast stats data – to accurately represent their show to advertisers.

“We are 100% focused on providing helpful information to podcast hosts to help grow their show with digestible data that allows them to get insights combined into one location,” explained RawVoice/Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane. “We have an aggressive development plan to build upon what we have already released.”

To learn more about Blubrry’s audience survey and statistics, read here.

Blubrry Podcasting Launch Partnership with Samsung

Blubrry Podcasting announced that they are a Samsung Podcast Launch Partner. Blubrry Podcasters can get their show on the Listen Tab of Samsung Free.

This is an incredible opportunity to have your show reach a large segment of Samsung users here in the United States. Samsung has a global mobile business and we look forward to podcasting being highlighted on the “Listen Tab” of the Samsung Free.

Engadget reported that Samsung has added a podcast section to its Free App, which is where Samsung users can access a selection of complimentary TV shows, movies, games and news articles.

According to Engadget, the section, officially known as Samsung Podcasts, is rolling out to Galaxy S21, S20, Note 20, S10, and Note 10 devices. As long as you’re logged into your Samsung account on Free, you can start listening. According to Samsung, there are “thousands” of podcasts to check out on the app, with popular networks like This American Life, NPR and iHeartMedia represented.

Blubrry Podcasters who are interested in being highlighted in the “Listen Tab” of Samsung Free can start by filling out a form. Blubrry Podcasting will follow up with each show that submits. They ask for your patience, as this program is just kicking off.