Blubrry Podcasting Releases Thrive Bundle

In the Thrive Bundle, Blubrry Podcasting has released new features for Advanced Hosting customers to access for a small additional monthly fee.

The ways in which podcasters can reach and engage their audience is always expanding. The Thrive Bundle brings these assets together in an easy-to-access location. This combination of features has been designed for podcasters who desire enhanced features!

Main components of the Thrive Bundle include pre-roll dynamic advertising insertion, enhancement to Quicklinks adding Value4Value, Google Analytics, hyperlink support. Plus two new podcast statistic metrics and Apple Podcast reviews located in the dashboard. These features allow podcasters to further understand and engage with their audiences.

The Thrive Bundle is available for any Advanced Hosting and above user to purchase for an additional $10 a month. Additional features will be added over time to the Thrive Bundle. For any issues or questions, please contact the Blubrry support team.

Blubrry Podcasting Releases Media Material Mastering By Auphonic

Blubrry Podcasting has integrated with Auphonic for media mastering for Blubrry customers during the publishing process. Creators can automatically master their episodes, easier than ever before within Blubrry’s publishing systems (Podcaster Dashboard and their WordPress plugin, PowerPress).

Podcasters can easily master their episode files with automated audio processing by Auphonic available through the Blubrry publishing system.

Processing time is dependent on file size, however, users can expect a waiting period of about 10% of their file length (minutes) before it is fully processed and ready to be published.

Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry Podcasting is especially excited to see this partnership come together. As a podcaster himself, he knows the importance of professional and efficient systems for a long-standing podcast. “Auphonic has been a staple in my publishing process since their inception and we’re excited to see that become a reality for our podcasters as well.”

Blubrry is offering a 30 day free trial for any hosting customer to try Media Mastering, starting January 19, 2023. After this trial it will be an additional monthly fee.

Not everyone can afford to have an editor to master their media. Auphonic a trusted name in audio processing allows Blubrry podcasters to get professional mastering as part of the publishing process.

About Us

A trusted distributor for podcasters around the world, Blubrry offers tools and services, including hosting, IAB podcast statistics, private podcasting, WordPress hosting, monetization, and the number one podcasting plugin for WordPress. This podcast pioneer provides the optimal podcasting experience so creators can Publish. Analyze. Grow. Contact Blubrry.

Blubrry Podcasters Can Publish Premium Episodes To Apple Podcasts

Blubrry announced that Blubrry publishers can publish premium podcasts episodes to Apple Podcasts.

What is Apple Podcast Subscriptions?

Apple Podcast Subscriptions offers creators a way to provide premium audio experiences to listeners on Apple Podcasts.

Creators Can Easily…

Set up a freemium or paid subscription for their show or channel

Define the premium benefits, such as exclusive content, early access, and ad-free listening

Configure monthly and annual pricing and free trials

Offer the subscription to listeners across devices in over 170 countries and regions.

Why You Should Use Apple Premium Podcasting For Subscribers

There are a few reasons offering subscriptions of your podcast can work in your favor. Starting out, offering paid subscriptions is a great way to earn revenue for your podcast, made even easier by simple publishing within Blubrry. And of course, people love to be part of a club. Subscriptions allow for a more intimate or close relationship with your audience, something all podcasters are striving to achieve.

How To Get Started

First things first, you must have an Apple Podcast Connect account and join the Apple Podcasters Program. Once you’ve done that, get started on the steps below.

1. Choosing your subscription benefits is one of the most important parts! Here you’ll decide if you want to offer exclusive content earlier, only to subscribers, for a fee, etc. You’ll do this in the Apple Podcasts Connect account. For additional details follow these links for one show or multiple shows.

2. Publish a public episode of your show, usually an introduction or a trailer. From there you can promote your subscription benefits.

3. Create your subscription content, aka your premium episode.

4. Publish your premium episodes, all within Blubrry’s publishing platform in the dashboard!

Check out Blubrry’s support documentation.

Available exclusively to Blubrry’s hosting customers. Resources such as documentation can be found here and customers can reach out to our support team seven days a week for assistance.

Blubrry Announces Quicklinks

Podcasters, simplify your online discoverability with Quicklinks.

You can now share all of your podcast-related links from one location. We just released Quicklinks, a one-stop URL at that comprises the links of your choosing, available to all Blubrry hosting customers.

But it’s not just links, it’s critical information such as a show bio, host name(s), podcast directory listings and a player of your latest episode. You’re probably familiar with a central link to find all things related to your favorite content creator. Now, as podcasters, you can create one for yourself with Blubrry.

“As a podcast listener, I don’t want to have to look in multiple places to access information about my favorite creators,” said MacKenzie Bennett, Marketing Specialist and co-host of Blubrry’s Podcast Insider. “As a podcast creator, I put too much time into the content of my shows to then waste it on the difficulty of sharing. This is a win-win for everyone.”

Prioritize the means to reach your audience by creating a simple, sharable URL – you can even choose your own keyword for the URL. Discovery in a pool of creators is made easier by sharing a central URL that displays all of the ways in which your listeners can connect with you.

As you grow as a podcaster, and overall content creator, simplify the act of discovery by putting it all out there via one location with an easy-to-remember URL at

Take a look at our own Quicklink URL, displayed and linked above.

Now it’s time for you to create and share your own memorable URL with your podcast audience. In almost no time at all you’re able to assemble the most valuable ways in which people can reach you or your content.

Where to Find Quicklinks

Look for it in the sidebar of the podcaster dashboard, under Show and then Manage. From there you can get started by adding your bio, social media handles, destinations, etc.

Learn more about Quicklinks on site, here. Premium Quicklinks featuring additional capabilities will be available later in 2023. Any questions, please reach out to our support team here. And, as always, let us know what you think!

Blubrry Partners With Descript To Provide Easy Editing And Transcripts

Blubrry Podcasting has partnered with Descript, an all-in-one audio/video editing service, to allow customers to publish their edited podcasts directly to Blubrry’s publishing platform. Automated transcriptions provided by Descript are also delivered as part of the media payload.

The Descript app is an audio and video editing tool that makes your podcast as easy as editing a document. Audio and video files are automatically transcribed, and any edits made to the transcript are automatically carried over to the underlying audio and video. Remove filler words and awkward silences with a click; cut, copy, and paste your content as you would a document; and apply Studio Sound to improve the quality of your audio, no matter the recording conditions. Once you’re finished, publish your completed episode and transcript to Blubrry in one click.

To get the full experience, Descript is offering 30 days of its “Pro” plan to Blubrry customers. The offer is available to new Descript subscribers and can be redeemed until September 15.

What to Expect From Descript

Here is how to edit your podcast and transcript using Descript; then export your finished project to Blubrry.

1 Record and edit in Descript
2 Export your project to Blubrry
3 Your transcript file will be exported with your audio
4 Publish your podcast episode

Where to Find Descript

Blubrry users who already have a Descript subscription can access the Blubrry integration by clicking Share — > Export — > More — > Blubrry/

For new subscribers click here to get 30 days of Descript Pro. This offer is only available to new subscribers. Your free trial can start within “Growth and Resources” linked from the podcaster dashboard.

To learn more about Descript, please visit our partner page or contact support.

Blubrry Introduces New Podcast Statistics Interface

Blubrry Podcasting has introduced the most significant update in its history to the Blubrry Statistics platform with new features. The goal from the beginning has been to enhance the podcaster’s insights to analyze show growth and listener retention.

This update is the first of many updates they have planned for the Podcast Statistics system with new features to be introduced over the coming months. Blubrry Podcasting has provided accurate statistics since 2007 and led the way in setting the current measurement standards.

The Blubrry team has revolutionized podcast stats to improve user experiences, provide robust analytical tools – such as better graphs, charts, tables – and insights that are more advanced.

What’s New?

  • Listenership trends
  • Retention data
  • Impactful data
  • Updated charts and graphs
  • Simplified data

Data is displayed in four main categories:

  • Retention
  • Trends
  • Geolocation
  • Apps and Devices

Listenership Trends: With insights such as total listens, number of listens today, and number of listens in the past 30 days, podcasters can examine their show performance and gain an insight of listenership.

Navigation has been simplified, along with the ability to set date ranges quickly with the same view of data down to the episode level viewed at your preference.

Retention Data

The retention data chart is one of the most exciting innovations Blubrry Podcasting has developed. If you want to know whether listeners are sticking around for your whole episode or just part of it, you will love this new chart.

The chart includes:

Impactful Plays: Is defined from a significant portion (75% to 100%) of the episode that was downloaded or played.

Average Listen Length: This is derived from the average listen length of partially played content.

Completely Downloaded: An excellent representation fully delivered media files and insight into the total number of followers or subscribers your show/episodes have.

Visit Blubrry’s Podcast Insider blog to learn more about the new Podcast Statistics Interface.

Blubrry Added Podcast Hosting Plans

Blubrry announced that they are once again bringing value to podcast hosting customers with their Advanced Plan. Advanced Statistics and Domain Mapping (for those using our free WordPress websites) are now included in Blubrry’s $20+ hosting plans.

Growing a podcast audience is exciting, and Blubrry is offering one of the best ways to keep track of this growth by making adjustments based on data. Blubrry provides that data with Advanced Statistics.

Advanced Statistics, Blubrry’s most powerful podcast analytics, are now automatically included with all Advanced Hosting plans. Released as an add-on in 2019, Advanced Stats provide data on partial downloads, play delivery and listener retention.

Mapping a domain name to your website is the ultimate way to build your brand under your .com and gain the authority, search, and referral traffic your show deserves.

New Offerings:

  •  Advanced Hosting starts at $20 for 250MB monthly storage
  •  Advanced Statistics included (new)
  • Domain mapping is included with the free Blubrry WordPress site (new)
  • Extra Storage $20 provides 250MB of additional storage (new)

Current plans of $20 and above have received an automatic upgrade. There is nothing you need to do except take a deep dive into the new analytics in your dashboard.

Also, map a domain to your Blubrry-provided WordPress website or migrate your WordPress site to the free one provided by Blubrry.

Standard Statistics are still included with all $12 hosting plans, or available to any podcaster not using Blubrry hosting for $5 per month.

Blubrry Podcasting Releases Brand New User Interface

The Blubrry Podcasting publishing interface is now easier than ever to navigate with the release of a new user dashboard and enhanced management tools for podcasters. Blubrry’s Podcast Dashboard has undergone a complete transformation for easier content creation and episode promotion.

Podcasters are now able to create and manage their episodes and website directly from the dashboard. With access to their latest episodes and statistics, users can keep track of trends while managing their shows. Marketing tools to grow and promote shows from Headliner and Audioburst, which are integrated into episode sharing options, are more accessible than ever before.

New users or those adding a new show to their account will be led through a simplified and easy-to-use onboarding experience that focuses on getting them to the finish line: creating their first episode.

“We’ve created a new user experience that will allow new and existing Blubrry customers to easily navigate our platform,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO. “Focus is directed toward seamless management and publishing, followed by show promotion for audience growth. We look forward to seeing an overall improved experience for all of our podcasters.”

Billing and managing account information are also more straightforward, ensuring customers can effortlessly update their plan; an essential feature for those with unexpected episodes or circumstances.

Professional Podcasting Available for Blubrry Podcasters

Blubrry has been leading the way in advanced features for podcasters since 2005 and has provided professional hosting for close to a decade. Now, it is available for direct purchase online, without assistance from a team member.

Professional Hosting is designed for commercial podcasters, business shows that require significant amounts of storage, and those looking for professional dynamic advertising insertion and a network showcasing tool for shows in and out of your network. All of Blubrry’s services and features integrate smoothly with any publishing platform to include WordPress with an optional managed website available for each individual hosted show in the account.

Blubrry’s Professional Podcasting plan is highly competitive in the podcasting space offering everything a growing show or network will need to sustain continued growth. The Network showcasing tool as an example allows a podcast network to feature all shows and the latest content available. Ad insertion to run promotions and or advertising dynamically scheduled and inserted.

“We’ve created a faster, more efficient way for podcasters to get started with their professional plan, including easier management for adding and deleting shows and add-ons,” said Todd Cochrane. “For those with special circumstances, we are continuing to offer personalized plans, not limited to the online signup.”

Pro Hosting is available to any podcaster, upgrade or purchase on Click here to learn more or purchase.