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Blubrry Podcast Directory Grows to 300,000 Shows

Blubrry logoThe Blubrry Podcast Directory has grown to more than 300,000 podcasts. It is now the largest directory in podcasting.

The expanded directory was built through the Blubrry podcast discovery system, Blubrry users, and subscribe options such as Subscribe on Android and Subscribe by Email. All Blubrry users’ podcasts have been added to the directory.

All podcasters – whether they are a Blubrry user or not – can claim their show in the Blubrry Podcast Directory and enjoy advantages including:

* Being featured on Blubrry Apps and Channels

* Access to free tools and services such as free podcast statistics

* The option to participate in advertising opportunities.

Unlike some other podcast directories, the Blubrry Podcast Directory includes podcast listings with multiple subscribe links and a link to the podcast’s website. Podcasters who do not want their podcast included in the Blubrry Podcast Directory can have request to have it removed.

Podcast listeners can search the Blubrry Podcast Directory and create a playlist via MyCast. They can also listen to featured shows via Roku, and can visit individual podcast’s websites for show notes and more information about the podcast they are listening to.

The Blubrry Podcast Directory is the only podcast directory with subscribe tools for Apple and Android devices – including the ability to One Click Subscribe on all podcasts. It also lets listeners subscribe by email. The Blubrry directory allows listeners to subscribe to any podcast they want, however they want.

Reactions to NPR’s New Measurement Guidelines

NPR logoThere’s been a lot of talk about measurement in the podcasting space as of late. As more attention has become focused on the medium in terms of press coverage and money, the pressure has been on for podcasters to come up with a standard for measuring podcast plays. Groups like IAB (and the Association of DownloadableMedia before it) have tried to come up with a consensus on how podcast downloads and plays should be measured. It’s been an ongoing process that’s taking feedback from hundreds of different digital media services and content creators.

It looks like NPR didn’t want to wait for an industry-wide consensus on measurement. Last week, the public media giant released Public Radio Podcast Measurement Guidelines v1.1, a comprehensive document that shows how NPR defines what should (and shouldn’t) be counted as a podcast download. In the document’s introduction, it refers to the current state of podcast measurement as “the Wild West,” implying that, when it comes to podcast stats, anything goes. The document also notes that its “standards” were created solely by NPR and its related organizations. No input was considered from IAB before NPR went public with these guidelines.

On one level, NPR deserves some credit for trying to move the measurement process forward. But from a different angle, the organization has just trampled over podcast measurement systems that have been in place for years. In an article on Observer’s Business & Tech site, Rob Walch, VP of Podcaster Relations at LibSyn gave his thoughts on NPR’s measurement guidelines:

…Rob Walch, a vice president at Libsyn, sees the public radio guidelines differently. ‘I think the way they went about this was heavy handed and arrogant at best,’ Mr. Walch said in a phone call with the Observer. He objected especially to the document opening with the ‘wild west’ language, when, he argues, companies in the podcasting industry, such as his, Blubrry and Podtrac, have been discussing this question for some time. ‘The reality is that podcasting has been around for 11 years, and there are companies that understand podcasting methods better than NPR,’ he added.

Blubrry also crafted its own response to NPR’s measurement guidelines:

For the past 11 years, RawVoice / Blubrry and other leading companies in the podcasting space have worked tirelessly to provide accurate reporting to podcasters and media buyers. The ‘Wild West’ statement in the document is unwarranted, RawVoice / Blubrry is asking the coalition to retract the language, and publicly recognize those who have successfully championed meticulous, rigorous and precise podcast reporting.

It’s hard to say for sure how these new NPR guidelines will affect podcast statistics going forward. Due to the massive popularity of NPR shows, the organization can throw around a lot of weight in the podcasting space. If media buyers who place ads on podcasts look at NPR’s statistics method as the best way to gather download numbers, will those buyers then force other, more established statistics platforms, to fall in line?

Disclosure: I work part-time with the Blubrry support team and Podcaster News Executive Editor Todd Cochrane is the CEO of Rawvoice, parent company of Blubrry.

Blubrry Goes Deep into Podcast Statistics

Blubrry LogoThere’s been a lot of discussion about podcast statistics lately. As the podcasting industry continues to expand and more players move into the space, differing opinions have arisen as to how podcast listenership should be measured. Of course, podcast statistics themselves are nothing new. Companies like Podtrac, LibSyn, and Blubrry have been recording and reporting statistics for years. And while it seems like this topic should be rather straightforward at this point, there are still a lot of misconceptions out there about how podcast statistics work.

Last week, Blubrry/Rawvoice CEO Todd Cochrane and Blubrry/Rawvoice CIO Angelo Mandato recorded an hour-long video presentation on the topic. The pair took a dive deep into the massive pool of statistics they’ve gathered thru the Blubrry podcasting network:

This is a in-depth behind-the-scenes look at how Blubrry Podcast Statistics measure and filter every podcast downloaded / live play delivering an accurate report to our podcasters, network customers and media buyers.

This deep dive video, while long, is perfect training for podcasters, reporters, media buyers and anyone else in the media space that want’s to understand how Podcast Statistics work.

Check out the video thru the link above or watch it right here:

Disclosure: I work part-time with the Blubrry support team and Podcaster News Executive Editor Todd Cochrane is the CEO of Rawvoice, parent company of Blubrry.

Podcast2Radio is a New Distribution Oppertunity

Bluberry logoBlubrry has partnered with Live365 and together they are introducing Podcast2Radio. Podcasters who sign up for Podcast2Radio will immediately have access to the millions of listeners that stream content via Live365 distribution partners.

It is easy for podcasters to get convert their shows into a curated stream.
* Sign up for a Podcast2Radio account.
* Download Studio 365 software (for free)
* Upload your episodes/shows
* Create a playlist
* Start your station and get distribution

When you finish doing those simple steps, Podcast2Radio will push your podcast out to radio directories such as Live365, TuneIn, Windows Media Guide and more. They will also get your podcast on in-home (and in-office) digital services such as AppleTV, Roku, Kindle Fire, and more. Your podcast will also appear on mobile apps including iTunes, Android, and Pioneer.


The Live365 platform is going to help podcasters to get their show on almost all streaming platforms. It gives podcasters plenty of opportunity to have their show discovered by new listeners and to increase their audience size.

Blubrry, as you may already know, is a podcasting community and directory that gives creators the power to make money, get detailed audience measurements, and host their audio and video. Live365 started in 1999, and is the original and leading online radio network offering broadcast services and streaming radio programing.

Clammr Support Added to PowerPress Plugin

CLammr logoSometimes billed as the “Twitter for audio,” Clammr is a social-sharing app that focuses on short audio clips. These clips can be either new recordings or they can be taken from existing audio files. Many podcasters have embraced Clammr as a way to share clips from their own shows, as well as other shows they follow. Clammr users have been able to access the service thru either a web or mobile app, where they could create or curate their audio clips to be shared on the social web. Now the Clammr service is also supported by the popular PowerPress podcasting plugin for WordPress:

Clammr Audio Sharing is embedded within the Blubrry player and allows podcasters and listeners to share a segment of their audio on social networks. Web-based users now have the same features as those that are using the Clammr mobile application. The share button posts an audio highlight that is playable natively in Facebook and/or Twitter with a link back to the full podcast.

In order to use the Clammr feature with PowerPress, users will need to be running both the current versions of PowerPress (6.2) as well as the Audio Player by Clammr (1.1.0) WordPress plugins.

Disclosure: I work part-time with the Blubrry support team. Podcaster News Executive Editor Todd Cochrane is CEO of Rawvoice, Blubrry’s parent company.

PowerPress Update Provides Direct Crowdfunding Support to Skipcast App

Blubrry LogoPowerPress, the popular podcasting WordPress plugin developed by Blubrry, was recently updated to include direct crowdfunding support within the Skipcast app. This means that PowerPress users can add links to PayPal donate buttons, dedicated “support” pages, or services like Patreon to their RSS feeds. Then, Skipcast will use that information to create direct crowdfunding links within the app. This makes it very easy for listeners who are using Skipcast to provide donations or other crowdfunding support to the podcasts they love.

After updating to PowerPress 6.1, users will see a new Donate Link section under the Feeds tab in PowerPress settings:

PowerPress Donate Link

By checking the “Syndicate a donate link…” box, filling out the fields below, and then clicking the Save Changes button, the donate links will be added to the podcast RSS feed. Note: The links are designed for syndication within supported apps, so they won’t appear directly on the pages of a WordPress website.

Learn more about the new PowerPress Donate Link feature at this Blubrry support page.

Disclosure: I work part-time with the Blubrry support team. Podcaster News Executive Editor Todd Cochrane is CEO of Rawvoice, Blubrry’s parent company.

Blubrry Introduces PowerPress Sites with WordPress Hosting

Blubrry LogoBlubrry, the podcasting services company best known for its PowerPress plugin for WordPress, announced a new service today called PowerPress Sites. This latest offering from Blubrry provides a full-service solution for podcasters who want professional media hosting as well as managed WordPress hosting all in one place.

Previously, Blubrry offered only media hosting and professional statistics as paid services. Users would have to self-host their own websites along with certain levels of integration with Blubrry, depending on the services they used. PowerPress Sites changes all that by putting the WordPress, media and statistics hosting all in one place.

The PowerPress Sites program offers several different options, depending on a podcaster’s needs. Users can start with the Basic plan for $12/month that includes 100MB of monthly rollover storage and a free WordPress installation hosted at examplesite.blubrry.com. From there, users can upgrade for features like adding a domain name, SSL certificate, WordPress Multisite and more.

Existing Blubrry customers will see no change in their current service. They can migrate over to the new PowerPress Sites service or continue on with their current setups. PowerPress Sites will begin to officially roll out next month. For more information on product plans and pricing, visit the PowerPress Sites page on the Blubrry website.

Disclosure: I work part-time with the Blubrry support team and Podcaster News Executive Editor Todd Cochrane is the CEO of Rawvoice, parent company of Blubrry.

Blubrry Launches Patreon Campaign to Support PowerPress

Blubrry LogoPodcasting service and media hosting company Blubrry launched a Patreon campaign to help support ongoing development of its popular PowerPress plugin for WordPress. Blubrry has provided the plugin to podcasters completely for free since the plugin was first released in 2008. Since then, PowerPress has been used to create tens of thousands of unique podcast RSS feeds. Blubrry is hoping that the podcasting community will return the favor by supporting its efforts thru Patreon:

…we want to do more for you, the content and the content creators you love. We are deeply committed to providing this free tool to the podcasting world; our ambitions for our podcast content creators and their audiences are endless, and we want you to come with us for the ride.

As a Patron, you’ll find Blubrry has an extensive road-map of upgrades and new enhancements to the plugin in the works. We provide regular insider looks at our features before they are released and are committed to considering and implementing ideas from sponsors.

Blubrry’s Patreon campaign has several reward levels to offer when specific funding goals are reached. This include things like producing a detailed PowerPress tutorial as well as redesigns to the PowerPress setup page and user interface. Blubrry also states that the Patreon campaign will help the company in these key ways:

  • Maintaining a 30-60 day enhancement cycle for all products (including PowerPress)
  • Feature requests submitted by patrons will get higher priority than other requests
  • Continuing to provide free technical support to users
  • Hiring dedicated PowerPress developers (in addition to Angelo Mandato, the original and current lead developer of PowerPress)

To learn more about Blubrry’s Patreon campaign and become a patron, follow the link at the top of this post.

Disclosure: I work part-time with the Blubrry support team and Podcaster News Executive Editor Todd Cochrane is the CEO of Rawvoice, parent company of Blubrry.

Blubrry Launches Subscribe by Email Service

Subscribe by Email logoFor podcasters, getting listeners to subscribe to our shows is crucial. And while this process has grown easier over the years, there’s still a segment of the population that doesn’t understand how to subscribe to a podcast. That’s why Blubrry launched its new Subscribe by Email service. Subscribe by Email gives podcasters the ability to easily let listeners get e-mail updates anytime a new episode is posted.

Subscribe by Email offers two ways podcasters can add the service to a website. Podcasters who are already using Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin for WordPress will automatically get a Subscribe by Email button in their website’s sidebar if they’ve implemented the PowerPress subscribe widget. Everyone else can visit the “For Podcasters” page on the Subscribe by Email website and follow the instructions to create a Subscribe by Email button of their own.

It’s worth noting that this new service is intended to do one thing only: Send new show alerts via e-mail to those who’ve signed up. Subscribe by Email isn’t a traditional e-mail list building tool. For now, the e-mail addresses of subscribers aren’t shared with podcasters. If Subscribe by Email sees a heavy adoption rate, Blubrry may add in some kind of list-building functionality in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about Subscribe by Email or add the service to your website, click the link at the top of this entry.

Disclosure: I work part-time with the Blubrry support team and Podcaster News Executive Editor Todd Cochrane is the CEO of Rawvoice, parent company of Blubrry.